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  1. You need better glasses if that’s what you think you’ve read.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/10063241-nfl-rumors-vic-fangio-joining-frank-reichs-panthers-staff-as-dc-has-momentum.amp.html
  3. Awww poor Wilks fan is mad that his butt buddy didn't get the job. It's ok, just close your eyes when Reich goes for it on 4th and 1 at Midfield instead of punting, I know it will be very traumatizing for you otherwise.
  4. I wouldn't punt at midfield on 4th and 1 to Tom Fu**ing Brady...TWICE.
  5. You say that like its a threat, but one less negative nancy would be a blessing on this board.
  6. He blows so hard that he took the corpse of Phillip Rivers and made the playoffs, almost made the playoffs with Carson Wentz before he became Carson Wentz, and had the corpse of Matt Ryan at 3-3-1 before Irsay got involved. But yea man, keep blowing smoke up your own ass, see you in a year when we're hosting a playoff game.
  7. You gonna keep that same energy when he does what Wilks couldn't do and actually wins the division?
  8. Isn't Reich the guy who went for it on 4th and 1 or whatever from his own side of the field in OT against Houston? It cost them the game, but he wasn't playing conservative at all.
  9. Aren't you the guy who was pounding the table for Leftwich? How that turn out?
  10. We have a bottom 5 fanbase with people like you, so Payton should fit right in then.
  11. Knowing how Tepper is, I see either the deal with Payton getting done Friday; or a deal with Dorsey getting done Saturday. Tepper doesn't strike me as someone who wants a long coaching search, so if he can't get Payton to agree to a deal Friday, I could easily see him being enamored with Dorsey and hiring him on the spot.
  12. They’re saying your as bad as inmates. Some of these people will take yearly 1-15 campaigns over actually winning because of what happened over a decade ago.
  13. One thing about Payton is that alot of people like to call him a playoff choker, but if we're being completely honest, he should honestly have 2-3 rings. The obvious one is against the Rams, that was a legit missed BS call and if that doesn't happen, I think the Saints put up more than 13 points against NE and win that second ring. The other one is against the Vikings, the "Minneapolis miracle" as it was called. I'm not sure if they go and beat Philly after that, but if the miracle never happens, and they take care of business against Nick Foles, then I could again see them beating NE. So while people may go "Haha playoff choker" they refuse to admit that, at the very least, Payton should have atleast 1 more ring, if not two.
  14. He isn't the right guy for the job because he'll never be better than the occasional One and done playoff appearance.
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