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  1. Consistent AND diversified, which is maybe more significant. Reddick has 3 sacks through 2 games, and Burns has 2 -- but the hard to block against factor is this: we have 8 guys who've been involved with sacks! Who you gonna double? Pressure comes from everywhere -- the octopus defense.
  2. I suppose you mean some of us optimistic types on the Huddle -- but I'd rather think you could be referring to the Bucs.
  3. Agree with you (as usual) completely. Opposing OCs will have their hands full, preparing a plan to find a weak spot in our D, though.
  4. Not quite yet. That'll happen if we win the next 2 games. Right now, the talking heads will probably chalk this one up to the poor depleted Saints' roster, and of course, the Jets' win meant nothing. When the "experts" come out with their revised Power Rankings, I doubt we'll move up to the top 16. Which suits me fine.
  5. If it's that obvious to us, I'm sure that the coaching staff recognizes it, too. Either (or both) blocking personnel changes, or using play-action in the RZ, should fix things. Houston has surrendered 21 to lowly Jax, and 31 to Cleveland. I have no doubt we'll be able to put up 30+ against them.
  6. I got it. My mama, back in the 40's, used to always tell me to dry behind my ears. To this day, I have no idea why.
  7. Every pre-season, there'd be a few posters suggesting we change to a 3-4 front, but they'd always be shouted down by the irrefutable logic that we DIDN'T HAVE THE PLAYERS TO DO THAT. Now all this "versatility" emphasis has changed all that nonsense. Remember the "amoeba" fronts some DCs employed? We've now gotten ourselves an "octopus" defense.
  8. Let's keep in mind that the line didn't change but a 1/2 point in Vegas. The Saints were still favored to win, despite their injury list. It was an UPSET, folks, not us picking on the poor victimized Saints. It counts.
  9. Good thing he did. Actually, DBs should be aware of not picking off 4th down passes. Had he caught it, we'd have given up dozens of yds of field position.
  10. Oh, WE can be happy -- and WE are. It's just the Negative Nancies, like the guy from up in the Gorge, who won't admit the Panthers are for real, because it goes against all the Darnold's used merchandise/ Rhule's on the hot seat agenda. I pity people who post on a fan board, and won't allow themselves to enjoy a big -- and dominating, at that -- victory. Sad existence. Life can be short -- why not enjoy it when it's sunny out?
  11. Yeah, and he hasn't played in London yet, either, so you can also hold that against him. If he were the real deal, he's have probably won both of his games, had a 3-1 TD/INT ratio, and completed over 68% of his passes. When he starts playing like THAT, he might be the real deal. Call me if THAT ever happens!
  12. Keep that negative vibe going up there in the Gorge. When YOU get cocky, we'll be in trouble!
  13. ...and not allowed a single 1H point yet!
  14. Our Defense has played 7 quarters, and only allowed scores in 3 of them. Thus far, I think only Buffalo (who pitched a shutout today,) has done better. And 8 pts is the most we've surrendered in a quarter. That, combined with 9 sacks and 2 INTs, is stout.
  15. Sheeeeit! Both them boys could be my sons. I graduated HS in '57. Good ol' days! The birth of rock n' roll.
  16. You can't extrapolate from one game. That's like saying Winston's on pace for 85 TD passes. There is always a reversion to the mean.
  17. You may be onto something there. I checked our roster, and (unless Zylstra is one), I couldn't find a single polish player. What happened to diversity?
  18. This stat is BULLSHIT (there, I've said it.) If the Jets' "win rate" is 50%, and they give up 6 sacks -- and our "win rate" is 20%, and we give up 1 -- somebody got some 'splainin' to do. A meaningless and irrelevant metric that we should laugh at, and then ignore.
  19. Hey! I resemble that!
  20. Not that, but it may just be that we were setting them up not to expect quick slants over the middle yo Robbie, in the 10-15 yd range we so studiously avoided. THAT would be chess, 3 moves ahead.
  21. Good take. Look on the Jets' game as the 4th pre-season game, with the reps given the starters equaling a tune-up for the season to come. Now we get down to business. Look out for Robby, who was underused.
  22. As I posted elsewhere, notice who was lined up on our DL on that play -- Luvo, Brown, YGM, Haynes. No Burns, no Reddick. Yet we still get a sack. Nice assortment of rushers to have.
  23. @Jon Snow, you're exactly right. 5 different Panthers were in on sacks -- this is a versatile team effort, not dependent on just 1-2 edge rushers. Did anyone notice who was rushing on that play (1st and Goal, inside 3 minutes left) when Brown and YGM crushed Wilson? Bet you can't even guess. 4 man front: Luvu, Brown, YGM, Haynes. Not a Burns or Reddick in sight. That's a wide variation of players for Snow to choose from.
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