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  1. Yeah, like I said, almost a victim of his immediate high level play. And I don't think year 2/3 were bad really for a college QB, it's just that it is nice to feel like a player hasn't hit a ceiling. I don't get paid to do this tho and don't pretend to, hehe. Purely from a numbers perspective... I mean any of his years are essentially on par with any of Herbert or Wilson's best years... And he has a lot to like for sure. I tried to watch a bit of him this year but hard to get college games here in Canada. When I did see him play I was impressed with his ability to make things happen with what seemed dogshit around him, lol.
  2. Nor am I, but I'm looking forward to more evaluations from folks better capable of that than me... My concerns are he didn't seem to take many BIG steps forward... No real year to year progress at all, although he didn't get a ton of help this year, and some of his lack of progress is almost a victim of coming in with such a high level of play early lol.
  3. The fact we aren't hearing "no his hands are like 9" " from his camp tells me he has very small hands. How small, dunno. Didn't make him more prone to fumbling in college but could in the pros. Honestly tho I think a lot of that is overblown.
  4. They may be unusually small. Not sure it matters for fumbles. Hard to say. I thought NFL balls were slightly larger but that may be old info. Pickett had 7 fumbles and 1 fumble lost in 2020. 3 with 2 lost in 2021 Lawrence had 5 with 3 lost in 2020. Burrows had 4 with 1 lost in 2019. Herbert had 4 with 1 lost in 2019. Sam Howell had 4 with 1 lost in 2020 and 8 with 4 lost in 2021.
  5. They did - some had great seasons and some did not. Some hardly played lol. My point was that he's had some year to year progression. It was in response to you claiming he hadn't. But I don't think *right now* he's a top ten pick. He's still a one year wonder. Other recent guys that didn't go first overall have been, too. They moved their stock up etc... so I think his draft position is going to come down a lot to how he looks in the predraft process.
  6. Not talking myself into drafting him. As far as I'm concerned we should be honest about prospects. It isn't as if considering 2020 for what it was makes him look incredible. Just at least shows some progression prior to this year, but the season was still pretty meh. If you don't understand that a pandemic shortened season is going to have fewer stats than a non pandemic shortened season, I don't know what to tell you. That's all my point was.
  7. Year 3 was better than year 2 tho in most ways... Wasn't a great year but we are talking only 9 games total, keep that in mind, and so it was a step up from Year 2. His yards per attempt and total TDs were way up that year given 9 games. It would have projected to a 3200 yard, 28 total TD season over 12 games. He had the same passing TDs in 3 fewer games, more yards/game, and 4 times the rushing TDS (8 vs 2). However he would likely have had more turnovers, too. He had one very very bad game in 2020 vs Clemson. 2 TDs and 4 ints. In the other 8 games he had 19 TDs and 5 INTs which is pretty good for 8 games in terms of improvement compared to 2019. But still imo a 1 year wonder. Imo 2020, despite covid, was an improvement still tho.
  8. I dunno I think rules changes are making this style of play (or at least an extreme emphasis on it without a dynamic QB that can carry a team,too) outdated and ultimately unable to win it all minus rare circumstances, like reanimating the corpse of a Manning brother.
  9. To be fair, Minshew actually had a pretty damn good year stats wise (and for the most part play wise), and he was benched a few games to secure the #1. There's only so much the QB coach can do with somebody like Mike Glennon etc... They turned to tanking a bit into the season too, didn't start out that way. Plus this team is such a dumpster fire, it's lucky anyone with significant NFL experience was willing to jump in.
  10. If 1300+ yards and 10 TDs is figured out... Sure. Otoh maybe it was also Manning's slow decline. McAdoo also gave up play calling in 2017 - the team didn't really improve without him calling plays. He was a bad HC all around. Better OC and offensive assistant more generally so hopefully that carries over here.
  11. Mcadoo did suck playcalling as HC but it had nothing to do with OBJ. OBJ was not figured out in 2016. He was highly productive. The offense wasn't great by any means, and I wonder if some of that was leaning on the D so much... Their rushing O was terrible 2016, but passing was still good. OBJ was injured in 2017, so... McAdoo was in over his head with both playcalling and HC. As just OC he seemed good, but he had excellent QB and Wr play.
  12. As bad as Rhule is, there's enough talent on this team I expect them to win 4 to 5 games. We may pick top 5.... But I doubt it will be #1 overall...
  13. Believe so, but he may have improved in that regard. Also may not be as much a problem for an OC. I'm actually surprised because this is the kind of move that could actually save the offense, although I expect it won't happen (him taking the job or being able to rehab the shitstain we call an O). Certainly better than the other options we've heard about, anyway.
  14. Wow, THE Scottie Montgomery? Glad they weren't kidding about about rock stars.
  15. Not unless Rhule does very well next year we aren't. He has to make the playoffs or I bet he's fired next year (barring something like an injury to the QB torpedoing a great offense)
  16. I mean, the few times the defense needed a stop in the 2nd half against decent opponents it just crumbled. And it often crumbled despite momentum from ST or the offense. So... Yeah. Average sounds right. Still far ahead of our offense but that isn't saying as much as it seemed midseason...
  17. Oh I agree but he Actually is better than what I expected. I was pretty sure we were going to get Nixon or someone Rhule knew from college that had position coaching experience just because nobody at all in their right mind should want to be here next year lol
  18. He also loved Rosen so a bit hit or miss there tbh. And not wanting Darnold at 3 is different from not liking him... Seems he saw him as a bigger developmental project than the Jets, that's all. Honestly he isn't the worst possible candidate because at least he has a ton of NFL experience.
  19. I doubt legit NFL coaches want anything to do in with our poo show.
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