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  1. Said a prayer for your wife, hope all is well.
  2. When we're up 45-0 heading into the 4th.
  3. Guess Burns wanting 30 million is pretty reasonable now(Also his agent totally knew Bosa was getting this deal, which is why he pushed for 30 mil)
  4. Cry more, your always negative, what a miserable way to live.
  5. Where all the state fans at? You guys barely beat UConn and we’re talking poo about UNC. TAR HEELS!
  6. Mods need to start locking these dumbass threads, we have thousands others to complain in.
  7. My 5 year old son knows more ball than you.
  8. Ive has my disagreements with Mr. Scott but that’s a bush league move, asking him how long he’s been a fan because he’s not worried about preseason because you have that low of self esteem. I swear Panther fans are the most entitled and crybaby fan base on the internet sometimes, we could win the super bowl and some of y’all would still b*tch we have no first round pick.
  9. Robert Saleh is a guy who wants to be the tough SOB who looks good on TV. Sadly his actual record as a HC shows him to below average at best.
  10. A show designed to make the Jets look good throws a small market team under the bus with selective clips and editing? Shocked I tell you, shocked!...Well not that shocked.
  11. Not surprising, remember when they didn't bring in a vet during Wilson's Rookie year, because they didn't want to "Threaten" him if he played bad? Which...We saw how that worked out.
  12. Damn I didn't know Reich and Young were already in year 6! Reich has a talent for disguising, he was a latino for the first 3, and a fatass the past 3, all while coaching the colts at the same time!
  13. I’ve never understood why defensive head coaches, especially rookies, hire first time OC’s. Stroud looked awful, from not playing the starting Oline, to looking like he had no coaching beforehand, wtf are the Texans coaching staff doing?
  14. Well...Past two seasons, the NFL has had the Panthers have some sort of storyline(Darnold vs the Jets, and Baker vs the Browns) Honestly going off of that, Reich vs the Colts could very well be our week 1.
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