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  1. Guys. Look. It's a process. 1000% working
  2. Fug this team if they don't go O line.
  3. Fasten your seat belt. The second half will he full of turbulence.
  4. It's early but this doesn't look like a team that has quit on their coach. I'm sure there us plenty of time left to prove me wrong.
  5. Tepper sleeping peacefully at night with his billions.
  6. Why tha fug are you in here arguing about a stat. Thank little baby jesus we didn't trot the poo that has been starting this year out there. Was he perfdct? Who the fug cares. It wasn't Erving or Daley. Holy fugging poo guys.
  7. flavor of the week. tape gonna wreck him.
  8. Make em walk home in the snow. Pathetic. I still hate you Panthers. Draft Oline you dumasses
  9. Don't care. I am officially all out of fugs to give about this damn team this year.
  10. PJ gonna make Andersons arms short throwing like he does.
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