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  1. I won't watch a single game or purchase any Panthers related items. Rhule has made me feel like it just doesn't matter. He's a used car salesman. A medicine showman. Anything but what a NFL coach should be. It's a shame when he makes me want George Seifert back in charge instead of him.
  2. The stars are inside the collar like our Keep Pounding patch.
  3. Hugor Hill


    Ive been blown away so far. Its unbelievable the difference.
  4. Ron Rivera 2012, or 13. Right before He led us to 3 straight NFC South titles. I guess you technically wouldnt call it a long career with 1 team, but 9 years is long to me.
  5. Hugor Hill


    I haven't bought a game for the PS5 because I had Spiderman Remastered and Spidey/Miles Morales PS5 edition when i bought a bundle on the PS4. So I just bought Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut for the PS5. heard good things about it so I'm going to try it out tonight. Huzzah.
  6. Rhule is not a decent fella. So he won't. He'll blame the waterboy for not hydrating the defense good enough today.
  7. I havent watched a game since Cam's return against Arizona. Mostly due to me working a hectic schedule because of the state being so short handed and mandatory overtime, but I also subscribe the NFL game pass and I still havent watched a Panthers game since. So next year, if Rhule is still here, I'll cancel the NFL gamepass, cause there would be no sane reason to watch losses over and over again, and then I'd just pick a new team to watch until the Panthers get rid of Matt "Alejandro""FatAlice" Rhule. #26YearsDownTheDrain #CarolinaForeverMyHeart #CantStandFakeAssRhule this coming from a guy who watched all the games in 2001, and again in 2010. Still, this team's direction under Rhule is worse than those.
  8. I didn't even think we were playing this weekend. I thought we had a bye week but that was last week. Lmao. That's how much I care about this team now.
  9. Hugor Hill


    Bought one today on Walmart. Com for $499. Been waiting a year for this. I'm stoked about it.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/CamJNewton2/videos/452958809588291 <
  11. UNC fan here. Trubisky is not an NFL qb.
  12. Bet you he could still be one of the fastest players on the team.
  13. Also, CMC is gonna get it in the offseason anyways, so.......
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