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  1. Pay the man what he’s worth and let’s keep it moving. I don’t understand the desire some fans have with continuing to try and play real gm every year when all it’s done is take this time from a QB and WR away from being a contender to being 0-3 after trading all our talent away.
  2. No surprise the guy who was rumored to want Tomlin out in Pit is no good at evaluating HCs.
  3. Dudes convinced themselves the physical tools don't matter. Ran this whole campaign about Stroud being too stupid to play QB. Oh well. Deal with it.
  4. Fitterer would have traded burns then gave up those three picks for Bryce and we’d still be right here
  5. This team is already a mess. I hope this is t a Fields scenario all over again.
  6. The forum goes as the team goes. If we're playing well it's positive. When we're not it's negative. I've never understood the desire by some folks to tone police everything. It's a message board after all. If everyone were just wait and see we really wouldn't be talking about anything at all.
  7. If Luvu, chinn, brown, and burns all have great seasons then we can pick and choose who we’d like to trade. sadly, I I’m afraid to give Fitt more draft picks before he might just throw them away.
  8. No passing game. No running game. Reich ain't it.
  9. He can't make Bryce taller, more athletic and have a lil snap on his poo.
  10. I dunno, huddlers pood me to hell last week for saying he doesn't have a live arm. Lol
  11. Games just looking too big for him right now. People just want a flash of something elite from the no 1 overall pick.
  12. Damn, we're already getting boos here in the stadium. Sigh...
  13. He's got to throw that away and not take p9ints off the board.
  14. I was told we went with Reich because we didn't want a boring offense that would come with a guy like Wilkes....
  15. I'm still upset we didn't get a first for CmC.
  16. Seems like some folks are okay being just as bad as we were last season.
  17. I 100% agree. Losing is always disappointing, but I just remind myself that I put this team just around .500 going into the season. He will figure out what he can and can’t get away with. Sorry if I seem like a downer, it’s just that we do this every season where folks buy into all the hype and press releases that this year is going to magically be different on day one. it’s a process, these things take time, especially with a brand new offense, rookie qb, and an almost a complete overhaul of our skill positions.
  18. Im not even dumping on him. I supported the pick and still do. Doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t have elite arm strength. from his predraft: “Arm strength and deep ball accuracy are good, not great, and he tends to make too many throws from an unbalanced base -- simply because he's a very natural thrower -- that may not have enough juice to get to the intended target in the NFL. “ having watched everyone of his snaps as a panther there’s no denying that he’s had some issues with some of these throws in tight windows. we saw it in preseason and we saw it yesterday. in the preseason we wrote it off as him trying to make throws he normally wouldn’t because the coaches want him to try it. it just looks like something that doesn’t come naturally to him because he doesn’t have the type of arm that makes it that easy. as far as being stuck with him, well that’s just the truth and folks need to understand he’s going to be he so folks like yourself and folks looking to get rid of him need to relax and just let it play out. with regard to the guys not getting open, no poo, we put together a rag tag group of receivers. That’s not going to change, so he’s going to have to learn to make those throws or our offense is going to struggle. don’t be so sensitive and try and be a tough guy too
  19. He’s been unimpressive for a number one over all pick so far. his physical traits were always something we questioned and folks were told his mental acuity would be the difference maker. let’s just see how he turns out. We’re stuck with this project for at least 2 more years.
  20. The problem with drafting a guy with a high floor is, well, when he starts the season off with a dud.
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