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  1. Snow is playing Madden with his defense. Running the same Nano blitz over & over.
  2. Very cool to see on TV. I liked the Panther eating the Saints Flag.
  3. I don’t think you can count the throw to Thomas in the end zone as a misfire from Darnold. Thomas had both hands on the ball. The QB has to throw a little high that close to end zone to get over the defenders. The pass to Marshall was an over throw & Darnold missed that one.
  4. Best play of the day is when Brady spread out the offense allowing Darnold to walk in on a QB draw. Looks we need to spread it out on those short yardage situations. At least it keeps the defense from stacking the box.
  5. The offensive line did not break down on 4th down. It was play action boot leg everyone knew that was coming. Bad play call on 4th down. That would have been a good play call on 3rd down.
  6. I hope we don’t see Danold get slammed like this. Ouch
  7. Same here 3-4 quarters assuming he looks comfortable in all three quarters
  8. Thanks god the Cajun filet still exists. That is my breakfast lunch & dinner.
  9. Can someone explain how Luke’s retirement causes dead cap?
  10. I think Jermaine Carter was serviceable last year. The defense improved when he took over the starting role at MLB. I am hope Perryman is an upgrade & Jermaine can be good depth at MLB & OLB.
  11. I tell you CMC is so much quicker than everyone.
  12. Actually you can play a friend online but you have to create an online franchise & choose to import the active roster. Download the madden22 roster. If you wait a few days they will probably have all the teams updated with the latest draft picks & free agents for each team. After you download the roster from the community files, go to load/save files & load the madden22 roster. Create a new franchise & choose to import the current roster you have loaded. Invite your friend or friends to the league. I did this last year with my brother. I was Panthers & he was a Dolphins. I simulated to the Super Bowl & forced a win for the Panthers & Dolphins through the season & playoffs. We played each other online in the Super Bowl. We would quit the game prior to it actually ending so we could play each other again without having to reset the whole league.
  13. I would like to see what Kenny Robison brings to the table as well. FS may already be on the roster.
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