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  1. Looking at his PFF grades; 2015; 63.4 2016; 82.1 2017; 69.6 2018; 73.3 2019; 72.3 2020; 51.1 2021; 45.0 Seems to be on a downward trajectory.
  2. I don't think wins and losses will necessarily be the measuring stick used for Rhule this season. Last season Rhule was simply out-coached on a number of occasions. Teams accurately scouted and shut down the majority of what the Panthers were doing on both offense and defense and it did not appear that any adjustments were made on our part. Rhule has yet to adjust to the NFL, and his coordinators and position coaches reflected that. College football is largely about having a strength and utilizing that strength to win games. The NFL is more advanced, in that you need to exploit other teams weaknesses and hide/adjust your own weaknesses to win games. This was never more evident than his push to run the ball midway through last season stating “We have not been committed enough to running it and that's going to change." Emphasizing the running game should be about conditions and match-ups with your next opponent, not a general philosophy. That is for mid-level college teams.
  3. This is very accurate. An IQ test is composed of 4 domains including verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, working memory, and processing speed. Each of these domains is composed of 2 or 3 separate measures. A Full Scale IQ Test is composed of 10 different subtests. The wonderlic seems like a combination of the Information subtest and arithmetic subtest, with possibly a processing speed component due to time constraints. No way near an accurate predictor of intelligence.
  4. Hands down, Ray Lewis and sadly this isn't even a question. My son, who is now 12 has recently started to get into football and we were discussing some of the all-time greats and we got to Ray Lewis. This man was drafted onto a horrible Ravens expansion team and built their defense into one of the only defenses to ever outperform the old Steel Curtain of the 70s. What makes that defense so legendary isn't the fact that they only allowed an NFL record 10 PPG to opposing teams, they did this with an anemic/horrible offense that went 5 games without scoring a TD themselves. Ray Lewis himself, through numerous injuries (including playing a season with 2 torn triceps) went to 10 pro-bowls with 2 NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards. Hold the NFL Record for combined tackles 2,059 and the NFL record for solo tackles (1,568), which is 200 more than the closest NFL player ever. To add a little more perspective, Luke finished his career with 690 solo tackles. And to argue against longevity, Lewis averaged 6.43 tackles per game while Luke averaged 5.85 tackles per game over their careers. If anyone honestly believes Luke was a better MLB than Lewis they need to take off their homer goggles. Yes, Luke was one of the greatest. Lewis was the greatest.
  5. Just wanted to share some of my thoughts and musings about the upcoming draft. With the 6th pick of the draft, there are obviously a number of approaches the team can take and the path we take will largely be influenced by first 5 selections. The first option would be taking best player available. In the past, there have been some top talents in the draft that were considered "draft no matter what" type picks of they fell to us. I feel this was the case with Luke, Star, and maybe even Horn in last year's draft. These were obviously the team's best player available options. In this draft however, I do not see that "draft no matter what" type player. Could the Panthers have that high a grade on DE Aidan Hutchinson, DT Travon Walker, S Hamilton, CB Gardner, WR Wilson? Possibly, and that could throw a huge wrench into the rest of this post. The second option is drafting for need. In this scenario, you have to look at a large number of factors including how deep the draft is at certain position groups while having a proper sense of our current team strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, the top needs for the Panthers are LT and QB. But the team could use upgrades at a number of other positions including LB, DE, S, TE, G. Here is where I think the Panthers could maximize value and need. IMO there are 4 players in this draft who have a very high chance of succeeding at the left tackle position. Charles Cross, Ikem Ekwoni, Evan Neal and Bernhard Raimann. The question and gamble of the draft would be, how far could we trade back and still have a high probability of drafting one of these starting quality LTs? Here is a quick breakdown and draft analysis purely from the standpoint of teams that could possibly draft an LT. 1. Jaguars: team needs: DL, LB, S. This team just used the franchise tag on Cam Robinson for the second time. Likely set at LT. 2. Lions: team needs: QB, LB, DB. This team has both Taylor Decker and Penei Sewell available. They are most likely not going to draft an LT. 3. Texans: team needs: Everything. The Texans have Laremy Tunsil at LT signed through the 2023 season. However, Tytus Howard has been less than stellar at RT, and is considered a much better Guard. The Texans are very likely to draft one of the top Tackles in this draft at this spot and play them at RT. 4. Jets: team needs: WR, LB, CB. The Jets have 2020 1st round draft pick Mekhi Becton at LT and have former Seahawk, George Fant for another year. They are likely to focus on other positions of need. Likely CB or WR 5. Giants: team needs: OL, ED, LB. The Giants are desperate for help on the O-line. While 2020 1st round draft pick Andrew Thomas has been one of the top LT's in the league, they are currently slated to start Matt Gono, a Guard cut from the Falcons or UFA/PS player Korey Cunningham at RT. They will very likely use their 1st selection of the first round on a Tackle, knowing this is our targeted position. 