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  1. I would like to see him catch on quick but unless he shows out in preseason he probably goes to practice squad. Maybe he gets IR’d to keep him from getting poached.
  2. I am not sure if Olsen or Cam gets in. If so, so it will be a while. First three are locks.
  3. $2.50 Pernicious! A sign for $3 Pernicious got my attention at the Black Cat in Boone. I may be driving down next week.
  4. With all the social media I would tighten up the amount of video being displayed especially with 11 on 11 drills. As a fan I would love to see the entirety of the practice but understand other teams on the schedule will take what they can from a competitive advantage.
  5. I don’t mind the competition between Baker & Darnold for a week or so, but we all know Baker will be QB1. Rhule needs to make a decision soon & let Baker go with the ones. They need to let PJ go now. Let Matt take his reps. Find out what he has & see if surpasses Darnold as the backup.
  6. “That’s what she said”
  7. Myles is good & has improved each season. I like him & is versatile between safety & nickel.
  8. I picked the same. Prime Jake the gunslinger. Davis the workhorse. Smith, nothing else needs to be said. Samual can also be used as the speed rb. Walls was a red zone machine.
  9. I agree he was on the bubble making the team. Preseason did not look so good & then he got hurt. Thomas-Oliver looked decent in the games he played last year. Looked like he put on some muscle after his rookie year.
  10. It was at the time Bitcoin was around $69k. It is now 30k. He will hold on to it & still make bank.
  11. They have to play Corral. Got to see what he has. Plus I think the OC will go heavy RPO in favor of Corral.
  12. I know, that would be questionable. Shore up the offensive line & roll with Darnold or bring in vet.
  13. This would be a good move. Get a LT in the first & get your QB in the second. The QBs will fall.
  14. Unless we happen to grab a vet QB prior to the draft this is the best option. Get a LT in Brown, grab a QB mid round 1 & draft BPA round 3. You could still possibly get Pickett, Corral, Howell or Willis.
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