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  1. Rhule gloating after the 7-10 season, 'see, you have to trust the process...next year we are shooting for 8 wins'.
  2. Tommy is going to be better suited as a H-back/blocking TE. I'm not sure he will develop elite hands or not. He looked better catching the ball as the season went on, but nobody is going to confuse him for Travis Kelce or our own former Panther Greg Olsen.
  3. No, no, no! Icky is a sleeper man. Everyone stop talking about him!!! I wouldn't be disappointed with Cross. I think long term he's going to better than Neal, he's just greener at this point.
  4. He'll be there at 20, but I think they take Howell over Strong. Willis may still be on the board, but he's a huge project and will need to sit. Not sure the Steelers want to red shirt a QB a year or two.
  5. As been mention, but I can't overstate this enough, Pep basically chose to stay with a train wreck Houston Texans organization over the Panthers. How freaking humiliating!
  6. At 20 he's all theirs if they want. Dude is projected QB 5 on average. No way 5 QBs go in the top 20 in this draft.
  7. Yup, it takes that 'cockiness' to succeed in the NFL. The BMOC status is different. That's a celebrity status-type thing. Being wanted by every sorority girl at the school doesn't make you a great QB. KNOWING you are the best QB in the country makes you a great QB.
  8. His 'dad jokes' are probably more point than his offensive scheme.
  9. I would like to see a Packers/Chiefs Super Bowl and a high scoring shoot out! Rogers marches the Pack down for the field for winning score.
  10. Lance is more physically gifted and talented than Jimmy G. Jimmy has two things Lance doesn't have yet, veteran knowledge of the NFL and game experience. Once he grasps that, he's a better QB than Jimmy G.
  11. It takes time to interview all these rockstar OCs busting down Tepper's door to get this coveted job. Give it time man.
  12. Now, no, but after more year of NFL experience...probably. They will keep Jimmy G and redshirt Lance one more season. Jimmy hits the FA market for probably a 3rd round comp and Lance has two NFL seasons under his belt. I suspect Lance will get more reps next year in mop up duty and if Jimmy is dinged at any given point.
  13. The Falcons for runner-up. Alas, we will always have 28-3 to laugh at them.
  14. Did you watch the Panthers and have you seen the roster? Apparently not. Your rant in is way off the mark here, bud. Please, afford me a laugh...give me our current TE depth chart. I'll suspect once you have look it up, I won't get a reply. QB in round two? With magical Rhule dust? You are aware we do not currently own a second rounder (or third for that matter) and just saying trade down for one doesn't make it so. The Giants and Jets (who we are sandwiched between BOTH have two picks. So if a team were itching to move up, are they calling the those teams with two picks or the Panthers? Heck we tried to move back last year, but didn't get an offer Fitts was willing to accept. Not to mention the QB class this year is B-A-D and you want a second rounder? So we drafted O-linemen last year and acquired some OL FAs. We stand pat, correct? You know it's foolish to keep trying to upgrade the same positions...
  15. I've been wanting an early day 3 MLB for a couple drafts now. I knew Carter was not the answer there. He's a decent backup MLB, but not who you want as your starter. No, I'm not comparing him to Luke because that's completely unfair. However, Carter is not really even an average starting MLB.
  16. I'm not saying the Willis will necessarily be a bust, but like you just stated, he's raw...requiring time and excellent coaching to reach his ceiling. Neither of which we can offer. We need a QB now and don't have the staff to coach him up to be a successful starter on day 1. Most BBs I've seen at this point has him Q3 on average. Rhule doesn't have the luxury/time to develop a drafted QB over several years. Heck, I don't think Corral or Pickett are day 1 starters either, even with a good coaching staff. We definitely don't have a QB whisperer on this staff.
  17. Eh, Teddy was more of a pure passer. Willis is more of a duel threat, rawer than Teddy in the passing game. If I has a comparison, Willis is more like mini-Cam Newton, but his slight frame will NOT take that abuse in the NFL. Heck, even Cam's massive frame eventually wore down.
  18. I like Kolar too. Look at the hands on this dude though. Cole Turner with Nevada. Back shoulder fades, seam routes, contested catches...he can do it all. Not a burner, but has a knack for getting open and the ball just sticks to his hands. The very last play proves it. DB bats the ball in the air and he catches the ball as he falls to the ground. Tremendous hands and concentration. Something our TEs don't have.
  19. Here's a laundry list of young (youngish) TEs that would be an upgrade: Njoku, Gesicki, Fumagalli, Howard, Engram, Maxx Williams, Swaim, James. All under 30-years old and better than Ian Thomas ever dreamed of being.
  20. Bring in a FA TE on like a 2-year deal and draft one around the 5th round. We need a MAJOR upgrade here. Usually a TE is the QBs best friend (security blanket). This year we had a 3-year veteran none of QBs trusted and a rookie with hands of stone. We lean on the FA TE while Tommy learns to catch better and the rookie learns the ropes of the NFL.
  21. In college Bridgewater was deemed more elusive than he is today. While his arm isn't as strong as Willis', Bridgewater was able to pass it extremely proficiently against FBS schools. Willis dominated crap teams on par with Liberty, but looked average at best when playing FBS teams.
  22. Projected 'can't miss' and 'actual can't' miss are two different things. Actual 'can't misses' are EXTREMELY rare whereas projected 'can't misses' are talked up most drafts.
  23. This QB class screams 2014. This is the top four: Bortles was a reach out of desperation. Realistically he had no business going quite that high. Probably will happen this year with Corral. The rest of the QB class was mediocre. Pickett will go higher than Manziel somewhere 9-21. Willis is in the mold of Bridgewater and Howell will go in the top of the 2nd round like Carr.
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