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  1. Yup, he listed all playoff QBs on his wish list. Dude wants a ring and we aren't there yet.
  2. Looks like Mays and BC are getting the first reps at guard. I wasn't sure BC would be healthy enough yet and also wasn't sure if he was getting moved back to tackle.
  3. Hopefully we get some sense of the pecking order, especially among the DL and LBs.
  4. His size says DE and yes, we need more help there.
  5. The last 7 in will be camp bodies. Only signing(s) of note will be after cuts before regular season...if any then. Either that or if a significant camp injury occurs and we have to sign a unsigned veteran.
  6. The Falcons and they have been from the jump. They have our number and until we can turn the tide, it can't be disputed. We had the Saints number mostly and even when they had Brees, they still didn't dominate us save a few seasons. The Bucs typically suck outside of a few years in the newly formed NCFS and the past few years with Brady, otherwise, no issues with them. Atlanta has been a consistent thorn in our side since 1995 even when we are good and they are bad, we still have a hard time sweeping them. The series is completely lopsided in their favor and it would take a decade of domination in the series by the Panthers to get it back to respectable.
  7. Nope, but the official website updated the roster with the UDFAs though. Oddly enough, the new LBs have their 3-4 designation, but the veterans are still assigned to the 4-3 spots. Two of thirteen said signed UDFAs after the draft are not showing though, LBs Austin Ajiake and Travez Moore.
  8. I was pretty close on this one. Young Zavala Mingo OLB FS with last pick
  9. Can't hurt to have a swing tackle whose best side is left. BC would be the swing tackle choice, but he's coming off injury, thus Irvin for a year. Smart move.
  10. I wanted to draft Borghi late last year. I think he ended up going undrafted.
  11. YGM for Simmons straight up.
  12. Bud Light field, because..you know, the turf.
  13. Furthermore, I said some kid from Southern Illinois was going to be just as good, if not better than Simmons, and we should take him in the 2nd round.
  14. Yes I do. I was firmly in the Brown camp and got some serious sh!t for it. Even more so after a lackluster rookie season. Alas, all is well and Brown is now showing why we drafted him in the top 10...yes a DT in the top 10.
  15. A graduate student and the back injury was two years ago. He played in every game last season.
  16. We are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. Right now Corral is sounding a bit bitter and if he doesn't get his head straight, he may just get cut outright.
  17. You're assuming and I'm assuming. Some GMs take flyer picks on QBs just about every draft. I'm not sold on Corral and I'm not putting all my eggs in the Bryce Young basket he stays healthy. This year we are fine with Dalton and potentially next, but if we are looking for his eventual replacement (as we should) and Corral isn't it, we don't need to wait two years to make that pick.
  18. If you are only looking at the draft position and saying they are similar. Remember, Corral was a 3rd round pick is one of the worst QB classes in several years. Next year is a DEEP QB class. So no, not exactly apples to apples.
  19. No offense to Corral, but I would like to see him shipped for a pick and we draft a QB next year in the mid rounds. Still going to be a deep draft at QB. Remember, Dalton isn't a spring chicken and is Bryce's 'training wheels.' Young's frame was/is a major point of debate, so a more than adequate backup is absolutely necessary. I would also sen YGM packing for a pick as well. Lacking a first rounder, we will need extra picks in the mid-rounds or ammunition to move up to another slot in the mid-rounds for fringe starters. Thomas will likely still be here as cap hit to cut him is ridiculous. His post June 1st trade number is tolerable, but that's going to be hard to do as camp rosters are mostly rounded out.
  20. I mean, you have to laugh to keep from crying. Another legacy move by the used car salesman. Like a bad rash, you think it's all cleared up and then it reappears.
  21. #1-Byrce Young-QB #39-Luke Musgrave-TE #93-(no trade up) Charlie Jones SWR #114-Chandler Zavala- OG (wouldn't have changed this one!) #132-Noah Sewell- LB #145- Jammie Robinson S or trade back
  22. Product of an old regime and a different system. Kinda sucks for YGM. Oddly enough, a player that will benefit from the change is Haynes. I wanted him cut the past couple of seasons because he was undersized as a 4-3 end. As a OLB in the 3-4, he may get a new contract if he plays well this year. He stuck it out long enough for the system switch to fit his style of play.
  23. Agreed. A first down/short-yardage edge setter isn't the niche you really want in today's NFL. Kinda like being a FB. There's a slim need and you better had be damned good at it.
  24. I don't see it working well at all. He needs to bulk up to play end in the 3-4 or slim down to play LB. He's not quick enough to play OLB, especially at his current weight. Honestly, he looked slow for a DE in the 4-3.
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