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  1. Wouldn't be the first time we actually found a gem from a minor league. Nothing wrong with additions like this, hope they work out. We need bodies for camp either way.
  2. Decent video - Bryce did have some great throws with anticipation.... But most of the time, he was just atrocious footwork wise, and I really do think he'd have been better sitting because he doesn't have physically gifts to lean on. Hopefully we've addressed the rest of the offense and he takes a big step but I'm not gonna hold my breath.
  3. Yeah I understand now - tbh I didn't follow Horn at all before the draft so I didn't know if maybe he did have injury history
  4. Yeah, I just have a hard time making the comparison cause Horn may seem fragile now but wasn't in college. Wilson, tho... I share your concerns.
  5. Did Horn have a significant injury history in college? I didn't think he did but may be wrong
  6. Although my Panthers enthusiasm is near an all time low, I actually think the draft (and FA) shows a pretty clear team direction related to power running and quick passing. I would have liked a C too, and I don't love XL, but it's very clear that they really believe in him and our trades for once look good overall... Dunno, if not for last year and who we still have at QB I think I'd be pretty pumped about this off-season.
  7. Solid depth, knows the system. Seems a good acquisition. As to college tape... Yeah I just don't care anymore. Hopefully BY turns it around but I'm not holding my breath.
  8. What was the trade last year? Or do you mean two years ago?
  9. I'm of the mind you should always be looking to improve and get depth on the OL. I don't think we need to tear it down and start over, but we should always be looking to improve because you never know where injuries will hit or how players returning from injury will do.
  10. I mean this is something I'd write just to troll this forum The genius behind the Drew Brees comparison...? Some heatmaps of middle of the field accuracy? Makes me want to make an "analytics" troll account and see if I can get a job with the team because of my excellent analyses...
  11. I mean... What proof of this is there exactly? Because a coach wanted a dude? That doesn't mean that the scouts / Fitterer didn't.
  12. Eh I think it's still something friends would do for each other. Until Bryce looks better it's hard to really have much hope for him. He was put in a bad situation but he arguably made the offense worse, not better, at least compared to the backup. I don't hate the guy and so hope he succeeds. I just don't really put stock in what one of his best friends says.
  13. TMJ may not make the final roster but he isn't a pre camp cut imo. I think we should let Theilen go to a competitor if he wants to...
  14. The defense last year had to account for the worst starting position in the league or close to it, and an offense that had the most or second most points scored for an opponent. In addition to total yards, they also had a decent 3rd down conversion % and a low yards per play amount. They were also top 5 in points allowed in the first quarter. This is probably a playoff team (admittedly in a weak NFC South) with 1) an average offense in terms of points scored, and 2) an average offense in terms of, uh, not scoring points for the opponent. On the other hand, our tackling sucked and our takeaways sucked. Our run D was not good. We couldn't get stops late in games when we really needed them. But with all the injuries etc... I think Evero did a good job overall. I don't think he is the best D coordinator in the NFL or something, but I think he made good use of what he had, talent-wise.
  15. We thought we did pretty well last year, so let's see...
  16. I think it's development. Feels like guys are as good as they get when they walk in the door. We don't seem to be able to elevate any WRs, nor ever design schemes that maximize their abilities (outside of like Ginn and Cam which seems less about coaching and more just how well their skillsets fit).
  17. Fans make a bigger deal out of things like draft picks being high than I suspect coaching candidates... Seattle is in many ways a more attractive job, better roster etc. Johnson is a good coach and I suspect he'll have equal or better opportunities in the future.
  18. Maybe Campbell actually has Johnson believing in him. Who knows. I respect Johnson wanting to see this through but timing seems to suggest it was decided before the outcome of the game which is surprising
  19. Yup he was consistently looking for the big play but needed to take the short gains sometimes. The INT was a terrible throw. Even if it was the right distance it's a terrible decision. It was almost like he saw his receiver put his hand up and just stopped reading the field. I like Lamar and don't want him to fail at all. But that throw... Ugh
  20. I don't begrudge the first 4th down attempt but that one later in the game.... when they needed 10 points... I dunnoo...
  21. Wilks isn't out there making WRs drop balls. That is what killed the 3rd quarter for them...
  22. I don't hate Wilks, but what a weird characterization of the game...
  23. that's legitimately an insane standard - Mahomes is one of the best QBs to play the game in years. One doesn't need to be at his level to be more than just some mere game manager. Purdy definitely showed up today...
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