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  1. The fuging GOAT and a fearless advocate and fighter for civil rights. RIP.
  2. The way Richardson cupped that organization's balls always pissed me off too. They absolutely poo on us every time we played, filled our stadium up with their disgusting fans sweating ranch dressing and nacho cheese, and for the coup de grace ruined the best quarterback we've ever had.
  3. Holy poo, watch out for this guy here looking forward to more of this from you bro
  4. He's hell bent on competing for the starting QB job. You love to see it.
  5. Oh God I read that story about Rodney sticking his leg in his car's wheel well and breaking up the scar tissue. I don't know how he did that and didn't just pass out from the pain. He's a fascinating dude, he's supposedly from a family of genius musicians, doctors, etc. If you watch interviews with him he's kind of on a different wavelength from everyone else.
  6. "lol it looks like he has a marshmallow on his head haha"
  7. The ratio of eating absolute poo vs. landing a tough trick for even the best skaters is like 5:1. You will get injured skating if you're at all serious about it. I skated when I was a teenager and fractured and then sprained my right ankle about a year apart. Rolled the poo out of it both times bailing on a trick off a ledge. That bastard still swells up and aches from time to time. If you compare my right ankle to my left it's noticeably bigger.
  8. I thought the same thing. 1:00 kick with the way this summer has been going will be brutal unless something unusual happens. We did have a 1:00 game last year but iirc that was against the Colts at Lucas Oil so it was indoors.
  9. The staid, gunmetal grey professionalism of Ron Rivera's Commanders enters the preseason Thunderdome for a clash with the colorful, chaotic shitshow of Matt Rhule's Panthers.
  10. Yeah it would be kind of meh in terms of the draft capital spent on Ickey if it ended up like that, but some of the best offensive seasons we've had featured adequate-to-good tackle play combined with poo wrecking Orcs at the guard spots.
  11. poo at least one would be happening somewhere
  12. Yeah I was taking the piss, the mRNA COVID vaccines are some of the safest ever developed
  13. Bunch of sheep man. Smart guys like us are an endangered species, or so it seems.
  14. What are you talking about, the Fauci Ouchie killed him
  15. Any of the people insisting it was 5g death rays emanating from Hunter Biden's laptop want to comment on this development
  16. What was the rationale behind that anyway? It seemed arbitrary and like the No Fun League at its best.
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