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  1. That was like the dang lions in that TD run. That was wiiiiiiide open lane.
  2. Hooker has a good arm but not great arm and had great running ability. Now the TN scheme made him look like a god. I watched the same guy at VT and he couldn't do a dang thing in the passing game. Maybe he figured it out, or maybe they schemed it so it was easy for him. I'm leaning to the scheme. But physical talent, the guy has it.
  3. I'm in on rising too, hope he declares. Thoughts? I got 5 I could be ok with after the top 4 go rnd 1-2. I'm not that high on hall though, but Duggan and Hooker I'm with you And I'm harsh to Hooker bc of the offense he played in, but athletically he's dang impressive.
  4. There are plenty of mid range guys that are still in there: Tune Haener Hooker Rattler Rising Duggan Not really all in on these 6, but with san frans 3rd or later there should be a guy or 2 left when we get to that pick or in round 4. Unless you have what 10 going before the SF pick in the 3rd or our 4th. Not saying we should wait till after the top 4, but I'm on board with swinging on a mid rounder and a 1st at this point. QB is by far one you can swing till you find the guy and their impact if you find a top 8 guy it's massive. With all the picks from San Fran we can swing extra at a spot or 2. Figure out from new rookies and MC who gets floated to PS/IR or moved.
  5. No, Duggan, Tune, Rising and Haener are my dark horse guys to steal later in the draft.
  6. Oh the humanity if after 2 years, the Chicago Fields fall to have the worst record in the NFL.
  7. We did that with teddy B and blew up that plan cause rhule was a fool. Teddy was much more consistent with the vikes and saints than Sam with the jets or us. Teddy was the guy that called out Joe Brady and by proxy rhule after they moved on quickly. He was right. If we pull the vet bridge fine, go find rookies to fill the other 2 slots until one rises to be the guy. But don't wait another year cause " next year is better". Let's all hope they stick to that plan and actually go get a QB or 2 and start the process of finding the long term guy, not punt and keep the bust reclamation projects ongoing.........
  8. So the chiefs were good, didn't need to swing with Alex smith, a top 100 player, and made the post season with him in 2016. Got their guy in 2017 and rest is history. Part of the reason they won it all: cheap elite QB on a rookie deal.............. Darnold has 4 games this year. That's enough to be the guy going forward? Bridge money (sub 15 per) is meh for a guy who's film is a lot of icky and burst of good. With that in mind you are still looking for a QB while you hope Darnold keeps improving. A great/elite QB lifts a good team to great. Especially when the current options on the roster are meh to icky. Richardson has the tools to be elite. There are a few others this year that have good-great potential. At some time you gotta start taking shots at them. We started last year, and maybe MC is the guy. So far not much pointed to that outcome, but need to see a staff post rhule's eval and work before that grade goes out.
  9. So Brady doing his thing. Leftwitch ain't calling this. This is muscle memory Brady damn cards.
  10. That's where I am too. You can miss with a single 1st where it stings but isn't franchise crippling. I'm ok going Richardson 1st and another in a mid round. I'm not married to MC or Darnold past the end of the year and next year's draft.
  11. If you mortgage the future you better be right. It's one thing to take a single pick and swing with it, but if you gotta move up to do it, but miss with a meh roster like we have, it puts you in a world a hurt with the future early picks being gone and valuable. If we get the right guy, well who cares it's worth it. If not it's a lot of guys in the FO and coaching staff that will pay with their jobs. And yes it's their job to get that right but it's a monumental gamble. I agree sometime, you have to take swings at QB until you find a top half starter you could win the whole thing with. I think what the foreskins did with RGIII and cousins was right. If you find a good one in the 1st take them. If you find another in the 3rd fire again. The QB train normally is a bitch to get right so more bites more shots at getting one. SF is kinda bucking that but then again they had a killer, all be it injured, roster when they went all in for lance. Then again they had a guy that's in that mid range guy in jimmy G. Also they have a really good staff and lots of players for help.
