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  1. I wonder what this clown's Wonderlic score was. Ironic that the league is discontinuing giving the tests for "racial bias" when this tweet subtly proves their point.
  2. "Thank them?" He's probably insured them. In case of injury suffered from patting himself on the back.
  3. Certainly not. That would require him to actually DO something to earn a living.
  4. It didn't strike me as a "hesitancy to draft one" at all. More like he wanted to keep drafting one until they got it right -- or got lucky. Kind of a crap shoot mentality.
  5. Glad you found my comments amusing. But as I'm celebrating my 82nd birthday tomorrow, I'm in no mood for concerning myself about you. (a civilized way of saying, "I don't give a s__t")
  6. IF Cam plays for the Panthers this year, I'll go on record that either he or CMC will be Comeback POY. I say this in the context of the sweeping changes that have already been made to improve our Offense -- all of which would greatly benefit each of these much maligned superstars. So many Huddlers wanted CMC traded ("injury prone and undependable because of it") and Cam avoided ("washed up, no arm, one-trick pony, easily defensed") But those ways of thinking are recency-biased. The addition of more than competent coaches (OC and OL) -- as opposed to the incompetentcy that both Cam and CMC had to abide, and the acquisition of a G and C that can actually run-block and protect -- these are sea changes that make the past record irrelevant. Last year, we had an OL of rag-tag losers imitating turnstiles, and coaches who showed no imagination in play-calling. As I see it, even having a C whose default move isn't 6 yds backwards would probably result in 10-14 more points a game. I'm sure even Darnold would show improvement behind our revamped OL (and it's not done yet -- a LT is coming, either from FA or the draft); but Cam would, IMO, have a much higher upside. I fervently hope he gets the chance, and accepts it.
  7. Apparently, we gotta trust the Process. (and Rhule is the Process Server)
  8. Or, as (I believe it was Billie Holiday who sang it), "it's not the meat, it's the motion."
  9. This will be an ol' fashioned ass-whuppin'. Our Defense is embarrassed and angry, and the only way they can be stopped from carrying out a vengeful slaughter is with a power running game -- and Miami doesn't possess one. There will be at least 7 sacks, as Miami gets behind and Tua has to pass (or attempt to), and 1-2 of those will be strips and turnovers. There will be a S/T or Defensive score, plus 3 passing TDs by Cam, and a long rushing TD by CMC. 38-0. Again, we get our wild card hopes up.
  10. Shaq Thompson should get his share of the blame for the poor run defense, IMO. Maybe he's the guy Reddick was referring to. Whether that's true, or not, there's no excuse for your "top" LB to only make 1 tackle and 3 assists, when the other team's feasting on runs up the middle. In his presser, he says the old deflection line, "We've got to play better." How about say "I"?
  11. Calm won't be a problem. He is a serene, mature family man, who happens to play with energy, passion, and power. I guess we could call him Calm Newton.
  12. I mentioned it in the OP. One of the reasons I enumerated in calling for the win. His absence severely limits their pass rush.
  13. WFT has given up 246 pts in 9 games. That's not considered even "usually" great.
  14. Yeah, let's not give Rivera so much credit. If he's so great, how come WFT has only 3 wins? That was just a bad 1Q for Brady. It happens. Cam abides.
  15. Not sure if you expect 3 FGs from Joey Slye, or for him to miss an EP. Either way, that's a good estimate of the final result. A back-to-back win of that nature would indicate a trend, no?
  16. You are correct, sir. This was NOT an underthrow. If DJ wasn't being mugged by Wilson the last 8 yds downfield, he catches the ball in stride, and trots in; then everybody's gushing over Cam's arm. Beneficial penalty on the DB, but he prevented the TD. Y'all had best be alert -- there will be plenty of these to DJ and Robby, off play-action, in the games to come.
  17. Just my take, my man. Be superstitious or pessimistic as you like -- that's your right, too. Tell you what -- if we don't win, I'll not do it again. But digest what I said, and tell me where I'm wrong -- about any of it.
  18. They may have beaten the Bucs yesterday, but it was at home. Their away record is only 1-3. They've surrendered 61 more points than they've scored. Matter of fact, they've allowed 246 points (in 9 games), compared to our 193 allowed (in 10). Chase Young was on crutches in the second half, and may have an ACL tear. Ron Rivera (postgame) said they know a lot about (how to defense) Cam. Well, the Panthers know a thing or two about Taylor Heinicke, too. The line started out at Panthers -2 1/2, but I expect that to move to 4 or 5 before Sunday. We have too much talent, with CMC and Cam on the field, Marshall and Zilstra back for timely receptions, Robby revived from the dead by Cam's interest -- and the entire team re-energized by the spreading enthusiasm and overwhelming desire to win that he's injected -- as if it were an anti-lethargy drug. Cam spoke for us all, when he said he's waited a long while to say "Keep Pounding!"
  19. Cam knows Robby has potential untapped in recent games, and they have had little contact before this week. Dinners -- cigars -- sharing the podium. Cam sometimes is subtle; all this is designed to get Robby to soak in his enthusiasm, and bond them to a QB/WR force. Note that he didn't have DJ up there with him. Watch for the deep ball, off play action, in the weeks to come.
  20. Not surprised at that, are you? If you're an owner, ya gotta show class!
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