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  1. Every team has dude. Can’t keep em all.
  2. Well, Ben was right. They didn’t have a chance.
  3. Expanding the playoffs was a terrible idea. Unfortunately, the NFL will become the NBA where just making the playoffs is the goal.
  4. Right to his eyes. I swear Troy hits the pen during commercial breaks!
  5. Philly was able to get to Brady as well. Didn’t turn out good for the Eagles.
  6. KC and PITT might be the same way. Hopefully PITT can hang around and make it a game.
  7. Sanchez calling them out saying all but what the fug are you doing!
  8. Cam respects the title, not the man. What true professionals do. Rhule takes no accountability, whereas Cam takes the most.
  9. I’m glad too see you still have faith.
  10. I still wouldn’t count the Panthers as a lock if this occurs.
  11. So do Carolina Panthers players. Only 4 weeks until vacation!
  12. It’s turning into the NBA. A losing record, or even a .500 record should not get you in the playoffs. I thought expansion would be great. All it will do is water things down.
  13. He needs to stay in the NFL for that to happen. Get a little better feel for making adjustments and using what his player’s strengths are. A lot different from a stacked college team.
  14. Does it though? Seats are still sold, concessions still being bought.
  15. Ol’ Rhule trying for injury card as an excuse.
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