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  1. Oh fug yea Tepper bragging about how many “events” are at BOA. LOL WE ARE SO fugED
  2. Our line is this meme reversed. At least Moton is earning his salary.
  3. Today was the first day you turned a game off? I haven’t sat down and watched an entire game in years. With my bootleg streaming site I check in on the poo show from anywhere, and then happily put my phone back in my pocket and go about my day!
  4. yeah, obviously could have had Stroud first When considering Dell I always associated with just swapping it with Mingo and keeping Bryce. Fitt is putting on a master class of how to make every wrong decision.
  5. Just hit me we could easily have Stroud and Tank Dell lolll. Instead we have good kid Bryce and a really good future WR3 maybe. Difference between a competent GM and Fitt dog. https://x.com/bleacherreport/status/1726320253993673040?s=46&t=Nvijfbx9NMxjV7ziDd9d2Q fug this team
  6. It’s true. Seems like a good dude, but every gamble he’s made has lost. Sometimes that’s how it goes, I admire the big swings but sometimes with big swings comes lots of whiffs.
  7. I’ll be interested to read the All-22 analysis, I suspect a lot of the success had to do with Brown calling an aggressive game as opposed to Reich doing the same predictable ass plays over and over. Just when I thought I was out, they PULL me back in!
  8. The play would be a highlight for any QB in the league. Spinning out of a potential sack, rolling to his left, off balance with the flick of the wrist and dropping it perfectly on the sideline is something to be excited about, especially for a rookie that has struggled connecting on long throws.
  9. go watch the replays of the throw from multiple angles. Live, the throw looked like one of Wilson’s prayer balls where his WR bailed him out, which he built his entire career on. This was not one of those throws. Thielen had the defender beat, Bryce recognized it and dropped it perfectly over the defenders shoulder. Wilson would constantly throw moon balls, often times under-thrown into double coverage and his star WRs would make ridiculous catches, and everyone would praise Wilson. Again, this was not one of those throws lol.
  10. That blitz just before halftime was one of the dumbest calls you could possibly make in the game of football, offense or defense. What exactly was the goal there?
  11. Just a massive fugging idiot and clear danger to his own family and society in general. Send him to Gaza.
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