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  1. I see a team with a bad retread QB missing the playoffs despite having an MVP caliber running game.... I'll pass
  2. Yea. And he had an entire year in between where he almost took the pats to the playoffs. That cam Newton starts for the panthers stay line is so disingenuous.
  3. They don't care. Their view, and rightly so, is that panthers fans will overlook everything if we start winning.
  4. He doesn't score many touchdowns either.
  5. @ firing Ron to replace him with a worse version of Ron. Thought we were getting a progressive offense
  6. I dunno. As an OC you're either going to be the guy who turns it around or you get a shot at interim HC.
  7. I had a million scenarios in my head when I saw this thread. The reality ended up being worse.
  8. We've had four QBs runout behind this OL. They just aren't good. The whole better QB play, fast release quick decision making, over a line that can actually keep a clean pocket is what got us here in the first place. Then there's also the run game.
  9. The organization knew his past when they signed him. I could care less about these crocodile tears and faux outrage. Just like I do when a Steelers fan pretend to all of a sudden care about these things because of" reasons. "
  10. I don't see him changing the trajectory of the team in a way that building a good OL will. Pickett was good, but nothing about him screamed world beater, must draft prospect.
  11. No one gets upset at Darnold for throwing the ball away or taking the sack. Lol
  12. Or he could take a backup job and keep collecting checks.
  13. Wishful thinking on your part. We bid against ourselves last year on Sam. I can't imagine anyone wants to trade for him with an inflated contract and another year of subpar QB play.
  14. Here here!! Going to save me a lot of money next year too!!
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