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  1. I was really down on the team after the Eagles took a giant poo on us in the 2009 opener and it was clear that Jake, who had just gotten a zillion dollar extension, had nothing left. 2010 was more of a running joke because at least we'd be getting a new coaching staff and the top pick in the draft. wew lad this one hits different though. You know the team is going to be unwatchable months before the draft, FA, etc.
  2. Had nachos and some beers there on a few occasions. Also a dive called Geno's on 105 that I think is closed now.
  3. I remember watching this bullshit recapped on SportsCenter or one of the other highlight shows in 2005. Both the Packers and Lions were awful that year so I think how truly inexplicably terrible of a call that was has been lost in the ether.
  4. Philadelphia being on the list makes sense. There is nothing that an Eagles fan hates more than the Eagles. Also nothing they love more at the same time, somehow.
  5. That's how it goes at a Matt Rhule party I sip Cris, you drink piss
  6. Interim head coach in a glass case e: referring to McAdoo
  7. First interview question: who spots the ball after the conclusion of a play
  8. Jokes on you Cowboys fans, the Panthers have been worth getting angry about for years
  9. Outside of the 03 playoff win those Parcells Cowboys teams were some of the most frustrating poo I've ever had to watch as a Panthers fan. Peppers tipped that damn ball at the line on Christmas Eve in 2005 and I'll never let it go.
  10. My favorite team may be poo but at least I can enjoy how utterly cursed the Cowboys continue to be in the postseason
  11. Speaking of, has anyone checked to see if Skip Bayless is okay?
  12. Congrats crying lady, you're about to be a meme
  13. Dare I say that I don't think even Matt Rhule could have fuged that drive up like the 49ers did
  14. It's 4th and Alejandro Lastra's wiener, you go for this all day
  15. 49ers bench trolling the Cowboys fans who've probably been yelling insults at them all night
  16. SF is going to Green Bay if they win right? And SF is the team Karen Rodgers wanted to get drafted by right? Yeah they're gonna lose by 30
  17. I don't remember the last time I saw holding penalties get called on the defense on a run play, let alone twice in the same game
  18. Dallas is going to get one last shot it looks like
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