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  1. And here i thought this was about the 10,000 threads about the New Dehli escort service that i woke up to see this morning. Those have seemed to ramp up here lately.
  2. If you think this team is a playoff team in the first year of a new coaching staff w/ a rookie QB then you are a really optimistic person and I serisouly hope you don't get depressed at seasons end.
  3. Everett Brown Jimmy Clausen Kelvin Benjamin Dwayne Jarrett Thats all I can think of right now.
  4. We trade back for Dalton of course.
  5. No. Cam had Smitty/Olsen/Shockey. Kb came in either 14 or 15.
  6. Look, the bottom line is people were thinking we were a playoff team with a new coaching staff and a rookie QB1. The ones pissed off and saying we made mistakes are those people. We need to lower our expectations for this season. Bryce is still learning th NFL. I think we'll be alright.
  7. I just realized that if you take the first letter of his last name and switch it with the first letter of his first name it comes out to Ratt Mhule which is what he is.
  8. This is very frustrating to me. Nfl+ says the game isn't available in my area. None of the streaming apps I have Fox sports, paramount+, peacock, ESPN have it on there. There's gotta be a way that the Panthers can do better about having games available to their fans.
  9. so is this game gonna only be on the NFL network like the link says or would local stations have it? i havent watched much preseason games in the last few years, but with all the new changes and most of the stench gone, i'd like to see this team in beta mode before the season kicks off. I don't know how the preseason tv works anymore.
  10. To me it hanst been the same since Covid. That new Bo Chicken sandwich tastes like crap, and I dont know if they use the same chicken pattie now for the cajun filet, but it doesn't taste the same anymore.
  11. I heard from a not so credible sourse that Ericsson Stadium is back at on the table.
  12. I built one like that for us in Madden. Its nice.
  13. Gotta fire FatRhule. I hate seeing his dumbass in Panther gear even in digital format.
  14. What rounds did Washington draft RG3 and Kirk Cousins in? I know they were drafted same draft but i can't remember when they were both drafted. That's the closest I can remember.
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