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  1. Chad Muma has been in my mocks the last few days. Would be a great pick i think, assuming he makes it.
  2. This times 1000. Chad Pennington survived in the league because of that trait despite having a noodle for an arm.
  3. Which really sucks because to be successful at Temple youd think the coach has to be an outside the box thinker.
  4. Did i see Rhule form tackling a dummy in that video? You cant be serious. Wow. Its worse than i thought.
  5. Im convinced this (and by this i mean his whole coaching job) is an elaborate troll.
  6. Both have short arms!!!!!!!!!
  7. At least his last name isnt gobbler.
  8. Im good with Horn, but would have preferred Slater. as for the others? Nah.
  9. When your oline is this bad, just hit the dart board. Center, guard, tackle? Yes!
  10. Hey bruhs. Quit trolling up the thread with your negativity. This thread is for celebrating.
  11. Totally agree and thats what seperates starters from backups. Talent gets you into the league, mental toughness and drive push you to the top. kid just doesnt seem to have it, maybe he can get there, im not sure.
  12. the kid is a backup, that an organization is trying to force into a starter. He belongs in the league, but not as a starter. He's upset because he realizes it too, but is a competitive person. imagine your the top dog and then you find out you aren't. He's paid amazingly but that's small comfort to someone who has always been used to winning.
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