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  1. I tell you CMC is so much quicker than everyone.
  2. Actually you can play a friend online but you have to create an online franchise & choose to import the active roster. Download the madden22 roster. If you wait a few days they will probably have all the teams updated with the latest draft picks & free agents for each team. After you download the roster from the community files, go to load/save files & load the madden22 roster. Create a new franchise & choose to import the current roster you have loaded. Invite your friend or friends to the league. I did this last year with my brother. I was Panthers &
  3. I would like to see what Kenny Robison brings to the table as well. FS may already be on the roster.
  4. Give Fields #1 if he wants it. Cam wore #2 at Blinn College & Auburn. I don’t think Cam could give two turds. LOL... Jimmy C. wore number #2 when Cam was drafted. `It's not the number. It's the person wearing it.' https://www.al.com/sports/2011/05/cam_newton_on_keeping_no_2_its.html
  5. To be honest, the bucket hat color matches the blue on the jersey. I would say they have the color scheme just right. The hat is the old logo & pretty sure the blue color has changed some over the years.
  6. Not sure why is everyone keeps saying the Bucs bought a Super Bowl when Brady was the only key free agent pick up. Brady talked Gronk into coming out of retirement, Browns & Fornette both were released from their teams. They both came to the Bucs on minimal contracts just to play with Brady. They knew it was their best chance of a Super Bowl. Suh was picked up by the Bucs in 2019.
  7. Flacco won the super bowl back in 2012. You may want to exclude him from your list. He is terrible now, but a had several solid years.
  8. One angle of the replay showed Mahomes’ head hitting the ground. I could not tell if he was choked or not, but the defender who tackled Mahomes had some extracurricular activity going on.
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