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  1. Yeah, this was my thought as well
  2. Seriously watching tape of Jalen Duren I seriously doubt this guy doesn’t go top 7 in this draft. He isn’t an elite defender but his offensive upside and athleticism is way too high for him to last long
  3. He won’t come here…Duren or Williams are obvious targets in the draft but free agency could bare fruit as well I like Mark Williams and his improvement last season was impressive. Never going to score much but his interior presence could help this team bigtime I would honestly be ok with moving up to secure his services as he is certainly going to be a target from someone
  4. Bullshet NIL doesn’t benefit Saban and that is the only thing he is concerned with Saying this doesn’t benefit the players is ludicrous
  5. I will just put it bluntly here…NIL is evening the recruiting playing field and sociopath Saban feels threatened. Jimbo was right on…Saban is a fuggin baby not getting his way
  6. Man I don’t see it…You can say that about anyone but calling out Texas A&M is just ridiculous IMO. I don’t agree with you at all here
  7. Saban is a fuggin punk. I hope this sheds some light on him as a person cuz he is a garbage person Jimbo has more integrity in his pinky that Nick Saban
  8. No he isn’t…Minshew is like a nickel you don’t pick up
  9. Best contract extension we have done in quite a while
  10. College recruiting has always been seedy. NIL doesn’t change a damn thing. If any college football team has been squeaky clean the last 40 years they probably didn’t win many games
  11. Shocker

    Elden Ring

    Almost done with Lenydell area and completed all underground layer areas. Not many areas left. Faith build and find myself using the Golden Halbred and the Gargoyles black blade which is ridiculously powerful. The game is definitely top 5 for me and really looking forward to what From does next
  12. Silly, we are absolutely loaded at RB
  13. I must be losing it cuz it appears we are 5th on that list
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