6. Panthers: So, barring crazy trades, the Panthers will likely have 2 of the top 4 LT's available at this spot. How far down could we trade and still get a predicted starting caliber LT? First and foremost, we must be assured that the team we are trading with is not targeting an LT themselves. 7. Giants: After having drafted Tackle at 5, the Giants will target another position of need such as DE. 8. Falcons: team needs QB, G, C, DL, CB. Falcons have Jake Matthews at LT through 2023. They could target a tackle here, but also have other pressing needs. High probability they take one of the Georgia DLs here. 9. Seahawks: team needs QB, T, ED, CB. The Seahawks are very needy at the tackle position. Unless they have fallen in love with one of the QBs in this draft, they are VERY likely to select a tackle. They have last year's 6th round pick, Stone Forsythe projected as the start at LT. While Seattle isn't know for drafting OL high in the draft, a top 3 talent at LT may be too hard to pass up. 10. Jets: The Jets will fill their other need here, likely selecting a WR if they selected a CB with their first pick, or vise versa. 11. Commanders: Team needs: QB, G, C, LB. The Commanders just signed Charles Leno Jr to a 3 year extension and have last years 2nd round pick Sam Cosmi playing very well at RT. They will likely pick an interior lineman (Linderbaum) or LB (Lloyd) 12. Vikings: Team needs: G, C, ED, CB. The Vikings have last years 1st round pick Christian Darrisaw playing well at LT and Brian O'Neill is in the second year of a 5 year contract extension. They have no need for a tackle and likely draft edge or secondary help. 13. Texans: The Texans most likely selected a tackle with their first pick and will look to another position here. Will probably draft a WR or Secondary help. 14. Ravens: Team needs: DL, CB. This becomes the first gamble of the draft. With Ronnie Stanley (Top 5 LT in NFL) and bringing in Morgan Moses, who just signed a 3 year 15M contract, they may focus elsewhere. This will all depend on how Ronnie Stanley is recovering from a season ending ankle injury. Drafting an LT is possible, but reports from the Ravens indicate that his rehabilitation is going very well. I could easily see them drafting Devonte Wyatt at DT. 15. Eagles: Team needs: LB, DB. Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson are likely the best starting combo of offensive tackles in the NFL. They will likely focus elsewhere. Could be a landing spot for a skill position WR such as USC's London or Ohio State's Wilson if they are still available. 16. Saints: Team needs: QB, WR, T. This becomes the second gamble of the draft. The Saints have picks 16 and 19. One of these two selections will likely be an offensive tackle. If the Panthers trade back with the Chargers or Eagles into the 17th or 18 spot, this selection will likely be the 4th best OT available. If they plan to take a QB, the Chargers and Eagles would not be selecting a QB and they would feel safe taking an OT at this position. In my opinion, we should trade down in the draft to secure more future picks and still fill our biggest need in the draft. If the Panthers plan on trading down they likely have 2 options. They can either trade down past the 16th pick and be prepared to move back up into the 17th or 18th spot giving the Saints a false sense of security that their tackle prospect will still be available. Or we must not trade down past the 16th position, as this will likely be the spot that the 4th best OT gets selected, especially if we trade into the 17th or 18th spot. Trading down with the Vikings (pick 12) or Texans (pick 13) is likely our best option if these teams feel the need to move up to select their player of choice. Anything can and will happen in the draft on Thursday. There are a lot of LT thirsty teams not in proper position to draft a starting quality LT. Teams like the Bears, Broncos, Packers, Colts, Raiders, Chargers, and Titans could all very well be interested in moving up to select an OT. If you see one of these teams pop up on the ticker for a trade, especially a trade in front of Carolina, expect OT to be the selection.
  6. This is an awesome signing. This guy creates some serious pressure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCGzykfPTK0
  7. Personally hoping this deal falls through. This is not the way to build a franchise for long term success. Or even short term success for that matter.
  8. I had this same reaction when we extended Robby Anderson and everyone flamed me for it. Amazing how reactions are different now that people have stopped drinking the Kool aid.
  9. Ok. Trying to find a silver lining. We will not be hurting our chances at compensatory picks if we waste all of our money bringing back our own FAs. Thomas likely wouldn't have commanded a big contract elsewhere and now we cock-blocked ourselves from bringing in a competent free agent.....
  10. Much prefer the mean streak attitude to the "it's the NFL, sacks happen" attitude.
  11. How can any Panthers fan honestly hate on McDermott. He has turned the Bills into a team that will contend for Super Bowls. This forum is delusional at times.
  12. I don't hate it. More of an "Eh OK" response. But that could be the apathy setting in.
  13. So this is a survey of fan apathy. I'd say we're getting pretty high on an apathy scale sadly.
  14. But I completely agree. It definitely sounded as if DJ was in our long-term plans for sure.
  15. Technically, I do not believe we have to worry about DJ until next off-season, as we signed his 5th year option. He is under contract for 11 mil next season, but I could see us extending him.
