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  1. I hear what everyone is saying, but this does sound like Rhule’s MO.
  2. Yep, either of those would be great. Would give the rest of us bottom dwellers hope.
  3. No, it’s a spoof of an old Tepper quote.
  4. This guy turned a 10-3 and 8-5 college program into 3 years of 3-9. He was so bad he got the AD fired. He had no clue what he was doing, and this was not some big time college program either. This was ECU. The guy was out coached regularly by teams with much less talent This was just a few years ago too. 2018. So dont think he’s magically evolved.
  5. Haha….the entire eastern half of NC loathes him.
  6. Thats like interviewing Tom Brady’s QB coach. Just a highly paid clipboard holder and hype man.
  7. The Bengals have improved, so nothing is forever.
  8. This is the type of guy we’ll hire. No other options.
  9. The Bengals HC went 6-25 his first two seasons….and then he got Burrow and Chase.
  10. No good OC is coming here.
  11. Scottie was 9-26 as a HC at ECU. Same W/L ratio Rhule will have with the Panthers.
  12. Scottie was ECU’s Matt Rhule.
  13. Rhule is getting Murdered in the media right now.
  14. Manipulating and motivating are two sides of the same coin. See Urban Myer and Dabo.
  15. All good college coaches are manipulators.
  16. “We put Sam in that same group as Fields and Mac Jones” (*gulps hard as he says this)
  17. They’re making adjustments. It’s just the wrong adjustments. They clearly need a full week to organize one scoring drive. A 15 min halftime is not enough.
  18. It doesn’t mean he is good. Just better than some of the other trash that was out there.
  19. Henderson was invisible because there were easier targets.
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