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  1. Everything about Rhule did. Even after year 1 it looked maybe true, with some of the unexpected contributions, etc. Ugh.
  2. I hated that decision too, but I also understand why Tepper wanted to see if the Third Year Leap was real. He kept his hands off the team and waited. I also wonder who he was consulting in that decision. There's a lot of unknowns about it all and I hope Tepper learned something from it, but not so sure.
  3. Eh. Rhule was a very hot name that year. He wasn't the only one interested in Rhule, just the only one willing to give him so much money... Not like he hired a random college coach, Rhule was billed as this great talent developer etc etc
  4. The personal attacks on players or other posters in draft threads suck. AR looks like he has tremendous potential but I've not watched enough college football this year to comment on consistency for him, or really any player. I'm just excited to see who we take. We are definitely adding a QB some place in the draft...
  5. I agree with this. Coaches are crap shoots of sorts. I don't blame an owner for missing on one. But Tepper dragged The Process out when it was clear it wasn't working...
  6. Link please? I heard his not resounding endorsement but that is not the same.
  7. I agree on the OL difference. Not sure how Fields develops here for the last couple years, though... Hard to be sure.
  8. I'm not knocking fields at all and agree the value of a franchise QB is thru the roof. But I don't think our D rankings are indicative of Horns value. For instance, the Bears rankings on offense aren't great - from a PPG perspective they are 19th. That isn't on him tho and he's shown a lot of great progress IMO, I'm just illustrating why those rankings to evaluate a player aren't really fair. Agree that it's our time to get a franchise QB in the draft though
  9. As much as I like and wanted Fields, Horn is exceptional and makes a huge difference on the field.
  10. If only we'd traded him we'd have a chance in 3-5 years to maybe have replaced his production As others have said, seems like a great player to have on a team and whether I would have done the trade or not I'm perfectly happy with him being a Panther!
  11. 5 year plan, lol. I didn't wish Rhule any particular ill will before this but fug that dude.
  12. Same. Reality is if he plays well someone will overpay for him tho. Fine with him as a cheap backup. But there are a lot of potential cheap backups out there....
  13. And he's very likely to, at minimum, be on his second OC and QBC... And maybe his third HC... He has near zero advantage system wise even if Wilks is retained... Because McAdoo needs the door either way.
  14. PFF grades don't always pass the eye test, but sometimes that is a difference in what we are seeing and remembering vs individual play results... Part of it is highlighted by the BC comment - a lot of us fans will remember specific penalties and ignore / forget others. That definitely was the case for me in the game. I also generally find per game PFF grades are ridiculous but across a whole season they line up with my feelings.
  15. No, I don't. Wilks needs someone innovative. Maybe Reich.
  16. "Remember that time in 2021 when Darnold had 3 straight 300 yard passing games? If only he'd had a real OL...."
  17. I blame Jake... I will always remember when Matt Moore gave me a Vikings slaughter for my birthday back in 2009, haha. Edit: I think that was actually a Double Trouble pop off too... Been a while...
  18. I would say the point is it's been a while since we could talk about positives from the QB position other than a couple plays in complete isolation (whereas Darnold had a decent day overall), and with as miserable as it's been around here for a while, at least there's that. But yeah, being the best QB on our roster is somewhat meaningless right now. He does have several games to change that, but as you said, we've seen this script before and I also feel like we know how it ends with Darnold...
  19. Home wins are great but at some point we need to do more than just win at home... I'm not on the Wilks bandwagon. It's been so long since we had an NFL coach, I see the allure. But I'd rather go with an offensive HC for once.
  20. He has a couple of surprising throws, but let's be real: he's a veteran now and he has to be expected to make those throws. We still had a terrible 3rd down conversion rate, he still made bad choices, but overall he was definitely improved...He protected the ball and had some heads up plays, especially a hilarious one to pick up a forced fumble and roll into the endzone. His long bomb to DJ was a thing of beauty. Something to build off of but it wasn't an amazing game. He did all he was asked to do, threatened deep, and protected the ball - which is more than we've had from a QB lately.
  21. I liked Matt Moore but this is the Huddles opinion on a QB in a nut shell hahaha
  22. This is where I am, too. I'm not opposed to him coming back dirt cheap as a backup if he keeps protecting the ball and managing the offense, but he played the same or better in his first few games and we saw what happened there.
  23. definitely, and honestly, a big reason I'm happy with wins is I see potential from a lot of young players etc. I get that may be copeium or w/e, but I don't mind. we need the right talent evaluators in for QB though and I'm honestly not sure what to make of our current GM etc because I dont know what was Rhule vs Fitt and his team.
  24. Mahomes also benefited from a talented roster. I'm sure the chiefs take him higher than 10 if they can, even. But the reason I don't get stressed is just as many of today's great QBs weren't drafted in like the top 3 as were...
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