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  1. Andy Dalton advice to Bryce "Do as I say and not as I do."
  2. If Bryce Young can make Derek look this good, imagine what he'll make our other WR look like!
  3. This is a brand new start for the Panthers from top down. New HC and staff to almost completely new team on the offensive side of the ball, and having #1 pick. Panthers are smart to capitalize with a documentary of the behind the scenes, there's just so much content to cover. This off season is arguably the most important one in Panther's history.
  4. This is where Bryce's Hall of Fame career starts!
  5. Bryce is extremely humble in front of the camera, but I sense that he is really competitive on the inside. He's like a silent assassin, he is going to out study you or outwork you behind the cameras. He is exactly like Luke in terms of personality and preparation. He's got good football character, we got a special one!
  6. We did this same thing last year with Icky needing to earn the starting job and starting with the #2s. We know Bryce will start game one, but it's a message to the rest of the team and it shows that he doesn't get any special privileges by starting with 2nd team. It'll be way more interesting if his teammates vote him captain his rookie year.
  7. That's confidence right there! He probably does crossword puzzles in pen!
  8. I mean, if your goal is to be a "Decent starter" then yeah he's achieved that. But everyone knows that you need a franchise QB to win in this league. That has always been the 49ers biggest weakness, they have one of the most talented and complete teams but they fall short when their QB needs to win it. It'll be interesting to see Darnold under Shanahan offense, I just think he is too turnover prone no matter what system he is in.
  9. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, shame on 49ers!
  10. I think he is above average. The biggest question is how much will he want in his next contract. I don't think he is a top 5 DT, and should not command that much money. His production doesn't match top 5 DT salary. He does need to show out this year.
  11. It’s been a while but Charles Johnson, Greg Hardy.
  12. I do believe there is still very good veteran free agents left after the draft. But signing those guys would be a win now mode. As much as I believe in Bryce, there is always a learning cure no matter what.
  13. So you think Marshall is out? after investing a 2nd round in him? Was Marshall a Rhule or Fitt pic? I'm just curious
  14. So David Tepper is the biggest smokescreen? In his presser yesterday he said with Bryce Young, you didn't need to pick the best WR and can invest in the defense. With the #39 pick, the Panthers select a WR! lol
  15. Honestly, im kind of surprised by this pick. Our WR room is crowded now, it'll be a strong and interesting competition to see who sticks on the final roster.
  16. BJ or Mayer, Mayer gives me Greg Olsen vibes!
  17. This interview was way more about Tepper than Scott or Frank. This interview is the most transparent I've seen Tepper ever be. He really does want the best and hates losing. He bet on the wrong horse with Rhule and doesn't ever want to make that mistake again. I fully believe that Tepper is the right owner to do what it takes to get the Panthers to the Super Bowl again! Here comes our dynasty with Bryce Young!
  18. There is very strong talent left in round 2-3. I wouldn't be surprised if we trade down a couple of spots to pick up more quality players. I really feel like we can pick up 1-2 starters in the later rounds.
  19. Given how the draft has gone tonight, I really think Mayer is a legit option for our second round pick. He gives me Greg Olsen vibes! If you are picked in 2nd round, you are expected to compete for starting spot immediately, there are no further 1st round Wrs but Mayer is 1st round talent. Pick him at #39!
  20. I think Luke just enjoys being around football but doesn't feel ready for a coaching position. Luke's demeanor has always been a very quiet presence off the field but on the field he was a maniac! It's kind of weird to see him yelling at players to get the most out of them. At least Reich knows how to treat Panthers legends compared to Rhule.
  21. I feel like this team has decent starters at all positions with maybe exception of another edge rusher with Burns injury. Anybody picked in rounds 2 is expected to start or strongly compete right away. My feeling is that we trade down and recoup picks, this draft has been labeled as not the strongest but their are depth guys in the later rounds. I'm in favor of moving back.
  22. So you're saying I can go ahead and order my Bryce Young jersey?
  23. More conspiracy theory, you know where J Cole grew up? Fayettville, NC. Bryce's fav BB player and rapper are from NC, he going to be #1 pick.
  24. This is one of the most exciting drafts in Panthers history and we're about to make a franchise changing move. I don't understand how some huddlers will still find a way to dispute or argue about an overall positive situation. Sit back and relax and enjoy the show as a fan!
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