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  1. Because Jim Irsay would be getting kicked out of a Dave and Busters right now if it wasn't for having a rich dad
  2. Ric Flair Field at Dale Earnhardt Memorial Stadium
  3. One thing I wonder about is, whether acting like a little naysaying bitch on the internet ever gets old for some people. Clearly for him it doesn't. On topic though, Cam Peoples. Next question.
  4. Pilares had that one touchdown on a weird broken play against the Falcons. That's all I remember about him.
  5. It happens. One catch against Michigan got App State's Dexter Jackson drafted in the 2nd round once upon a time.
  6. Yeah he's an odd one. I kind of enjoy reading wild rants from somebody who's clearly on their own wavelength though.
  7. It can definitely make a difference. God help me even Byron Bell looked like a borderline NFL player when Andrew Norwell finally got a few starts next to him in 2014.
  8. And have a stan or two on this forum insisting that we could sign him off the street right now and he'd singlehandedly guide us to 50 straight Super Bowl wins
  9. Seems like a Gettleman or Hurney type pick where something obvious was staring the war room in the face but they got cute and went with "upside"
  10. Harper looking exactly the same as he did when he played for us ten years ago
  11. with the first pick the Panthers select Whopper Whopper Whopper Whopper
  12. With the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select Whopper Whopper Whopper Whopper
  13. Did Goodell just get a set of new dentures or something, he sounds fuging weird
  14. Greenie and Booger McFarland, fuging nightmare blunt rotation right there
  15. lol isn't Nick Adams Australian? Wasn't he the guy going nuts about Hooters or something?
  16. Panthers send shockwaves through the NFL and draft Anthony Richardson to sit behind the Red Rifle for a year Seriously though when we traded up I thought it was for Bryce Young and I'm sticking with it
  17. This kind of public trauma dumping almost never goes well or has its intended effect. That said, Robin Thicke putting out an entire crappy album and going on a whole-ass PR tour to try to get his wife back will never be topped.
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