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  1. Summary: Bryce is relearning the basics of the QB position.
  2. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/city-discussed-12-billion-framework-panthers-stadium-renovations/GPQZECP3AZAWHBQSMPQ5CZTEA4/?outputType=amp Sources say the city is exploring a stadium renovation project with a new practice facility at the location of the current practice bubble. A dome is not part of the renovation package at this time. FYI…Nashville just agreed to 1.26 billion for the titans.
  3. He’s inexperienced and so is his staff. He has a plan based on some assumptions and that is fine, but what does he do when his plan falls apart? Can he pivot correctly? Long story short, IF he figures it out it will be a few years in.
  4. We’ll see what becomes of their picks. In the end passing on Stroud may be their mistake as well.
  5. And the Chiefs are coming off a game with the Bills so they might be more beat up than usual.
  6. He wasn’t making the final calls but he was contributing heavily to their draft boards. I don’t know. When you see guys bounce around from one bad team to another, it just makes you wonder.
  7. Accurate X comment: “So our Director of College Scouting comes from the Jaguars(one of the worst drafting teams) and now our Asst. Director of College Scouting comes from the the Commanders(one of the worst drafting teams. We are an unserious franchise.”
  8. Might be drafting QB and LT again next year.
  9. Bryce isn’t fast enough. RW was really quick back then.
  10. This front office is obsessed with 2010-2014 Seattle. Trying to model/recreate some kind of past success never seems to work.
  11. Maybe we can’t get worse but I don’t see a staff that is dramatically improved. I hope it is, but it looks like a lot of inexperience.
  12. Everyone but panther’s fans said the roster sucked last year. It still sucks this year….just a little less. We might be something if a rookie or two comes out strong, but that rarely happens.
  13. Im not so sure. Read the comments in that video. One or two colts fans chimed and said they saw the same thing with Reich. Said he isn’t head coach material. That’s not the first time I’ve heard that. Frank seemed to crumble towards the end in Indy and those issues continued here.
  14. Bryce will look mostly the same week 1. Around week 12 is when we’ll know which way he’s going.
  15. They scout during the season (obviously) so this is the only time to switch things up. We’ll, unless you want to go into FA and the draft with no scouts. I bet we start hearing about firings on that side tomorrow or next week.
  16. Given our small QB, we should be taking OL every year until we have a solid line with solid depth. Looking at top 30 visits, they only looked at guards and tackles. Four of their 15 visits were OL so they were thinking about it. Those 4 went. 55th, 77th, 81st, 108th. Basically, they planned to get one in the 3rd-4th round but opted for the linebacker and TE instead.
  17. I don’t see that. Year after year, fans get it right more often than the ‘experts’. Especially when it comes to the Panthers.
  18. Bad move. With who our QB is, we should be taking one every year. We need good depth.
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