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  1. "Fhule is stupid and I'm going to make 20 posts detailing how stupid he is" -BurnsNChinn, Probably
  2. Im actually OK with this; Gruden has shown to be a pretty good OC AND he has HC experience, so maybe he can help Rhule and somewhat fix the ship a little.
  3. In the unlikely event the team has a good 2022 season, it's going to be humerus to look back at posts like this.
  4. Have to disagree, Brady is just a different player come Playoff Time. I think Stafford costs them if/when they play the Bucs next week.
  5. To the guy who asked earlier why the 49ers traded 3 first round picks for Lance... This is why. You cannot trust Jimmy G.
  6. Seeing the Cowboys get destroyed on National TV is better than my Husband on our Honeymoon.
  7. I'm a Die Hard panthers fan; but I'm also a Brady fan so I enjoy seeing Tampa Bay dominate like this. Also Tampa will go back to being irrelevant once Brady retires so no harm in letting them have some fun before they go back to the basement.
  8. What I think will happen.... Bucs vs Titans SB Bucs win. What I want to happen for the insanity of it. Raiders vs 49ers. Raiders win.
  9. These Cam Lovers are annoying; people need to let go of the past. I love Cam, but some of yall are ridiculous.
  10. Ah yes, very rational response. How dare I try to call out pointless negativity concerning someone who we have yet to see play.
  11. This is getting stupid, there's no need to take every single thing as a negative. Do we want Rhule gone? Yes. Is this JJ's last game? Perhaps. Is his replacement a garbage ass downgrade? Who the hell knows. Give the kid a chance and stop acting like the world is falling and everything will be doom and gloom, instead wish the kid luck cause he does have big shoes to fill.
  12. You know people can enjoy football outside the Panthers right? Being a negative nancy all the time isn't good for your health, have you tried going outside or watching a relaxing movie?
  13. NFC: Bucs(As much as we can hate him, Brady is still the Goat) AFC: Tennessee Prediction: Bucs Who I want: Tennessee
  14. I'll watch every Sunday that I can, but I won't make huge changes to my schedule if I miss a game. I'll cheer for Rhule to turn it around, but I'll expect he won't to keep expectations low.
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