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  1. I think the the 2003 Super Bowl run was more exciting than 2015. Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely fun to watch Cam and the team dominate each and every game except for the loss in 2015. But from a thrill stand point, the 2003 team were underdogs for pretty much the whole season. It was truly a cinderella story. We were called the cardiac cats for a reason that season. When one game can be summed up by one play call, X-clown, that has to be one of the best Panthers game ever. Double overtime as underdogs, yeah it doesn't get much better than that.
  2. He is still living on the hype of being a first round pick, that's about the only reason why he is still hanging around the league.
  3. Sam Darnold's confidence has to be at an all time low right now. He is literally throwing away his chance of being the starter. You have to believe that each INT he throws whether in practice or games kills his confidence. At the same time, Sam has always shown who he is...a turn over machine. The guy just makes poor decisions.
  4. Robbie Anderson asking Mayfield for extra reps after practice is all that you need to know about the QB competition. Speaks volumes about Mayfield to accept and stay behind to work with one of his biggest detractors. Mayfield has better leadership intangibles than Darnold. I think the DB group is going to be really good this year and they are correct in needing more INTs instead of drops. We need to win the turnover margin. Preseason game against Commanders was perfect example with fumble that turned into TD.
  5. Intangibles in a QB matter. There is a reason why Mayfield was drafted #1 overall over Darnold. You just see teammates gravitate towards Mayfield way more than Darnold has ever did in his 2 years here. Darnold has the physical tools be play QB but he doesn't have the leadership for what the position commands.
  6. Rhule isn't trying to trade Darnold for the betterment of the team. He is doing it for his boy PJ Walker! He wants PJ on the team but can't justify 4 qbs on the roster!
  7. Matt Rhule standing there thinking to himself..."huh, that's weird. BC arms look a little bit longer today. Maybe I should have started him at LT last year?"
  8. News about other LTs. Reports are that Trevor Penning got kicked out of New Orleans practice after getting in a fight 3 days in a row. I know that people loved his feistiness, but fighting 3 days in a row against your teammates is just dumb.
  9. I think forcing turnovers this year has to be a focal point for our defense. I looked back statistically and despite our defense being #2 in yards allowed, we were in the bottom half of the league in forcing turnovers. On offense, we were #2 in giving away turnovers. During our Super Bowl run in 2015, our defense was dominant with forcing turnovers with Peanut Tillman and Luke picking off passes or forcing fumbles.
  10. Good to hear about CJ, he has to step it up this year if Horn isn't fully recovered.
  11. Is Baker against the 1st team defense or second team? I believe Sam is running with the ones today.
  12. That was the first thing that caught my attention, lol. Great minds think alike!
  13. Is he a bust? No. Has he lived up to expectations of a top 10 pick? No. I do expect more production and impact from a top 10 pick. Being at DT picked in top 10 is very hard to live up to. This has to be big year for him though.
  14. Does Pep deserve to have his #90 off limits? I'm not talking about based on accolades because he is a hall of famer, but Pep only spent half of his career with us and moved on. Luke, Cam, TD, and Smitty have been with the Panthers for the vast majority of their careers.
  15. " All your bust 1st round QB are belong to us!"
  16. WJZY will be playing more Jay Z music, because it's a part of the process and it took 7 years! "It's a hard knock life."
  17. Looks like this situation really blew up in his face, err....I mean her face lol
  18. Sam will fumble his starting job to Corral if he keeps this up
  19. Expect more drops from him this year. This is a make or break year for Robbie, 2 years of poor play and he needs to be cut!
  20. Agreed, I don't see the point of signing Mayfield even if he is cut and released or Cleveland is willing to pay majority of his contract. We don't need him to groom Corral if we really believe in him, if Darnold sucks, throw the kid in and let him learn ASAP. Kind of like what David Mills was for the Texans last year. Mayfield also peaked even after signing a great offensive minded HC in Stefanski and with his supporting cast in Cleveland. What makes people think that he will thrive here? Panthers need to stop taking bets on known commodities, if you're going to gamble then gamble on the potential!
  21. This thread has been derailed about Kurt Warner hate. But if anyone who is a true football enthusiast will appreciate the insight. Kurt Warner isn't the first QB analyst to say this about Matt Corral. I want Corral to be our franchise QB just as much as the next Panthers fan, but there is a reason why Corral went in the the 3rd round. If Corral really had the talent and potential to be a franchise QB, he would have went #1 overall. Heck even the Panthers didn't think he was worth # 6 overall. Panthers fans need to temper their expectations.
  22. It kind of sounds like Rhule should have hired people with some actual NFL experience instead of a college passing game coordinator that was all hype! Rhule was too smart for his own good and trusted his process too much.
  23. Hopefully one day we can retire Ekwonu's #79 jersey.
  24. I never said it didn't matter, I said it doesn't always correlate with NFL success. Of course it helps to be athletic, some people just put too much stock in to that.
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