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  1. Pre-season for the broadcast crew as well…
  2. Pork butt marinated/cooked with orange and lime juice, cilantro, mint, oregano and cumin. shred it up, throw it on a bun!
  3. “If you see this face, that means I scored”
  4. Nah. Only a matter of time before he gets injured again. No need to risk it on PR.
  5. Veronica Vaughn? Sooo hot, want to touch the heiny.
  6. Playing this for the first time on Xbox. This game is a real f’n challenge! Started RTTS. Play for some team called the RubberDuck. Apparently, my bat is also made of rubber as I can’t seem to get the hang of hitting. HITTING: Directional RUNNING: Default FIELDING: Whatever default is THROWING: Button Accuracy I don’t do any pitching at the moment. I’ll try that when I get the hang of hitting down. One thing at a time!
  7. There’s no place for thinking like that here.
  8. Probably vapes in his spare time.
  9. Nah, Greg Olsen isn’t playing.
  10. You like their newest album? I can’t get into it personally.
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