  16. Listening to Scott Fitterer address the media yesterday felt like a breath of fresh air. The man clearly understands football and gives me a lot of hope for the organization moving forward. I absolutely agreed with the majority of his points in regards to roster building and his plan moving forward. Two things stood out to me that may be interesting to discuss. First, it was apparent that he did not have the same philosophy as Rhule in regards to which players should have been starting on Sundays. His comments about how "arm length" is not the best determining factor of an offensive tackles skill set was evidence enough after hearing Rhule parrot an alternative talking point throughout the season. Similar to Deonte Brown's ability to get to the second level, regardless of his body weight. Second, it was also apparent that Fitterer wanted to separate himself from the current coaching staff and staffing decisions. When asked about the Offensive Coordinator search, he clearly stated that this was Rhule's staff and his staffing decision. He went on to say that if Rhule wanted his input, he would gladly offer it. I was amazed at how fast and precise he was with this statement and how it appeared he had not even been in talks with Rhule about this as of yet. I was under a completely different assumption that these decisions were being shared and discussed at length between the owner, GM, and coach, but it appears there is a much clearer separation than I realized. Even with some clear early blunders in Free Agency I am still excited about Fitterer and what he offers this team. He is active (sometimes to the teams detriment), but seems to have a plan and at least appears to be learning from his mistakes. Here is an interesting look at some of the financials of next season. In 2020, the Panthers led the NFL with 54 million in dead cap money (26% of the cap) thanks to contracts still being paid to players like Matt Kalil, Trai Turner, Eric Reid, and Luke. In 2021, the Panthers again had 54 million in dead cap (29% of the cap), thanks to contracts still being paid to Teddy Bridgewater, Kawann Short, Luke, and Tre Boston In 2022, the Panthers are only set to have 7 million in dead cap (3.3% of the cap). Yes, he may have overpaid Robby Anderson and picking up Darnolds option barely makes sense even when he tries to explain it away, but at least the money is being paid to players who are on our roster, performing for our team. Unlike the past few years when over 1/4th of the cap was being paid to players who were not good enough to make a roster or playing for another team. Just wanted to try and give a bit of a positive spin on the future of the franchise. Fitterer appears to know what he is doing and seems like the kind of GM who can learn from his mistakes. He is clearly separating himself from Rhule, and I believe he will be here long past Rhule's tenure.
  17. We at least have the 6th. Will not drop past 6th, but we can still improve
  18. No, Jets have a higher strength of schedule which is the first tiebreaker in the draft. .509 vs .507.
  19. If the Jets can pull off this upset, the Panthers can move from 6th to 5th in the draft. Go Jets.
  20. Ronald Curry, Saints QB coach: In one season he's coached Jameis Winston, Taysom Hill and Trevor Siemian to a 7-7 record so far. Ken Dorsey, Bills QB coach/passing game coordinator: Dorsey has been the point-person for Cam Newton and Josh Allen during their respective top seasons. Josh Gattis, University of Michigan OC: Named the top assistant coach in the nation this year, Gattis has put together an impressive resume in just a decade in coaching. Luke Getsy, Packers QB coach/passing game coordinator: He's been with Green Bay since 2019 and would be in line to assume the OC gig there if Hackett leaves. Pep Hamilton, Texans QB coach/passing game coordinator: Hamilton has been able to guide Andrew Luck and Justin Herbert. Hard to believe he's not an OC right now. Mike Kafka, Chiefs QB coach/passing game coordinator: The triumvirate of Andy Reid, Bieniemy and Kafka has the Chiefs' offense humming again. Zac Robinson, Rams assistant QB coach: His only coaching experience is three years with McVay in L.A., but he could get some looks. Bobby Slowik, 49ers offensive passing game specialist: He comes from a family of coaches and has had his hands on a lot in that organization. Frank Smith, Chargers OL coach/run game coordinator: Before joining the Chargers he was the position coach for Darren Waller in Vegas. Duce Staley, Lions assistant HC/RB coach: The former Eagles great joined Dan Campbell's staff this year and has been ready for an OC job.
  21. It looks bad, but we are currently 16th in terms of draft assets. https://www.tankathon.com/nfl/power_rankings
  22. IMO we tank next year. Trade off our assets, trade back in the draft to acquire future picks, let Rhule run this team to an 0-17 record, then cut ties. Start fresh with a new coach, loaded draft capital and a shiny new training facility. Time to burn it down so we can build it back up. May have to say goodbye to some fan favorite players and fans in the mean time, but winning will bring fans back.
  23. https://www.tankathon.com/nfl/panthers We have 1, 4, 5, 5, 6, 7
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