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  1. That ad space isn’t that valuable. So he axed our only slogan/chant to make an extra $10-15k a game? Maybe...but I don’t see it. Personally, this reeks of middle management oversight. The same screwup that brought us that tunnel intro fiasco.
  2. of course it’s a topic worth discussing. It’s just annoying how fast it went from ... The team didn’t initiate the chant for this ONE game to .... Tepper personally axed it to make more money and because he hates Carolinians and wants to move the team. C’mon. BTW..I’m not defending Tepper, just basic reason.
  3. I’m continually stunned by the enormous amount of projecting you people do. This thread has created an entire narrative that Tepper hates the KP chant and wants to replace it to sell ads. There is a saying. ” Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.“ If you’ve ever worked in a large org and made decision that seemed small but blew up in your face then you know what I mean. If there is evidence Tepper called someone and said ‘I hate the chant’ then let’s see it and respond accordingly. Otherwise this is just fantasy/conspiracy talk. Calm down.
  4. Is that still the case? Didn’t most of their contacts leave with Ron and Hurney?
  5. I was going to say the exact same thing. His elite shiftiness and speed isn’t going to last into his 30’s.
  6. Thats exactly how this season will go. We always knew it would. Contain CMC and dare Darnold to throw.
  7. People just don’t get this. The Browns put a lot out there yesterday and it will prob cost them later.
  8. No sarcasm. We want to give NO as little to work with as possible.
  9. C’mon guys. You don’t open up the playbook week 1 so everyone knows what you can do. A simple run game could beat the Jet so they went with that. It’s the smart thing to do.
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