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  1. Agreed on Hartman, but as you said, only if we acquire more picks. With only six selections, someone that will surely only be a backup and not even contribute is not worth it. At least other positions backups can rotate in or contribute on STs.
  2. I hope not. Lacking a first round pick and Dave "taking a step back" bodes well for him skipping this year.
  3. True and unfortunately this isn't the draft to try to replace him. It's Brock Bowers and a bunch of JAGS.
  4. Interesting, we have a lot of the same guys on our radars, TEs and RBs. I think we have to take an edge for Burns insurance. Agreed on DBs, there is plenty of depth there, but with all the other needs, i have put them on the back burner in terms of researching them too. Estime is going to be gone as I think 4th round is the highest we take a RB. I also like Allen as a pure slobber-knocker back. Dude's as big or bigger than LBs. Any RB under 220 is off the table for me. Wiley is a TE we can probably grab in the 6th round. I would like a 1-tech since we are staying with a 3-4. Not too many nose tackles in this draft. T'Vondre Sweat would be ideal, but I doubt we take a DT in the second round, let alone at #33.
  5. I'll be looking at skill position results. We need play makers in spades.
  6. I won't have time to watch it. You can sometimes get a glimpse of coaches/scouts/GMs chatting it up with guys. They don't speak to everyone, but often times it's just guys talking and not necessarily meaning serious interest in that player.
  7. A nice read about the tagging process and how little exclusive and transitional tags are used. Something was in the water int 2021 where 3 players got long-term deals, however that's the exception in the process normally. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-franchise-tags-2024-values-deadlines/c5c7cd0cc95e017322eccbba
  8. With a week left, Burns is getting tagged. I don't see an eleventh hour deal getting done. The question is which tag and do they shop him? I think it would be dumb for the exclusive franchise tag to be applied and we lose out in the transitional tag. So the non-exclusive tag should be used and shop the dude. We might get lucky for some team to be desperate for an edge rusher.
  9. Yes, the Underwear Olympics are upon us. Tomorrow stats the checking-in process and then the weighing/measuring. Drills start on Thursday. Here's a link to look at the participants and keep up with the official recordings. https://www.nfl.com/combine/tracker/live-results/ Any particular players you guys are interesting in following during this process?
  10. Do you know if under the non-exclusive tag rules, the trading team HAS to give up two firsts or is that the cap or just a recommendation? I think we can find a partner, just not for two firsts.
  11. I'm not sure if we HAVE to get two first rounders, maybe we can negotiate. Why? Nobody is giving us that compensation for Burns. Possibly a first and some other lesser compensation or player swap Moore to Chicago. The non-exclusive tag is what I want (two first rounders), but am worried there will be no takers and we will have to play him under the tag which is VERY expensive.
  12. He ain't coming back east. That was my point. Yes, Colorado is much closer to the west coast than Charlotte the last time I checked.
  13. I did and he'll likely regress this season. Again, Moore has his moments, but isn't a consistent force.
  14. I like Worthy more than Mitchell although most big boards have Mitchell slightly higher. Legette is a one year wonder and as such is a boom or bust prospect.
  15. Hmmm....as a first round pick you can say he's been good, but not great. Smitty wasn't totally wrong on Moore, but there's been other first round WRs that have been completely dominant.
  16. Yup, he was extremely high on Mingo. Some say Smitty influenced that pick with the Panthers. Personally, I wasn't crazy over Mingo's college tape.
  17. I like all the Washington guys. All three play different. We can forget about Odunze, but Polk and McMillan are good WRs. Polk is a second round guy and if, by chance, we go other than WR in the second round McMillan would be my 3rd round target.
  18. How we managed to screw up our drafts this much was simply incompetence on monumental level.
  19. Russ is a west coast snob now. He's too good for east coast teams, especially piss ant markets like Charlotte. He'll retire first.
  20. Sure, starting with a couple of our own guys YGM and Haynes (if healthy). Those are depth pieces, but there others that can be had in the $10M range. I get it, Burns is going into his second contract...the money contract, so he's playing hard ball. There are plenty of guys looking to build towards the money deal and others that already had their money deal to choose from. Let some other team make Burns rich.
  21. Most of us are and the reason why going OL in a deep CB and WR draft doesn't really compute. Anything is possible and if a run on DBs and WRs takes place, then other positions will fall, including OL. In that scenario, I wouldn't be opposed to taking OL. Outside of that, you take the skill positions in a deep class where you lack those very skill players.
  22. Sorry, but the team/cap friendly re-signing choice wasn't a realistic option. I thought about it, but if that were in the cards, a deal would have already been done by now.
  23. The draft, FA or wait until next year. It's not like we are going to even sniff the playoffs, so one player isn't worth holding the entire team ransom over.
  24. Yep, Bree's tip of nose lines up with Strouds mouth, so an inch to two difference in their height. Stroud is reportedly 6' 2" (and change) meaning Brees is between 6'0" and 6'1". Brees' nose tip is above Bryce's eyebrows and while every face is different, could be as much as 4 inches! Extrapolate that and you have a 5'8" to 5'9" QB. Young is not 5'10", I don't care what his bio says.
  25. Hmmm....unsure about that. They didn't technically didn't hit free agency, but you also lost a high value player to another team, which is what the compensatory process is all about.
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