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  1. That’s my understanding as well. It certainly would explain this latest development.
  2. And here’s our complimentary Baylor alumni. You knew we had to get at least one. This dude could be a nice contributor on ST with his speed.
  3. Jordan Davis after a trade down would be alright with me.Kid is a Charlotte native and a beast. Imagine a front four of Gross-Matos, Davis, Brown and Burns…scary!!!!
  4. Loved the interview…great hire!!!
  5. I agree but I think playing him deep sets him up to fail as coverage skills are not his strong suite. His size also works against him in the LB role, but he’s perfectly suited for SS in the mode similar to Kam Chancellor. I’m hoping the Xavier Woods signing will allow Chinn to focus and grow in that role as he very certainly has the skill set for it.
  6. Being experienced assistants aboard is certainly a step in the right direction. Snow touted the additions of Wilks and Pasqualoni in yesterday’s press conference, which SHOULD lead to better results. Only time will tell.
  7. Problem is he’s been moved around the past two season. He doesn’t have coverage skills of a FS but if they can focus on developing at his natural SS spot he could be. Playing closer to the LOS in run support, covering TE’s and blitzing is where his strength lies.
  8. My point was waiting until we had a better product on the field this ensuring better support for the project from our sister state but I get what you’re saying. Probably wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway.
  9. Wouldn’t surprise me. Big question is what happens to the existing site and $20 million already invested.
  10. IMO the same aggressiveness and cunning that made Tepper his billions is serving him poorly as an NFL owner. While the former is necessary, so is patience and I’m thinking this is Tepper’s Achilles’ heel at times. In hindsight, it may have been better to wait until he fielded a better product before taking on this ambitious project. And we all know about the QB dilemma. I’ve heard it takes a few years for new NFL owners to really get things figured out. If this is true, buckle up ‘cause it’s going to be a bumpy ride from the looks of it.
  11. You don’t become a billionaire by playing nice. It’s a cutthroat world.
  12. I agree. I think both can play either spot admirably.
  13. Yup. Makes it tough for other teams to get an accurate read on what we’re up to. It’s academic that we have needs at LT and QB but Fitt is really trying to create multiple options for us to address these needs without unnecessarily showing our hand. Which is a refreshing change from past regimes.
  14. I’m praying the Cards get Murray extended asap. He’s a better fit where he is.
  15. I understand the concern but I think it’s just business as usual, doing their due diligence. “In on every deal” you know. I wouldn’t be too worried about this.
  16. And I would agree with him. We’d be better off trading down for additional picks and getting say Penning and Howell.
  17. Yeah dude has the maturity of a brick. I’m praying he doesn’t land here.
  18. I’m preparing my mind to accept that Pickett is who we’re targeting. And if he’s the best fit for McAdoo’s offense, I’d take him over Jimmy G or Mayfield. However, I think the Panthers would rather not draft him @ 6. Of course, we may not have a choice if someone may snag by the middle of the 1st.
  19. Indeed. I guess it depends on how we address the quarterback dilemma. We appear to have the personnel for a West Coast-styled offense already. Rhule may be willing to lean in that direction if he trust McAdoo to run an offense he’s more comfortable with.
  20. I don’t want Jimmy G either. He’s got the experience but he’s recovering from injury (which is often the case) and would cost too much. I’m not all that impressed with his play either. I’d rather draft a young QB and let him develop within this new scheme. No more retreads!
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