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  1. Spread-option college RBs typically struggle badly in the NFL.
  2. Royce don't even know the playbook fully and is 2 for 15. Don't be an apologist.
  3. Hubbard: 6 carries; 10 yards. Dude is garbage....
  4. We can run the ball...when Hubbard isn't running it. Hey Rhule, keep your wife's draft opinion out of the draft room.
  5. He's likely unhappy about this development and will need his ego messaged.
  6. Watson not getting the start must have rubbed him the wrong way...
  7. More beer, yes please! I'll be right behind therealmjl. Dude, wait up!
  8. Is that half of Run DMC? Could be a good omen...
  9. Sorry, they need to start Christensen over Daley and get this young man used to NFL play. I don't like idea of moving him to the right side anyway. Maybe he'll have enough snaps under his belt to slide over to LT by next season and beat out Erving. Dude ain't getting any better on the sideline.
  10. Time to give the young guards some reps before we hit the meat of our schedule.
  11. It depends on how deep/top-heavy the class is for LT. A starting LT can be had mid-to-late round one in a very good class. Only elite centers are taken in round one and there are generally one or none of those each draft. A top 3 center can easily be taken in the second round.
  12. That's why I'm not souring on Gonzalez yet. He has the correct form and seems to kick consistently. That PAT miss was about leaving the ball a little inside kicking from the same side hash. I would have much more concern if he would have missed wide right.
  13. Yes, the block wasn't his fault, 100% on the blocking unit and his missed PAT was by a hair. Missed kicks will happen, you have to look at how they were missed. Slye was utterly shanking kicks. Gonzalez just slightly misjudged his angle.
  14. I will settle for "The worst Super Bowl Champions of all-time" come February.
  15. Yes, he bruised his ego and his glutius maximus handed to him.
  16. If memory serves correctly, you are correct.
  17. Regarding next year's draft, it has to be center and LT. Much, MUCH harder spots to fill adequately than guard. We have two young guards with Brown and Christensen that simply hasn't had the reps yet. I know our guard play is right now is sorely lacking, but again, in the grand scheme of things, those are easier fixes.
  18. Make sure we get the extended warranty in case of defectiveness. Too bad we can't return Elflein, definitely a manufacturer's lemon.
  19. Wow! We are stuck with him this year. I generally hate eating dead cap, but jettison his arse next season even if we have to eat the nearly $2.4 million. If we bench him this season, that's $6M riding the pine. I would like a word with the scout who saw his awful tape and thought. 'Let's bring Elflein here and overpaid the crap him based on his poor production.'
  20. If we could only get LG fixed, I would be satisfied. Elffie is just horrid.
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