  12. Sam and his beard like Sampson and his hair hmmmm. Or just not a really rough schedule for Sam so far and Sam has been a game manager Sam has not really been tested or pushed it yet. And mcadoodoo hasn't really let him sling it when we can't run, so it is not like Sam nor McAdoo have some trust to air it out when we really need to. We also saw a guy you could play with to start last year in Sam. Then we all saw how things went once CMC went down and he had pressure up the middle all game. Also they figure out what to do to get Sam off. We haven't reach that film level yet. If I were other DCs, I would make McAdoodoo have to air it out with Sam and not get beat by the run. It's not like Sam went nuclear under mcdoodoo. Mcdoodoo is poo as OC, and I wouldn't be thrilled with him as QB coach. Not like we saw anything from 3 other QBS this year. And if somehow he only gets thru to Sam, not worth keeping the pair at this rate.
  13. Literally said Sam is 20-30 QB in the league and draft another QB in this very thread, but you but let your hate flow today cause Sam didn't fail, yet again. Keep propping up garbage time fantasy stat king Goff in here as somehow outplaying him to 4 straight punts and 1 total yard. Outplayed my ass. Couldn't beat Mayfield like Bozeman couldn't unseat elf when rhule was here. Or we kept pushing Anderson out there over marshall. Yeah I'll laugh at your stupidity to latch who came out on top in camp under rhule the fool. Troll on dude!
  14. Put 23 points on the board, most were after he did diddly between the 7-7 score to start the game (well he did fumble deep inside our 10) and until after it was 31 to 7. Instead 4 drives for 1 total yard and d folded for them, game over. Golf clap for goff. Yeah he had 3 more drive after 31-7 that to make it a little more respectable. Big f'n deal. That's like "God mode" faker mayfield against the Bengals in the 2nd half after that game was decided..... Y'all ate that stupid poo up that game and Goff here after the game was all but dusted. Sam still had multiple big passes all game to go with the historic running game. Unlike gribble last week, he wasn't just doing this in 3rd and super short either, but multiple with down and 8+ to go. But that's not enough with 300+ on the ground, lunacy! What do you want from him, perfect completion percentage and never fail to put up a TD?
  15. They had a terrible D even when winning. That reared it's ugly head again for them. Not gonna complain. They do have a heck of an offense and the way we ran away from them early was impressive. The D really did turn around after the Steelers game. Props to wilks and company on that improvement.
  16. Where did the crowd go that said we had no chance. We smoked Detroit today and let off for it to get back to a 2 TD game. Crow for quite a few here...... Quite the turnaround from last week. 2 more weeks and we control our fate. Also 37! points. Not bad fellas not bad at all.
  17. Are we to 4/5 games yet? Or we gonna move the goal post on Sam based on 2021? Can we kill the Mayfield better than Sam crowd though. They were crazed for weeks on how the open competition screwed us over. Yeah no, Sam has been capable but fhule, fitt, and the fan base buried Sam this year before it started, just like teddy B. Sam is still a bottom 3rd guy, but he's better than baker. He has just been in absolutely shitty situations to start his career and he may never be right........ Had another solid/good game. He started last year fine too. Now can he keep it up that's the #1 question. He's had good games for us and the jets before. It's the clunker rut for multiple games that kills. He really didn't have help on D or the run game last week and it killed us. This week was pretty much a butt whooping of Detroit, but he played well too. This wasn't just Sam getting carried. So far he hasn't hit a rut, so far. He closes out the year without one, he can get a deal less than teddy B, but I would give him more than a 1 year deal. Now still find another QB. Like Alex Smith in KC, you don't stop looking for something better. I would still look at finding one early or in FA. I wouldn't straight dump him or 1 year him as he's atleast a 20-40th guy at the position.
  18. Afc north is still smash mouth both sides of the ball. Thet want to stomp your ass into the ground. They may not have the flash of the others (bar burrow) but they are all big strong bust your ass. They imposed their will and won against the best smash mouth team in the NFC south. Just puts how soft the division really is into perspective. I'm not totally done with wilks based on the crap he was given and what snow/rhule did up front, but fitt should have a clear as day plan on the front 4 on D and front 5 on O. Needs to show a lot more cause the 3rd down percentage by the Steelers was unacceptable. Taylor needed to come off the field cause he couldn't do poo in coverage or tackling against the run.
  19. Love to see it. He go for an ankle and miss?
  20. Down go the cowturds! Hurry up Jerry Jr and go get a OBJ!!!! Burn it all down there in Dallas!
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