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  1. Stacy had trouble maintaining the lead back spot behind a decent Oline. Not sure he would make much noise here other than keeping the bikes warm.
  2. I love how patient he is waiting for blocks, great cuts, vision, and tackle shedding.
  3. Marcus Mariota... Dude is ridiculously hyped up by the media. He had an average Pro Day that showed he needs more work than what was originally thought. That deep accuracy is poo!
  4. If anyone drops out. Please shoot me a message or reply to me here. I would very much like to join a pay league with you good people. sent from my iPhone using the Carolina Huddle app
  5. Who the FUG would follow that pudgy pepperoni faced twerp?
  6. Alrighty.... I'll go ahead and join this Twitter train.. I usually follow a lot of MMA, but thanks to this I will be able to follow a lot more Panther's news and fans on my feed. You can follow me @DecrypticShadow
  7. 1. It tickles the lady bits man, the lady bits... 2. He iced up, son... He iced up... 3. Ladies dig the young beard as opposed to the old creeper beard... 4. The best players on our roster wear odd numbers... 5. Fug You! I like "...'s"
  8. Just a friendly word of advice fellas.... Watch out on how you criticize the Panthers defense. Huddlers will come out from every rock to bash your logic, even though our very own Head Coach admitted the teams tackling and coverage was not impressive... Many of these Huddlers will look past that and still shoot responses of "Stop Posting Now!!!" "I guess our defense sucks then right??" "Your ignorance is laughable"
  9. This is a HUGE trap game... So much has been made about our past two games being so defining and BIG.. With all the negative things going on in Miami right now, all signs point to Miami being expected to lose this game, but that is why we play the game... It is comforting that the organization only looks ahead to the next big game, which is, as we all know, Next Week. Hopefully these are not just words and they are legit.
  10. It's like magic........ He just has to believe....
  11. Dude, how the fug did you find roundtrip tix for under $200.. I live in New York and searched both LGA and JFK for tickets and best I found was around $215/each roundtrip.. My wife and I played around with the fantasy of making the trip after the SF win. However, we were a day late and many dollars short on all that.. We are college students, but do want to make a trip to BofA sooner rather than later now that we are much closer to Charlotte.. We are originally from California and have seen the Panthers live twice on the west coast (Once in SD and once in AZ)... That is awesome that a
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