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  1. I’m pumped about the trade, at least we have something besides Teddy now. It’s crazy how one game, or one “meaningless” win can drastically alter the course of a franchise....as in the win against the WFT. We throw that game, we’re set with Wilson or Fields probably. Now we are trading three draft picks for Sam Darnold. Not saying we should have thrown the game, but damn how things could be different.
  2. And Teddy has hit his absolute ceiling. The gamble is can Darnold, six months younger than Joe Burrow, lead a team surrounded by the best supporting cast he’s ever had by far.
  3. Well he’s not Teddy Bridgewater
  4. I got some stuff going on the next few days but I’ll try to remember to send the details soon. Hit me up if I forgot lol
  5. WFT is too PC. I need them to be named after a fluffy animal or a mythological being or else I want ever watch again.
  6. He’s a manipulative diva, literally everything people said Cam was except it’s true. He’s had some nice games but seems to require the best defense of all time to win a super bowl; when he’s not throwing a game-losing interception from the one yard line that is.
  7. It’s eerie how similar Cam and Lamelo’s rookie seasons are in some ways. I remember in 2011 Bill Simmons mentioned how Cam had made the Panthers required viewing each week because he could make a big play at any given moment. Now the entire NBA world has raved about how the Hornets are the most exciting team to watch because of Lamelo. So two young stars lifting their franchises out of irrelevancy from day one. I would say Cam’s rookie year was better because he set all kinds of records for a rookie, especially at a time when it wasn’t as common for a rookie QB to start rig
  8. Keep monk, trade Graham. The team is playing its best basketball with Graham in street clothes. Why mess up a good thing if you can help it?
  9. Allen had already proven he was not a starting QB even when healthy. Cam’s health was the question. Rolling with Allen as the starter was never an option.
  10. sure, point remains signing Teddy to that contract was an awful decision. Just because it nets a backend third round comp pick doesn’t change that fact.
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