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  1. He wants $30 mill per year, Panthers previously offered $27 per year and that would have made him 3rd highest at his position. If we are going to give Hurney hell for his bloated contracts in the past. Morgan better not sign Burns for that much. Burns has not earned that money. Brandt Tilis, this is what you were hired to do! It'll be very interesting how Tilis handles this too.
  2. His offseason plan is to read every post on the Huddle that doubts him...lol. It'll either make him or break him.
  3. Trent Brown hasn't been very good outside of NE. Didn't he sign with the Raiders and bombed with them? Despite the criticism of BB, he knows how to get his players to out perform their actual talent level.
  4. I think he made an impact at a diminished position (MLB) in today's NFL. Unless you're a rushing OLB, you don't get the same money or fame. Luke even outplayed and performed his MLB position. I believe someone compared Patrick Willis stats to Luke and if Patrick can get in then Luke is guaranteed HOF too.
  5. We're last in our division because our owner is busy throwing drinks on fans too!
  6. It's a very short video but I think this is very telling of how there has been a lack of leadership and culture on the current Panthers. These 2 Panthers Legends talk about how competitive and how driven the 2015 Super Bowl team was. They even name drop former players. Everyone wanted to "compete." I think our current players are unmotivated and lack that fire or lack that leadership. Too many nice guys saying "it's ok, we'll get them next time." I really hope Dan Morgan can find our next generation of players who have what it takes to win.
  7. The Panthers must be kicking themselves for letting him go....see what I did there? I'll see myself out...
  8. Morgan seems like a no nonsense dude. He is a former player and will know if you're just BS-ing your way through or not motivated to be a great player. He's not looking for dudes whose dream is to play in the NFL, but for dudes what want to be in the hall of fame!
  9. Dan Morgan's only interview question to draft prospects: "On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a Dawg are you?" That's what's going to be different from last year lol
  10. I know McConkey has been generating a lot of hype at the senior bowl despite his lack of production in college, but he can separate. I think the other guys are more athletic and with a higher ceiling. I just don't know if McConkey is that much different from what we have in Adam Theilan. My hope is that he is the next Cooper Kupp!
  11. I think some of the late 1st round - 2nd rd WRs. McConkey, Adonai Mitchell, Xavior Worthy, Troy Franklin, etc
  12. To have a dynasty franchise, you need generational/hall of fame players like the Chiefs and Patriots did. The Panthers are a long ways from even making the playoffs. We actually had a window of opportunity in generational talent like Cam and Luke. But we had an average coaching staff unlike Reid and Belichek.
  13. Well, here is to hoping that the 2024 5th rounder turns out to be a hall of fame player! That'll make up for the loss of CMC.
  14. Rhule didn't care about Purdy's height and weight, he was more interested in his arm length!
  15. What Canales needs to do during first day of training camp is show old highlights of TD and other Panthers legends to show them what true dawgs look like. This whole team needs an attitude adjustment
  16. That's Dan staring into your soul! You can read a lot into who a guy is by looking to his eyes. Weak men will stare away or avoid eye contact. We need dawgs not just on the field but in the FO too .
  17. Not necessarily, I'm sure Chark runs a faster 40 compared to Theilan, but Theilan has more separation than Chark according to a chart in another post. Sometimes technique and route running are way more important than running in a straight line.
  18. Saquan about to be a free agent this year, he won't come cheap but there is no denying his talent. Obviously, it depend if Saquan wants to come here and he will demand a big paycheck. But imagine what Saquan could do for Bryce.
  19. Good that he said we "need" dawgs because he recognizes that we don't currently have those players. Goodbye Burns? We need to players with attitude and I'm glad Dan Morgan was made GM. He is a former player and he knows the attitude you need to play with to succeed in the NFL. Players will also relate to him because he played the game, they don't have to listen to a GM whose never even touched a football or put on a helmet.
  20. So, WR need to get separation in 2.7 secs or less and O-line needs to hold up for 2.7 secs.
  21. I believe I saw somewhere that both Allen and Williams each cost about $30 mill in cap, and Chargers have a top 5 pick and 3 top 10 worthy WRs available. Just makes sense for Chargers cap-wise, but maybe just wishful thinking on my part to get Allen or a top WR this offseason.
  22. I still believe in Bryce's talent. This chart just further proves that he needs more help. Thielan gets separation and Bryce delivers him the ball, Thielan is our first WR to post 100 rec, 1000 yds in a season since Steve Smith in 2005! Keenan Allen could be a cap casualty and would really help our offense.
  23. If Tepper wants him, he'll buy Carrol's contract out from the Seahawks and hire him. However I think it says a lot that Jim Caldwell is still on staff as an advisor. Maybe Tepper thinks highly of Caldwell?
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