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  1. Forgot to add Jake Delhomme as one of the greatest Panthers. He is a Bryce Young fan also.
  2. Another dumb comment coming from one that also fits that mold. Again when did I say I hated Young. Never did. Bye junior.
  3. For one I have never said I hated posters that like Young. Stop with that false narrative nonsense. You seem to like to draw people out just to cause arguments just like right now. Try to grow up a little then you can make an adult comment.
  4. What am I supposed to do. Wait for you to log out and then come into a thread. I read all threads and if I see a comment in a thread that doesn't sound fair I will reply to it.
  5. Why do you make these obnoxious comments when someone makes a thread on what they want an answer on in a comparison you go full auto on them claiming they are against Young. So ridiculous. Why do you tell others they more or less can't make a thread when it is a right for anyone in here to do. Now who is the hater.
  6. I would tend to believe someone that has more football knowledge than either of us. And by the way you must enjoy saying a false statement about CJ being a dud which is totally ridiculous and lame to even say something stupid like that.
  7. This also seems to apply to some of the questions that were posted in some of these threads. The only dumb question is the one you do not ask. It doesn't matter if this player is in this draft or not because the answer would be either yes or no. It is ok for many here to do the same thing asking a question and get a positive answer with no ridicule. Everyone here has a right to their opinion.
  8. There was talk on NFL radio this morning and the test was brought up. From what was said about that test it doesn't determine how good IQ of a QB will be or how well he will play. All of this is a big distraction and a ridiculous reason to cause any QB to just freefall in draft positions.
  9. I just hope after making the trade up to first pick of the draft Bryce Young isn't a bust. I would rather be a play-off and SB contender team with him at the helm and not be the Titanic hitting the iceberg and sink. I don't care what it takes we just need our first Lombardi Trophy to prove the critics wrong and "Win It All" finally.
  10. I didn't know where to put this so I will put it in here. Here is a mock draft from a Saints fan that even says we are making a mistake drafting Young. 1 – Panthers (from Chicago) – Bryce Young, QB, Alabama– the panthers make another mistake at QB. Young has an exceptional mind but limited ability. He doesn’t have a strong arm, isn’t big, and isn’t Russell Wilson. 2 – Texans – Will Anderson, OLB/Edge, Alabama – The Texans avoid these QBs and make a very smart pick with the best player in the draft. 3 – Cardinals – Tyree Wilson, DE, Texas Tech – The Cards follow suit by taking the 2nd best player in the draft. He’ll be a mainstay for years. 4 – Colts – C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio St. – The colts get the best QB in the draft and the only QB really worthy of a 1st round grade. 5 – Seahawks (from Broncos) – Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia – Again, the hawks take the best player available which also fills a huge need. 6 – Lions (from Rams) – Drew Sanders, OLB/Edge, Arkansas – The Lions grab another defensive playmaker. His ability will stand out starting day one. 7 – Raiders – Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon – he’s arguably the best CB in the draft and fills a huge need for the Raiders. 8 – Falcons – Myles Murphy, DE, Clemson – The dirty birds get the pass rusher and athlete they need. 9 – Bears (from Panthers) – Peter Skoronski, OT, Northwestern – The Bears must start protecting Justin Fields and Skoronski, a local guy, is the best Tackle in the draft. 10 – Eagles (from Saints) – Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois – The Eagles get help in their secondary – especially at slot CB – where he should be a day one starter. 11 – Titans – Darnell Wright, OL, Tennessee – The Titans grab a local kid. He can any of the line spots except Center – day one starter. 12 – Texans (from Browns) – Jalin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee – The Texans are dire need of offensive weapons, so they go and get the best receiver in the draft. 13 – Packers (from Jets) - Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, Ohio St. – Jordan Love needs weapons and gets the 2nd best receiver in the draft. 14 – Patriots – Kelee Ringo, CB, Georgia – The Pats need CB and Receiver help, but they can grab a good receiver later. Ringo is raw, but he has all of the tools. 15 – Jets (from Packers) – Paris Johnson jr., OL, Ohio St. – With the addition of Rodgers, the Jets need to build up that O-line to keep their investment upright. 16 – Commanders – Joey Porter, jr., CB, Penn St. – The need for CB is dire here, so they grab the best available. 17 – Steelers – Broderick Jones, OL, Georgia – Jones is one of the best athletes in this group and can play any line spot except Center. 18 – Lions – Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Mississippi St. – The lions love to play man coverage and get the most instinctual press CB in the draft. 19 – Bucs – Jack Campbell, OLB/Edge, Iowa – The Bucs are in need of speed and smarts on their defense – they get both. 20 – Seahawks – Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College – He is a great slot receiver with excellent quickness and hands. 21 – Chargers – Jordan Addison, WR, USC – He will become an instant weapon for Justin Herbert. 22 – Ravens – Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas – The Ravens get the best RB in the draft and pray they can keep Lamar Jackson. 23 – Vikings – Lukas Van Ness, DE, Iowa – This guy is very raw as a player but he has special athletic tools. 24 – Jags – Dawand Jones, OT, Ohio St. – The Jags beef up their O-line more and protect their franchise QB. 25 – Giants – Dalton Kincaid, TE, Utah – The G-men need offensive weapons and get the best TE in the draft to help out in both the running and passing game. 26 – Cowboys – Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame – Dak Prescott gets a needed weapon and blocker. Mayer is a no frills guy, but he’ll play and start for 10 plus years. 27 – Bills – Calijah Kancey, DT, Pitt – The Bills desperately need more sack production from their D-line and Kancey is a steal at 27. 28 – Bengals – Anton Harrison, OL, Oklahoma – He is one the best O-line technicians in the draft and can play all 5 O-line spots. He’s likely best suited to LT with his quick feet. 29 – Saints (from Broncos) – Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson – The Saints need DT depth and help immediately, and Bresee is a perfect fit. 30 – Eagles – Israel Abanikanda, RB, Pitt – He’ll instantly make the offense better – he’s an excellent runner and receiver and will help Jalen Hurts a lot. 31 – Chiefs – Marvin Mims Jr., WR, Oklahoma – He’s one of the fastest and best route runners in the draft – the Chiefs offense gets even better.
  11. The Bucs and Falcons aren't on list. Their markets must be lower then.
  12. A Saints fan comment: "Panthers fans when they draft Will Levis over Bryce Young"
  13. Ok Ivory Panther or should I call you Briceyung because you sound exactly like those 2 clowns.
  14. Says the clown with Will Levis as his pic.
  15. Why is it you keep bringing the "This QB class is trash" narrative to a couple of threads already.
  16. But what would happen if one name of out the 5 names that were put in was Stetson Bennett.
  17. Roger Goodell with start things off saying with the first pick of the draft the Carolina Panthers will pick and then a ? and the first commercial break about Doritos will start. Wouldn't' that be our luck.
  18. How hard is it for you to understand you don't have a say in who this team drafts. We(as fans) have no influence on anyone who is or is not drafted.
  19. Why? So you can just remove posters here just because you don't like them because of they have a right to make their opinions known. That is a bit tyrannical don't you think.
  20. If this did happen this place would have hit the self-destruct button as soon as it happened.
  21. It is the norm here and you have to try to adjust and to tolerate these types of things the best you can.
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