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  1. That is amazing. Just got my tickets for the Thursday night game against the Texans. Let's go!
  2. Fun fact, even before Sunday and Monday night football are played, the Panthers have allowed the least points in the NFL, only allowing 21 points over the first two games.
  3. Honestly, with how well we played the run, I feel we match up well against their offense. Coming into our house as 3.5 point favorites. Time to shock the NFL.
  4. Nice guys and all, but that has to be the most boring podcast/segment/whatever. Next time I need help falling asleep, this is what I am using. Forget ocean waves, or rain in the forest. Give me Delhomme and Gross talking about nothing for 20 minutes.
  5. Ask him; How he feels about comments made regarding the lack of redzone work in practice. Has Joe Brady expanded on his offensive philosophy or was he hampered by having another new QB learning his system. How do the additions made in the off-season make his job harder or easier for the upcoming season Ask him house or ceaser salad.
  6. I suspect we kept 20 TEs for a reason. I fully expect Ian Thomas to be part of a trade.
  7. How can you not love Minshew. Great sense of humor.
  8. Benardrick McKinney at ILB Tyrell Crosby swing OT Nigel Warrior DB
  9. Nigel Warrior looked really good for the Ravens in preseason. Not that we need another Safety, but he is an upgrade to some of our current DB talent. Hopefully the team will have plenty of tape due to the joint practices.
  10. For me, there are 2 FAs available I think would be great additions to the team this year. Benardrick McKinney is only 28 years old. The former pro-bowler stands at 6-4, 257lb. Could be a solid veteran presence to the LB core, even in a backup role. Tyrell Crosby is a swing tackle from Detroit who has started and looked good at both Left and Right tackle. May have been released because he was unhappy about losing his starting gig after Detroit spent a top 10 pick on a tackle in the draft. What FAs are you watching?
  11. Some things Lions fans are saying about the Crosby cut: I really liked Crosby and was hoping we'd keep him. Seeing how well he played as a fill-in starter for so many games last year, I have a hard time believing he was not worthy of a roster spot. Oh well, "what have you done for me lately" is what it comes down to, and I guess they didn't see it in him through the offseason. Wish him the best. This looks like a red flag to me with this staff. You don’t cut swing tackles on rookie deals who have played well in previous seasons. The only way this makes sense is if they think the injury is going to hamper him/prevent him from playing all year and they know he is walking in FA next year. I suspect we will not look back kindly on this move. Let's not forget, I'm not exactly sure on the waiver period, but they potentially could be trying to sneak him through for the practice squad which can have 16 members this season same could be said for Mike Ford
  12. Some responses to the trade by Bills fans: Damn. He was great on ST and has shown flashes of potentially be a contributor on defense. However…. ST standouts are a dime a dozen, and we’ve spent a 1st and two 2nds on edge guys the past two years, so he likely wouldn’t have gotten a shot anyway. Bam... I liked you and Routed for ya. Sorry to see you go. Later Bam. I guess this is karma for stealing Andre Smith lol
  13. The Detroit Lions waived-injured Crosby on Monday in a stunning move that comes months after they made their presumptive swing offensive tackle available via trade. Apparently he has a hamstring injury. I am thinking he was unhappy Detroit drafted a tackle in the 1st and he lost his starting job. Played both left and right tackle for the Lions last year. Get 'em Fitterer!!!
  14. I guarantee that will not be the starting 5 going into week 2. Quote me on this
  15. I don't believe the fullback position will disappear from football, but it is going to definitely evolve. Where that position used to be an extremely large, short yardage specialist who could block, will now need to have those characteristics plus the ability to move in space, run a particular route tree, and contribute on special teams.
  16. I am going on the record with not being excited about this move. I would have been perfectly fine with trading away Anderson before the season. His attitude coming into camp was poor. He was barely there, and when he was, he was injured. We have plenty of talent at WR, especially if our draft picks show out. This feels like a waste of money IMO. Personally, I think it is another example of Rhule looking out for his college players. The nepotism is starting to get old.
  17. I would be very curious as to why he was cut. Moves like this are often due to off field concerns or locker room problems. If that isn't the case, we could definitely use the depth.
  18. I believe we have the ability to protect 4 players on the practice squad this year. *Expansion of practice squads to 16 players, including up to six who have more than two accrued seasons. The ability to protect up to four practice squad players per week from being signed by other teams.
  19. Well, when we draft the next Luke with that 7th rounder, joke will be on them....
  20. LMAO, y'all come down to Texas. Our posted speed limit is 85. Talking bout 80 is cruising speed haha. You would get your slow butt rear ended driving 80.
  21. Less than Ramczyk. I was worried. Moton got 18 per year. Ryan Ramczyk signed a 5-year, $96 million contract extension. The deal comes with $60 million in guaranteed money with a $19.2 million yearly average
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