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  1. YouTube is the best. Accounts are free.
  2. They just had to cut the video due to team rules.
  3. He hasn’t said that word since last season. I think he’s over it.
  4. People just don’t like fun. Should’ve said something bad about Rhule instead. Speaking of which, that kids team is better coached than our pro team. Luke is gonna have them dominating.
  5. Jk…the 10 year old peewee patriots. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/former-panthers-kuechly-olsen-pass-knowledge-coaches-youth-football/Q6Y5XDEUEBDWLAKYB53AVZ4YII/
  6. I just imagined Rhule obliviously going online before camp to pull some ‘board material’ and being like ‘Holy $h!t’!
  7. Yep. It’s why this QB competition is still going on. Matt can’t decide on who to hitch his NFL career to.
  8. The most coaching Corral is getting comes from Baker.
  9. A freshman with two seniors battling a head of him.
  10. I agree there. If Fields or Jones turn out to be good (or at least better than Baker) Rhule’s goose is cooked. And maybe even Fitts. If Fields, Jones, and any QB we passed on this year turn into something…yikes.
  11. Ok, yes. Rhule specifically had that unique opportunity. Who should he have picked up year one?
  12. In theory it’s possible, but it requires real playing time. No coach is going to risk his job hoping a third rounder gets better by December.
  13. Agreed. Corral could get there if he got all the reps in camp and played for a year, but that’s not happening. I always think back to James Bradberry. In any other scenario, that guy would have been drafted late and washed out after a year or two. Instead, he came to Carolina and received full starting time with intense coaching. He eventually was the best corner in the league for a minute. It’s hard to get better without real playing time. I don’t see that in Matt’s future.
  14. I agree he has tools. I just don’t think this league has the patience or desire to coach up a guy like than when it’s easier to draft another one next year.
  15. When I hear ‘develop’, I think the guy doesn’t play for a year or two. Yes, guys can get better but it typically only happens with real and consistent playing time. Over the past 15 years, only eight quarterbacks who weren’t drafted in the top 40 have won more than eight games as a starter for the team that chose them. Drafting, sitting, and developing a mid round pick into franchise guy is a golden ticket scenario.
  16. Exactly. Top tier QBs come in with the ability to start year one.
  17. Guys can be coached up, but they need a certain starting point. A base skill level and aptitude. When was the last time a guy sat for two years ‘developing’ and became a great player? Mahomes and Rogers both played at some point their rookie year. They both looked good when they did. Both of those could have and would have started their rookie years if their teams needed them to. Andy Reid and Tom Clements weren’t starting with jimmy Clausen level talent.
  18. People put too much faith in the idea of ‘developing’ a QB. The QB has to start from a certain baseline to have any hope of turning into a starter let alone an elite player (which is what we all want). The examples of coaching a turd into a HOF’er is extremely rare. Draft a QB every year until a guy shows he has ‘it’. No need to spend 2-3 years ‘developing’ a guy.
  19. You’re not wrong, but guys have to earn their reps in this league. He didn’t do that. It’s highly unlikely he or Howell climb that ladder. Too many guys, too few spots.
  20. Switch over to fox if you can. Steve smith is color on that feed.
  21. Matt is getting killed out there. That left tackle was barely trying.
  22. 100%. They are smoking Rivera, Del Rio, and Turner so far. Glad to have that experience now.
  23. I know this isn’t popular, but the team so far looks disciplined and well coached.
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