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  1. This isn't true. He was getting the ball to an outlet quickly when downfield throws aren't open often, but 2nd half was different there.
  2. Are they saying that Darnold... Laid the scheme? Or that he hatched from the scheme?! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Which came first damn it, Darnold or the scheme...
  3. Rhule does not throw players under the bus and most of what he says is to motivate guys. I do not believe anyone is satisfied with our OL.
  4. Stew missed a big part of 2 seasons, and Dwill missed almost all of 1... But both their careers were likely lengthened by having em both.
  5. Fair enough. It felt like a critique he wasn't seeing the field enough. I agree that he was being coached to take what defenses give him... the offense is predicated on short timing routes that include the RB... So it does make sense.
  6. Where are the posters saying Darnold can only hit check downs to CMC? Where are the posters questioning his leadership? Come on out, guys. Tell me why Darnold isnt going to work out because he's the same he was in NY under Gase.
  7. I still dislike PFF ... But wow. That difference is crazy.
  8. He was, but blocking in the backfield takes a lot of practice. He just needs reps. Ideally in a situation that won't get Darnold wrecked
  9. That was my thinking too but I don't know enough to say. Whatever the injury I just hope he makes a full recovery.
  10. No. No it won't be. Next it'll be how bad the fact he only has 3 passing TDs is, and how the OL being such garbage DLs can knock the ball away while he's trying to escape pressure is evidence of how bad his decision making is.
  11. You mean the asterisks next to their superbowls aren't for playing in the afc east? Wait, it's because they cheated? Ohhh, I thought it was because they played too many rookie QBs since the rest of that division has been a damn QB carousel since the 90s.
  12. Horn's looked a lot like an ACL injury. I'm glad it wasn't... But feel bad for the young man. Hopefully early reports are inaccurate and he can heal up fast.
  13. I would prefer to see more passing TDs, too, but I'll take em where I can get em.
  14. Just keep in mind once we beat them they're no longer real teams.
  15. He's had 3 rushing TDs and 3 passing TDs. 2 TDs per game. 17 games. 34 TDs... I don't think we can discount the rushing TDs. Chubba dropped an easy TD last night too... So I'm not worried.
  16. This offense uses 3 WR sets frequently... I don't see his contract as hurting any of our young players... Robby wasn't just a 1 year guy either.. he flashed on the Jets. They do need to get him more involved, though. I think it'll happen with CMC down. Part of me expects teams will need to start picking their poison with DJ or Robby.
  17. The way the coaches eased him into the game was actually impressive. They put him in a chance to succeed against a very tough D. Frankly though I do think Wilson showed more raw talent. Not that it matters. The Jets are going to ruin him like they almost did Darnold. Honestly it's just sad at this point.
  18. Sam is on pace for 34 TDs... Pretty good. I hope he gets 3-4 TDs in some games because it'll be growth, but it's just as important he keeps his turnovers down. His current into % is 0.9, which is phenomenal.
  19. CMCs one of the leaders of the team and any time a leader goes down like that, it does deflate a team. That's why the 2nd half was so important. It isn't that we are playing bad offenses and barely holding them. We are crushing them. Plus... The Saints were fresh off a 38 point performance and dismantling of the Packers. The Texans aren't good but have clearly made some plays and have offense weapons to put up points. And we crushed all 3 of them. I think 1985 bears comparisons are far too soon, but this defense is great.
  20. Also talk about depleted teams... We lost two of our biggest stars for the 2nd half and we dominated it. We could have folded and we did the opposite.
  21. Its a good thing that the 85 Bears and 2015 Panthers didn't play any depleted teams or rookie QBs. Make all the excuses for the D that you want... Teams are averaging like 10 points and fewer than 200 yards against us. It doesn't matter who we play. Not to mention that DL, goddamn. The defense IS good.
  22. Phil fuging Snow. Now to see what magic he can pull up next week sans Horn.
  23. I am surprised he isn't getting the ball more... But I think that will change with CMC out... And I wonder if teams will just flat out double DJ on most plays soon with CMC out.
  24. I do think Saleh is a good coach and it's certainly possible they could have used or traded that #2 pick for enough pieces to have built a good team around Darnold. But I'm glad they didn't try haha.
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