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  1. He's not there yet, but he's improving. That first drive play calling was some of the best we've seen since he's been here.
  2. It is what it is. Those mistakes hurt us against better comp. We did this last year with Teddy B.
  3. He throws the ball well. If those two turnovers went the other way we'd be having a different conversation. He's still a work in progress. Our defense is masking our offensive deficiencies. Let's enjoy the win though.
  4. He gotta feel the pressure and not hold the ball. That's twice. The OL is what they are.
  5. Kinda impossible when it was a key talking point throughout the Watson trade talk rumors. Pretty common thought floated was trading Burns in a package to get Watson.
  6. I'm glad the team didn't take our huddle advice and move on from Shaq and Burns.
  7. There really isn't much difference in the energy now and peak Rivera.
  8. I'm like damn, we won. We beat the Saints. We completely smothered them on D. Sam had another great first half and showed up when it mattered in the 4th. Lets enjoy the day!
  9. Sam's red zone miscues cost us in the first. Joe Brad's gameplan cost us in the second and allowed the game to get close. I hope to see more consistency from both this week.
  10. The same as I felt about Teddy after week one last year if we're being completely honest.
  11. We barely beat the jets and mostly due to the same deficiencies we had last year. That's concerning, but we'll have to wait until next week to see if there's improvement.
  12. He's looked better the past two drives. He made some poor plays early in the game that against a better team may have turned the tide of the game. We'll have to hope this isn't a trend (Pitt and Today) and just getting used to a new team.
  13. It's 3-0 halfway through the second against the Jets and the usual suspects are trying to spin this into a successful half.
  14. If we lose I'm tagging @glenwo2in a post blaming him for bringing his Jets stink over here.
  15. Imagine thinking there's some major difference between pins, slingshot, lost and found, and the union.
  16. His numbers since being in the league safely puts him at the bottom. If he were still the starter for the Jets everyone here wouldn't bat an eye at this ranking. He needs to prove himself. It's not like pundits have some vendetta against him. With regard to the preseason game, his numbers looked good, but I don't think anyone watching the game felt like Sam was exerting his will over the steelers second team outside of the two minute drill. Let's hope he turns into the guy who was drafted third overall and someone we traded for and committed two years to despite his history.
  17. Lost and Found, slingshot for 24-28. Probably hit plaza Midwood for that that 30-34 dive. Thomas street and Two buck probably check the boxes or you can go all in and bit smokey Joe's, thirsty beaver, and skylark.
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