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  1. You get to check that off your stalking Bingo card.
  2. Rhule = 12 loses, no matter how you slice it. Maybe more.
  3. If it happens, so be it. I'll cheer for the young guy. The idiots not picking an OT on the other hand can go fug themselves. I'm especially looking at you Rhule.
  4. I would pick a QB in every 7th round hoping to get another Brady. But never in the 1st round.
  5. They going to move up to get a Tackle.
  6. Oh wee mayne. Tommy Jone approves. This thread about the coach is dildos.
  7. Dude! You are literally poking Mr. Murphy and totally disregarding the blind squirrel theorem all at once. Do you want us to go 11 -6? Knock it off. LOL.
  8. If you guessed nfl head football coach. Then you win.
  9. Intent to distribute...... That WR room was going to be lit.
  10. 1st offense. optics look bad but probably not in a lot of trouble with the courts. North Carolina law permits individuals charged with low-level felonies and misdemeanors to avoid conviction through the First Offenders Deferral Program. Essentially, this program is a probation program, which requires offenders to complete certain requirements while on probation. So long as the program requirements are completed timely and to the satisfaction of the court, the charges will be dismissed and eligible for expungement.
  11. then I told him. Coach I've had it up to here with your bullshit. Get out of our draft room.
  12. looks like 2nd place in the division. go team.
  13. 3 days in a row. these QB's look good. still want a LT though.
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