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  1. Dude it is Rhule. You misspell his name consistently
  2. Shocker


    I talked to a Target guy and he said most stores will never put one on the floor. They keep them locked up until someone lucks into it online. It can be really tough to get one…and frustrating
  3. I would basically switch tier 1 and 2 but what do I know
  4. The Texans cut him because of his attitude which apparently is terrible.
  5. Matt Rhule will take us to a Super Bowl. Report to me for crow serverings
  6. The next Bill Belechick…watch
  7. Matt Rhule is an amazing coach…here is why: Built the defense in very short order…prove me wrong Fired Joe Brady Resigned Cam Drafted like a madman The man with one more year probably wins the NFC championship and maybe…more You are all wrong about Matt Rhule
  8. Sam Howell being Sam Howell… https://247sports.com/college/north-carolina/Article/UNC-Quarterback-Sam-Howell-Mayo-Bowl-Game--177387882/
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