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  1. When you catch yourself playing. Du Hast from Rammstein at full blast at 8:30 in the morning after watching Cams presser you know there is change in the air. If the team feels any kind of way that I do right now, then we're about to see a whole new energy out of all of them whether he sees the field or not this week.
  2. Prepare to raise your expectations!
  3. To be fair when "The Fiddler" said in on every trade he didn't say those trades would be worth a shizz.
  4. I woke up happy when the Panthers crossed my mind this morning. First time in awhile and you're right, win or lose it just feels right. We've seen Cam win us multiple games that we had no buissnes being in. If we just see flashes of that then it's good enough to me for the time being. The last two bums never showed that one time.
  5. #9 just dunked on you Heel fans all 3D like!
  6. Darny and his Army Tough times
  7. Ked Woodley says hold my beer. Dominate the foe mutha fugga!
  8. Khyber63 sounds like something I'd like to smoke. Much like this premise.
  9. Tell your wife that your full of shizz and Sam Sucks. It's time for healing in your marriage!
  10. Panther fans feels after week 3. Panther fans resorting back to the means after week 5.
  11. I need a win today. My energy level on game days has wained with the last two losses (especially last week). Another crippling defeat this week will have me limping into next week without even a beer in hand. God forbid it's a few more weeks of losing, then it will be off to the mock draft sites in the middle of the season once again without even having many draft picks. I need a spark that only a win or a fruit alcohol infusion can deliver. Hopefully both. As for now my legs have fallen asleep on the commode and I'm afraid to get up. Guess I'm going on short term IR. Getting old and losing suck! Someone play me some Ked Woodley so I can find my inner Billy Graham to walk again and inspire my Panthers to glorious victory!
  12. When the best husband in the world tells someone to shut the fug up, it means it's gotten real up in here.
  13. I still consider Tom Brady to be a rookie with Covid and all. Imagine how good he'll be in the next 5-10 years.
  14. Man, I watched every minute of Chris Weinke and Jimmy Pickles. It's not like I'm going anywhere. This one sucks a little extra because the better team (by a wide margin) lost. I'm trying to come to grips as to why. Your boy Sammy was a major contributor in that loss. The coaching had several head scratching moments as well. I shouldn't have elevated my expectations as much as I did. Ill stop pizzing on the team now. My liquid anger is gone. Hope we can regroup from this debacle. roar.
  15. Seems like your floor was placed over a sink hole and we won't mention your ceiling. Gonna take us a minute to fish Darny out of this extinction level crater.
  16. Thank God we decided to pay Sam 20 million next year instead of seeing if he was worth a shizz first! Saved us 5 million if he had been good. Instead we couldn't trade him for your grandpa's pack of Worthers originals +10 million bucks.
  17. Right. For once I saw Chubba run out wide on a 3rd down n got it. I thought, maybe he figured it out or maybe not.
  18. I get the pressure but has anyone else seen Darn in a clean pocket throwing while facing his target? It's awkward as fug. How can you throw with precision like that. Welp I guess you can't.
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