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  1. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=xkuAnDS-lL4&feature=share
  2. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=S1brPMzMMjI&feature=share
  3. This is definitely no surprise…we knew he was going to start at Atlanta.
  4. There is that @4Cornerswe all love. Glad to see you again. I have been following UNC recruiting for ages so I have my opinion and you have yours.
  5. Lets look at this…since Hubert Davis has been here he has the preseason #1 team who didn’t play in the postseason. The NIT would have been a perfect opportunity to get these young guys on the bench mins. He declined that. He has lost the #2 and #14 recruits very late to decommitments in the last 2 cycles. 6 or 7 young players opted for the portal to get out of UNC. None of the things are happening at Kansas or Kentucky or any top school. If these things don’t concern you than you are not being realistic
  6. You are wearing some serious Tarheel shades thinking losing this guy is no big deal. It is. I am still extremely worried about Hubert Davis as a coach and if this team misses another NCAA tournament changes are going to need to happen.
  7. The NFL more than any sport has a razor fine line between winning and losing. Frank is a great coach but he hasn’t enjoyed this kind of staff in the past. I think things are setup for the Panthers to make a move.
  8. He was fired by a team that then installed a ESPN analyst as head coach who had zero coaching experience. Yeah, the Colts definitely know what they are doing
  9. Sad to see him check out. He knows Cadeau and I guess he figured he wouldn’t play much, very disappointed with how easy it is for these kids to jump ship like this.
  10. Man o man, Simeon Wilcher wants out of UNC and this is a horrible development to be honest. https://247sports.com/college/north-carolina/article/breaking-unc-signee-simeon-wilcher-seeks-release-from-letter-of--209820477/
  11. Prepare for greatness…this team is going to shock the world next season
  12. He looks like he was perfected in some kind of lab with his physic. He has the eye of the tiger and I want this dude here.
  13. Talk measurements and shot % and whatever else you want, Scoot is the best player in this draft. This guys motor and heart are ridiculous and he isn’t razor thin in his legs. Scoot is awesome and should be a Hornet. Talk about an ultra tuned athlete this guy is incredibly dedicated to his craft. He is going to be tremendous for a long time in this league
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