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  1. I’ve been talking about how we need to lock Reddick up. Having him opposite Burns in Snow’s scheme is scary.
  2. 30-0 good guys Panthers defense has their nationally televised coming out party, forcing four turnovers and two scores. CMC goes for 130+ receiving yards. Terrance gets his first NFL TD. The league is on notice.
  3. Not only a great coach but also seems completely uninterested in being a head coach somewhere, so we don’t have to worry about Buffalo or wherever poaching him. Feels so right having the Panthers back to being a hard hitting badass defense.
  4. Good for Teddy but we all saw what happens when the game is on the line: goal line fumbles, endless check downs and general unclutchness.
  5. Pls to get Treble out there to lay some blocks on Lattimore. Need to make him question life playing with a banged up thumb.
  6. JFC as I was typing a response to this The Athletic popped up a story about Taylor saying “he reminds me of Russell Wilson”. NFL media is absurd in how they prop up mediocre QB play. Taylor is a nothing more than a solid backup until he proves otherwise. Remember how the media (and some fans) were ready to crown Kyle Allen after he fell into a few wins?
  7. Not until Rhule trots CMC out there again and again with severe injuries. Hope it doesn’t come to that!
  8. Ultimately I think it comes down to 1) not trusting the kicker and 2) the defense destroying the Jets offense. At that point the Panthers D was making the Jets look like a middle school team. Rhule was probably assuming they’d score another three and out and be right back in Jets territory a few minutes later. That said, I think it’s a dumb decision and he should have gone for it using the same logic.
  9. Glad we didn’t give up a top ten pick for a 30+ year old Stafford. Can’t blame him for choosing LA over Carolina though.
  10. He makes Mitch tribisky look like Andy dalton
  11. Really hate it for Cam, finally would have had a decent roster to work with and a solid defense. But really he can only blame himself. I can’t imagine this happening if Cam was vaccinated. One, he allowed Mac to prove himself last week with an amazing practice versus the Giants starters, plus being unvaccinated is a huge liability for your team, especially when you are the starting quarterback. So as much poo that’s been thrown Cam’s way his entire career, this one is on him.
  12. Vick went to prison for operating a gambling ring across multiple states, breaking various federal laws. The dog stuff was just what made him an awful human at the time.
  13. Yeah if I were him I’d take my tens of millions of dollars and choose LA over Charlotte too.
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