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  1. Oh man, when it was bad it was bad in those days. If we couldn't get to the QB with 4 there was no plan B. We had some yoked defenses in the Fox years but would still get torn up by nobody TEs and picked apart by JAG QBs. Playing the CBs a mile off on like 3rd and 5, rushing 3 and dropping everybody else into coverage. Give me what we saw Sunday all day over that.
  2. Arnold didn't do jack poo in the preseason. I guess they mean it when they say it doesn't matter.
  3. Not since Mark Jones have we had a punt returner who is just going to field the punt cleanly, run 10 yards in a straight line, and dammit you're going to like it
  4. meh I can understand taking the points. Giving Payton extra possessions without scoring is playing with fire.
  5. Oh gee, good thing weren't shorthanded at guard going into this game or anything
  6. 2 TOs burned and we're not even out of the first quarter. That's some Ron Rivera poo
  7. Yeah that wasn't a misdirection or anything, it was pretty clearly just straight to Marshall
  8. lol dude is so slow. A guy with elite speed would be gone through that crease.
  9. Dude in the Chinn jersey down at field level recording that with his phone got a sweet video
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