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  1. Thats just full control over a part of the team. He took full control in 2010.
  2. No, thats when he initially invested in the team. He took full control in 2010.
  3. My theory on ASOIAF is that GRRM will die before he finishes the books and that he's willing to let HBO finish his story.
  4. Why is it that when one man builds a wall, the next man immediately wants to see whats on the other side.
  5. I used to have some of those as well, cargo pants/shorts from Old Navy back in the day. I eventually just lost the leggins so they were shorts all the time. I loved those pants.
  6. I wear cargo shorts in the summer, cargo pants in the winter. For my job they are perfect. Plus, I don't give a fug what people think about what I wear. To each their own I say. I have several camo cargo shorts, and even some Hawaiian style patterned cargo shorts too, you know, for the night out on the town weekends.
  7. We just drafted a LB, S, RB and a ST'er all with one pick. Not mad with the pick. not sure where that emoji came from...
  8. There's your answer. They got played out.
  9. I think he was trying to gage just how much money the Kettle dude actually stole, and that he was trying to convince himself to do the right thing instead of running with Nacho by saying that they were in danger. Imo.
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