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  1. Nah, from a Heels fan, I'm happy for State. They played better than us in every facet of the game.
  2. Dude tried to injure a WF fan, ended up injuring himself and is now playing the victim. Typical Dook kid.
  3. Yeah, but this is the same team that beat Duke and played them hard earlier this year.
  4. Same team that beat Duke earlier.
  5. say what you will about Bass Fish State, but PNC Arena is anything but a dump.
  6. Confirmed. Bill Belichick to Alabama.
  7. Maybe the challenge of making this an average team again would appeal to some people.
  8. Carolina Throwers. We throw games, temper tantrums and drinks. Makes sense.
  9. There is a rumor going around that What-A-Burger is coming to Mebane. Hope it's true, been wanting to try it out for awhile now.
  10. Somebody should make a logo of Tepper throwing the drink on the fan and sell merch. If I was gifted I would jump all over that.
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