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  1. This offense needs a good ass-chewing at halftime. CMC goes down and we damn near grind to a halt?!
  2. Great…appreciate that CF69. Enjoy the game!
  3. Anyone know if the game will be live streamed? I live in Columbia and can’t find any local listing for the game. Thanks!
  4. Maybe just long enough to get BC ready. At least we can hope.
  5. Holy smoke!!!! Could things get any worse for the Saints?
  6. I’m hoping Rhule and staff will “emphasize” this for extra motivation as they prepare for prime time.
  7. Yup. Rhule seems to have some confidence in Daley but as we all know that doesn’t mean anything if you’re not getting it done on the field. He’s a veteran and needs to get it together.
  8. I’d like to see him manage the game better meaning surveying the field a little better as he’s missed open targets but I guess that’s to be expected learning a new offense, not to mention it would help have better blockers.
  9. I hope not. Can’t say I disagree though. May be Brady Christensen time sooner rather later.
  10. Agree on your posts. I’m hoping a few days focusing on LG will help Daley. He’s played at least average there in the past and claimed playing the left side is more natural for him. Couldn’t tell based on his play last week but I guess we’ll see.
  11. Carolina Panthers will place one of their starters on injured reserve https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article254415723.html Only short-term. Allows them to reinstate AJ Bouye w/o releasing anyone.
  12. From NFL.com: Texans QB Tyrod Taylor likely to miss multiple weeks, might land on The Houston Texans have looked like a different team than advertised with Tyrod Taylor on the field this season. They'll now be without him for a while. The veteran quarterback will likely miss multiple weeks of action because of his hamstring injury and could land on injured reserve, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported. Taylor's absence thrusts third-round rookie Davis Mills into the starting lineup for the immediate future. Around The NFL will have more on this story shortly.
  13. The black panther is often called “the ghost of the forest”. I would like to see the Panthers defense earn the nickname “ghosts of the gridiron” - smart, stealth attacker of opposing offenses. A multi-faceted defense that stalks opposing QBs and makes them see “ghosts”.
  14. Best part - we spread the ball around instead of just relying on McCaffrey to be our offense. Best opening drive I’ve seen in awhile.
  15. I’m hoping Daley will fill in @ LG if Elfein can’t go. I think Daley plays more naturally on the left in fact he said so in a recent interview.
  16. I have every reason to believe we would’ve snagged Sewell if the Lions hadn’t taken him one spot earlier. The selections of Christensen and Brown show the team is making efforts to beef up the OL but we have to give those guys time to develop. I believe both will be contributors this season. And I agree that the coaching staff - particularly Rhule - bears some responsibility for that but not for lack of trying to address the problem. For example, Daley told us playing on the left is more natural for him but he subbed on the right anyway. I feel he would’ve been better @ LG than Elfein and Brown or Christensen could’ve been plugged in on the right as they did in preseason but that’s not my decision to make.
  17. We can’t plug all of our holes in one off-season. Next year’s draft is loaded with OL talent and particularly @ LT. I’d be really disappointed if we didn’t go heavy in the trenches next year.
  18. Nice points. Chinn’s best position is SS where he can defend in the box and blitz but he struggles in coverage. I also don’t think it was a coincident that he got exposed a little after Hartsfield went out. Hopefully the Panthers can make the needed adjustments for the Saints.
  19. Damn. He was playing lights out yesterday. Hate to lose him.
  20. I wouldn’t call their defense poor - they’re young and inexperienced - but we definitely made them look better than they are currently with spotty OL play in the 2nd half.
  21. That was the right call but I think Darnold was a half second too late on the throw and the defender made a great taclkle.
  22. We got playmakers. It’s our playcalling and blocking that’s not cutting it.
  23. WTH does our O disappear every 3rd quarter? It’s been this way for years. And now our D is making a rookie look like Montana
  24. Putrid. I’m speechless got to give the Dawgs D credit. Their DL is eating that front alive. Tigers’ offensive play calling making it easier for them also.
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