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  1. I hate to see it going this way with Wilks. Even though Tepper has always his eyes on an offensive guru, if Wilks would have led us to the playoffs he would have job. The Tampa game hurt but I think the Pittsburgh & Cincinnati game did even more damage. We looked totally unprepared for both of those games.
  2. I think we get Stroud at 9. Young be pick #2 & another team will fall in love with Levi’s. This would be an ideal scenario saving our draft capital with a potential move back to late first. round.
  3. I would absolutely make the trade in Madden if Joe was 7” tall, 400 lbs & abilities were 99 across the board.
  4. If Tepper moved the team to another city. Else I will keep pulling for the Panthers & continue to watch every game. At some point the team will get right again. Hopefully as soon as next year by winning the NFC South.
  5. Reminds me of Drew Brees. I would grab him in the late rounds if he is available. Could be a steal. He outplayed every quarterback he played against this year.
  6. Both team’s embarrassed themselves. Horrible game but a win is a win.
  7. The good news, Corral has maybe only played two quarters of preseason football with trash 4th stringers and had very limited reps in practice. Comparing Wilson verse Corral means Wilson has been a bust so far. Let’s judge Corral after the next preseason if he gets a fair shot to compete.
  8. Horn has not even played a full season of football yet. He gets better every week & has the Alpha Dog mentality which = yes, he can become a shutdown corner & I swear these are facts. Cup is always half full.
  9. Back in the day, Saturday mornings were the best.
  10. I for one do not believe in tanking & here is proof in the pudding. Players only get better by competing & the Panthers have a lot of young core players on both sides of the ball. Check the link below if you think tanking will get you anywhere. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2018/draft.htm
  11. I agree. We are going to have to win out to win the division. I believe the game against the Bucs will decide it.
  12. If Darnold is healthy, you have to throw him to the wolves. We have seen what a healthy Baker has done. Time to move on.
  13. Obviously you do have to have a good arm but I think it is more along the lines as a mental aspect to be a great QB. Young has the mental aspect.
  14. I would take Young as of right now but Stroud can improve his stock this weekend against Michigan. Not sure if Stroud has played against enough competition to take him over Young at this point.
  15. I need to retract my vote of getting a Top Tier QB over HC. I say you need a Top Tier HC. A QB is only 1 of 22 starters. A top tier HC will put players in position to win on both sides of the ball.
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