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  1. Not the Huddle, we only want unprofessional opinions because it's more entertaining that way! LOL
  2. NFL karma is a b*tch! Didn't Kyle Allen beat out Taylor for our back up QB and got the start when Cam went down with the shoulder injury? Now Kyle Allen is backing Taylor in Washington.
  3. Not the Panthers team, but the Huddle.
  4. Don't be surprised. We drafted Christensen in the 3rd round and thought he was out answer at LT.
  5. Who invented the kicker position in football?!?! So many games have been won and lost by kickers in the history of football. I say do away with them!
  6. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Now that he's established that, let the recovery begin. lol
  7. Overall, I think Rule has the communication skills and flexibility to lead football men. It's good to hear that he recognizes the difference between coaching college players and NFL players. I've read somewhere recently that Urban Meyer has rubbed some people wrong because he's been so successful as a college coach. Same with Nick Saban, flamed out in the NFL but one of the greatest college coaches? If anyone has played on a sports team in school, you know that not everyone is on the same page or even gets along. Time will tell but, "In Rhule We Trust."
  8. If we did end up with the #1 overall pick, I don't know if this years QB class is as good as Justin Fields as we passed on him.
  9. I posted in another thread that Jaylon Smith with the Cowboys seems to have fallen down the depth chart with them choosing to go with the rookie Micah Parsons instead. Maybe Fitt will make a trade for him? Just speculation.
  10. Not necessarily a waiver or free agent pick up, but I hear that Jaylon Smith with the Cowboys has fallen out of favor with them choosing to go with Mica Parsons instead. Maybe Fit will make a call for another trade? LB is a need and we are only one injury away from completely decimating our LB corps.
  11. LOL, until we find a franchise left tackle, the huddle won't stop!
  12. But can he play Left Tackle? At his size, probably! lol
  13. This offense is sad to watch. Steelers have 2nd unit defense in and we are stalling.
  14. This O-line has Sam having Jets flashback. Sam may have better weapons but same O-line that's got him happy feet now. Sam does not play well under pressure and can't extend plays.
  15. I think it's clear in how Mitch wants to build around Lamelo. He drafted 2 hyper athletic centers with high energy to run the floor for Lamelo. Lamelo will set them up for easy buckets at the rim, just catch the ball!
  16. I'm glad that Darnold heard Coach Rhule's expectations for him. Be the first guy on the field and the last guy off. Being a coachable player is vastly underrated.
  17. I don't think people doubt Darnold's physical talent, it's more about putting the whole package together as a QB for him. Excited to see what he brings to the offense this year.
  18. wow, next Ray Allen? Thats some high expectations! Buying his jersey now!
  19. I do not follow college basketball, someone tell me if this is a good pick and why?
  20. Kelvin has always had weight issues, lacks discipline and accountability. He was told to lose weight and he actually GAINED weight! Kelvin has been "Judged!" lol
  21. LOL!! I'm Asian so I understand. I guess all white dudes look alike from the back too lol!!
  22. This isn't too surprising. The panthers have reset the market at position before. Ex. CMC highest paid RB, back then it was Luke with MLB. I just don't know if it's worth it for a RT. I'm ok with letting Moton walk after this year, we drafted Brady Christiansen to replace him lol!
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