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  1. If your Cousins can you really be mad? Look how much money dude has made for being above average.
  2. He belongs ahead of Mccarthy as well. Let's get real folks.
  3. Yeah, much preferred Coulson to Wallace. Wallace is the better coverage guy, but Coulson seems to understand what's going on a lot more. At least at this stage. More upside on Wallace, but Coulson is more likely to be ready to start if someone gets hurt.
  4. There was a lot of talent in the fifth, more than any in the last five years.
  5. Even if you don't like any of the picks recovering that 2nd was a golden move.
  6. i was noticing that CB and Edge are really deep. Didnt notice OT, but thats good to hear. We need to have succession plans for Clowney, Moton, and Gilmore (assuming we get him). further, Icky, JC, and Wonnum are not guarantees to work out. Could afford to double dip at all three positions if things go terrible.
  7. Man I hope Bryce works out but Carson Beck would be my early choice. Guys emerge, but I've been impressed watching him. Dude doesn't miss. Not sure if it's cause he's got more talent than everyone else (the old bama effect) or he's legit. Looked good to my untrained eye though.
  8. Can probably get a run stuffer NT for 2-4 million. Gonna be tight trying to sign the draft picks and Gilmore, let alone another player. May have to role with it or get a trade on.
  9. Agreed, I think Tuttle is a poor choice as the starter at nose. Better as a backup at end to brown and Robinson (since they insist on slotting him there).
  10. Does that not seem odd? Robinson is the known better talent for that position. Was there a logic given? Seems a real head scratcher to me. Not to mention that Brown and Robinson both weigh more than Tuttle. The smallest starter is at Nose?!
  11. I read somewhere Ashawn Robinson was told he isn't playing NT. Can anyone confirm or deny? Not sure where I heard that. Seems his natural position, so it came as a shock to me.
  12. There are three guys we can draft here and I think all three are nfl starters. Norzoud, dj james, and Washington are all gold to me.
  13. I like the pick. Not sure I really weigh that fifth year like the GM does, but what do I know? Let's say nothing cause it's a good approximation.
  14. If AD Mitchell and McConkey are there I'd take both with those first two picks
  15. He's been called a party animal. Maybe not a case a day, but 6-12 wouldn't surprise me. He's certainly getting rowdy every weekend if he's got that title.
  16. Statistics would say that's true but unfortunately it seems when teams try this method they still draft based off of older school scout attributes and it somewhat defeats it. I have no stats to back this up.
  17. This man is looking for violence....and I like it.
  18. ?! Means wtf, champ. Sorry if i hurt your heart. Maybe next time, I dunno, don't open the thread.
  19. see my above comment. this is an odd interpretation of a share. seems like projection, maybe see someone about that. unhealthy.
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