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  1. The panthers like most married men, failing to land BJ.
  2. ESPN IS HORRRIIIBBBLLLLEEE Just incredibly lazy Greeny is a bum company man lazy af radio host. Keyshawn spits the laziest takes known to man. Really really awful coverage and they should be doing so much better. NFL Network running laps around them
  3. Keyshawn Johnson just said when the gets the ball he turns into a running back which is exactly what they said about Moore
  4. https://www.panthers.com/video/draft-day-1-press-conference if you watch this press conference at the end Tepper keeps repeating how this off-season they’ve stuck to “the process”. The process, the process, the process. Being as thorough as possible in all aspects. As opposed to recent years where it was just all Rhule’s “vision” apparently. It seems Tepper has truly learned from that mistake, and ultimately the Panthers might be better off for it in the long run. Maybe Rhule was right about Jay-z’s seven year plan after all….
  5. Bro what is there to appreciate your ability to hold a clipboard?
  6. I’d be very surprised if they haven’t told Bryce and his family yet.
  7. Really can’t see AR falling that far, or even Levis for that matter. Too much potential and raw skills that’ll be too much for teams to pass on.
  8. Good thing JR isn’t still the owner or else he’d probably think we were drafting Levi’s.
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