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  1. They've been to 2 Super Bowls in Miami and Houston. This aged well.
  2. I love arm chair coordinators. Every team needs them.
  3. CBS gets the game if an AFC team is on the road, FOX gets it when the NFC team is on the road, just like everybody else has said so I'm like NBC....late to the party.
  4. We really dont need a kicker. Cut Slye and just let CMC go out there and do it. He'll make the same amount of fg's and extra points as Slye does.
  5. Hulu Live also now has the NFL Network.
  6. I wonder what John Kasay is up to these days.......
  7. Yeah. Hulu live is an additional fee. It used to be worth it, but they keep upping the price. It's now around $70 a month.
  8. On Hulu it's been smooth. No problems so far.
  9. It's been smooth for me on Hulu. Which is kinda weird in and of itself.
  10. It's on the CBS channel on Hulu in the Greensboro area even though it is listed as having PBR Bull riding on right now.
  11. Crossroads Ford is notorious for overpricing their vehicles. or as they like to call it, "market value". When the new Rangers came out, they were overpricing on those things to something like $10K over....for a Ranger. And dont get me started on the mustangs they over charge on. I cant imagine what they are going to do when the Bronco starts rolling out to the dealer lots. Prob $100,000 for a base Bronco. TL:DR: Stay away from Crossroads lots unless you like to over pay for a vehicle. Esp the one in Kernersville. They think they can ask for $25k more for just adding wheels and a lift kit on a F150.
  12. I bought a customized Panthers jersey the year this happened. The number I picked was #89. And the name on the back was ICEUPSON. legendary.
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