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  1. Sneaky suspicion you saw nothing wrong with a cop giving Dylann Roof Burger King because he was a “misguided” kid or something. But this 15 and 17 year old are subhuman “scum”. Wonder what the difference could be?
  2. Speaking of “No Dome”, I just remembered my wedding anniversary is coming up...
  3. Well Marty kept his dead weight around an extra season so why not Mick?
  4. After hearing clips of Luke on the Move the Sticks podcast it’s clear he would be incredible in a booth.
  5. Honorable mention: “I played Cam in Madden”.
  6. Not sure if exact quote but Bill Rosinki’s “Yes Carolina, there is a super bowl, and you are going to it” when they won the NFC Championship against the eagles. Going from Rosinski to Mixon was like the reverse of going from Jimmy Clausen to Cam Newton.
  7. Well it’s true until proven otherwise, and even once we don’t suck it’ll still be an uphill battle for respect.
  8. If he goes to the Saints just end me k thanks
  9. Interesting insight from Gantt. Reminds me of Voth’s comments from the Kyle Bailey show where he basically said, sure Darnold has all these weapons but if the offensive line falls apart there could be a repeat of what went down in his time with the NYJ.
  10. Good stuff. Went back and watched his 2011 draft recap, he was right about Cam! The rest of that draft, whew hurneymagic baby.
  11. Wait, he didn’t resign, he RE-SIGNED! that or the espn reporter covering our team isn’t qualified to report on intramural softball Anyway, I wish Luke the best. One of the greatest of all time.
  12. Dude is violent when he blocks dudes. Almost looks like a DE destroying a QB the way he takes on defenders.
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