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  1. I never really fell for the Frank hype, something seemed off about the hire and now we know why. I was not impressed with the Rhule hire as well, simply because of the stupid looking smock he wore at Baylor. I have a better feeling about Canalas. Hopefully his coaching staff will be one cohesive unit.
  2. My wife says, if he does not work out as a coach he can always be a model.
  3. I totally agree, just need a coach that will produce. Funny though, the millennials and Gen Z’s are thinking who the f___ is this John Wayne and Jerry Lewis.
  4. It seems like every year the cap space is going to clear up but never does. In 2026 we will be talking how much cap space we will have in 2027.
  5. If it was the panthers at the end of the game it would have been ruled an incomplete pass. Green Bay needed the win to stay in the playoff race.
  6. Funny episode. Lot more entertaining than watching Panther Football.
  7. Team has gotten worse as season grows. I sadly agree Frank needs to go. Fitt has to go as well. Not because of Bryce but from the other free agents and draft picks he brought in and picks he gave away. The 2001 and 2010 Panther teams would steam roll this team.
  8. Pretty sure he ran the wrong route. He almost cost the game.
  9. I agree! The Chiefs offense is getting on a roll and their defense is legit.
  10. Week 18 against Bucs. Panthers are 10-6!
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