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  1. I felt similarly to you about Chicago's OL, and in games I watched that is how it seemed. But... https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34536376/2022-nfl-pass-rushing-run-stopping-blocking-leaderboard-win-rate-rankings-top-players-teams?platform=amp Check the pass block win rates. I think it was as much/more of an issue with WRs not getting open, based on these stats.. though I do think analytics are sometimes misleading since all it takes is one breakdown for pressure.
  2. Great post, helps clarify our current situation on defense I think. Not huge fan of trying to extrapolate such limited numbers of sacks to increased usage in that linear way, but great points all-around and on what we really need.
  3. BY doesn't look like Cam. But he doesn't need to be Cam to be a great QB. He' not being drafted to be the next Cam.
  4. Here's hoping to us both being wrong and showing why us fans aren't in an NFL front office, haha
  5. It seems it would but it might not. We will see, I guess.
  6. I think if someone trades up with the Texans / Arizona AND selects someone else we will learn a lot about overall how Stroud was viewed. Otoh, Houston going for a different player alone isn't as big an indication. Just my opinion there.
  7. Why do you think so? I'd think they'd get less reliable as smoke screens intensify etc. I don't know why this dude would lie like that. He didn't need to. He could have just said he can't comment on scores.
  8. The problem with the 18 score is there is no single score to get... Was he 18th percentile? Did he get an 18 on one part of the test? Etc... The test maker said that there isn't one score and you can't trust sources giving one score to a player. That said, clearly Stroud did not do well on the S2 at least relative to the others.
  9. This is contrary to plenty of other leaks we've had on scores (particularly for AR). I don't buy it. CJ obviously did not do particularly amazing but I'd bet he's much better than 18% or 18th percentile.
  10. It is very likely his score is not amazing and so they've chosen to ignore it. His true score is known to many teams. This won't influence a team either way in all likelihood but it does poison fans. Kinda shitty
  11. This happens often / many drafts and it's just gross. Someone is trying to cause him to drop to increase their chance of landing him... Just really shitty.
  12. Because despite the hype, this is just 1 test. We don't know how many people scored very well and sucked, either.
  13. That's why I said it was accurate. But if you're trying to argue not to worry about injuries, choosing CMC as your example is not a great choice, even if the nuances of the situation make sense. Regardless of the reason for his injuries he was barely on the field for multiple seasons for us.
  14. I love Luke, but using CMC as the example of how guys can know how to get hit to avoid injuries - while accurate - doesn't exactly soothe injury concerns entirely, lol. Anyway I'm more concerned with how long he held the ball in 2022 and his arm strength than i necessarily am his build, but I trust our staff and they absolutely know better than me so I'll be happy if he's the pick.
  15. This absolutely matters. It doesn't mean you discount it entirely but it's important context to his result.
  16. I'm skeptical there is any standardly applied test that you wouldn't improve on taking multiple times. It wouldn't necessarily be that a player is learning the answers themselves... Rather, learning the best way that works for themselves in taking the test.
  17. The only part of this that doesn't make a ton of sense is why we were willing to go to #3 if we wanted Young all along. He was never gonna be at #3... But these are dynamic situations and perhaps they didn't expect an opportunity to get the first QB on the board until it turned out the costs were nearly the same...
  18. Please. Young looks likely to be the pick but it isn't because Stroud is used to coach... Or because of being from a single parent house... What the fug guys ...
  19. tbf, very few players can. Stroud has a better arm than Young and he couldn't make that throw either IMO. But he can make other throws that Young might struggle with to opposite siides of the field etc.
  20. There are far more draft profiles that list his arm strength as not elite. Dunno what to tell you. He's got the weakest arm of the top prospects in terms of strength, but he can still be plenty good. Arm strength can be overrated IMO.
  21. Not a noodle arm, though. Just not elite. Still good enough to be a high level starter.
  22. He doesn't have a noodle arm, but: " The deep ball is nothing special and his drive velocity fails to stand out, but he has enough arm strength to make the necessary throws. " https://www.nfl.com/prospects/bryce-young/3200594f-5512-4763-ab24-c1bd051ef0ef "Negatives: — Arm strength is not bad, but more would help ease size concerns." https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10048341-bryce-young-nfl-draft-2023-scouting-report-for-alabama-qb "Young’s arm is strong enough, but he doesn’t have elite arm strength. His velocity is good, but has a visible cap and can be inconsistent. He sometimes fails to push that velocity to the deep third. " https://www.profootballnetwork.com/bryce-young-qb-alabama-nfl-draft-scouting-report-2023/ More than good enough to be a good starter though.
  23. Stroud has better arm strength than Young. But Young isn't particularly bad. Other than his height and build, his arm strength is one of his only negatives, and it's more of a "not amazing but good enough" than a true negative. It's come up in a few of the videos I've watched. Stroud routinely displays impressive arm strength but doesn't have a cannon.
  24. I'm tired of rumor posts so I rarely post in them anymore and I get the exhaustion of them. But this is awesome content. Whether he's a Panther after the draft or not, clearly a young man worth rooting for. Thanks for sharing OP!
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