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  1. He’s already said he doesn’t want to play with a rookie QB.
  2. I dont think that is even on the table anymore now that Brady is a minority owner of the Raiders. You can’t have a team owner also calling games and employed by a network. Too much conflict of interest.
  3. There’s barely enough time to get BY ready as it is. Splitting reps with corral would be the dumbest thing ever.
  4. If you look at the panthers Insta, they only have one photo of Bryce. Seems like they are trying to tame the narrative as well.
  5. Simms has always preferred CJ over Bryce because of size.
  6. He’s there to mentor Bryce. That is all. Bryce will play when he’s ready.
  7. Yeah, Panthers coverage has generally sucked for a while now. Across 3 different HC’s and 2 owners. I don’t get it.
  8. 8-9 or 9-8. Rookie QB, new coaches, new scheme, older injury prone weapons on offense, only one good DE. We’ll be lucky to have a winning season. Next year is the true test in my mind.
  9. What are the stats on the other 5 games? 2022 CMP% CJ: 66% BY: 64% Records set by Young in college: 1st in Alabama single-season passing yards (4,872) 1st in Alabama single-season passing touchdowns (47) 1st in Alabama career five-touchdown games (5) 2nd in Alabama career passing yards (8,356) 2nd in Alabama career passing touchdowns (80)
  10. Tampa is tanking this year.
  11. A lot of below average and rookie QBs on that schedule.
  12. Didn’t Reich or Fit say Dalton doesn’t really need the reps given his experience so Young will get most of the work in camp?
  13. It also includes new practice facilities like what was scrapped in Rock hill.
  14. Unless Raleigh wants to give him billions to build a brand new stadium from the ground up, he has nowhere to go
  15. You don’t matter. How does giving 600 million of Meck co and Charlotte city tax dollars to a multi-billionair benefit tax payers?
  16. No he won’t. This isn’t Oakland. The NFL won’t let a top 10 population state not have a team. Given Tepper blew his reputation in SC, he doesn’t have any options unless Raleigh wants to give him money.
  17. CMS schools are terrible. Let’s give them 600 mill instead.
  18. A few more things I haven’t heard before…. Caldwell — who, again, coached Peyton Manning, so he knows a thing or two about detail — asked Young about a particular play against Tennessee the year before. "And he answered the questions, 'Well, I knew that when the defensive player did a certain thing, he would move a certain way, and when the other guy did this, he would do a certain thing,'" Tepper recalled, his mouth falling open at the level of detail. "And I looked at Frank's face, like, what? Who watches the tape that much? Now, I've seen this before only one time in my time around football. One person that will look at everything and study like that. Not only are you smart, and you have the fast processing speed, but you're putting in the time to know the other team that well, OK. Now, the only other person that I know like that is Luke Kuechly. So that's when you realize what you're talking about with Bryce Young.
  19. https://www.espn.ph/nfl/story/_/id/37311165/jackson-mahomes-arrested-faces-aggravated-sexual-battery-charges?platform=amp Jackson Mahomes arrested, charged with aggravated sexual battery
  20. Yeah, I had that attitude going into 2015 and expected the team to lose every week. Because of that, I didn’t enjoy that year as much as I could have. I’m hopeful until the 3rd game. That’s usually how long it takes to know if a team is really bad or not.
  21. Because they don’t want to get their hopes up. If the team sucks, it’s what they expected so no big deal. If the team is good, then that’s great! win-win for their mental state. I get it.
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