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  1. "running it by the owner" is not an issue. It's just overblown with Tepper's history of meddling. Giants owner Mara was involved about the possibility of losing Saquan to Philly. These are multimillion dollar transactions of the owner's money, I would want to know if I had to pay that.
  2. And this year, the huddle better not say that our offense is vanilla on purpose during preseason! You play like how you practice!
  3. If the Panthers move, this Carolina Huddle forum should be dissolved too. No Panthers, no Huddle. I'm all for the Panthers staying, suckage or not. It's better to have a team to root for than no team at all. It's bad now but I'm holding out hope for better days. Cleveland has sucked for decades and even though it took a while they managed to be somewhat relevant and made the playoffs. At the same time, all these citizens who show up to voice their opinion about the approval probably have never watched a single panthers football game and just don't want to pay any taxes.
  4. Thanks for posting this. I made the previous post not even knowing that he graduated with psychology.
  5. As you said, we'll just have to agree to disagree. There's always room for mis-interpretiation.
  6. I think you've taken my comment out of context as well. I never implied that his father being a psychologist would make him a better leader or make him a psychologist. If your dad is a lawyer, you're more likely to be exposed to law. If your dad is a doctor you're more likely to be exposed to medicine that's all. My question is, why did you take my comment that way?
  7. Having a loud voice doesn't always mean you're a good leader. Everyone has different personalities. Class clowns are loud and obnoxious, that doesn't mean they were the brightest or greatest. Bryce's dad is a psychologist, I think they would know and understand how to manage personalities and know when and what to say when the time is right.
  8. I think the biggest difference here is actually going to be Dan Morgan. He knows the history of this organization and knows what it takes to win and be successful. His vision for what type of players he wants on this team will be the change. We can have a great staff but you also need the talent on the field.
  9. Patrick Mahomes is ranked #9 based on salary per year at $45 million. Joe Burrow is #1 at $55 mill. Goff, Murry, Watson are paid more than Mahomes. This is why the Chiefs keep winning because they know who to pay and how much to pay. They are getting great VALUE with Mahomes while some of these other QBs haven't even sniffed a superbowl appearance. Jefferson is a top 3 WR for sure, but he doesn't have the same impact as a franchise QB. I hope our Brandt Tilis hiring pays off.
  10. Wow, that is a surprise. Maybe they really are afraid of Peyton Wilson's injury history
  11. I think this draft shows that Dan knows his value. He likes to wheel and deal, there isn't someone who he absolutely has to have and doesn't mind moving back a couple of spots.
  12. So what position is the Panther pick next? I can see TE, DE, or LB Wilson
  13. I like this pick! He is a great talent and RB will be a need next year. Might as well get your future right now
  14. I agree that there is still a ton of talent left! If there is 1st round talent value, panthers need to pick them up! Examples, JPJ, cooper Dejuan.
  15. For all the doubters, Legette also has great return specialist potential too with all the new kickoff rule changes!!
  16. Leggette has all the potential in the world, panthers have just been hosed in the past for drafting based on potential WR.
  17. I understand the move up one spot into the 1st round, it’s for that fifth year option!!! This has Brandt Tilis writte all over it!! Panther are being financially savvy!
  18. I think it's because its the first day voluntary workouts.
  19. The greatness of Tom Brady just overshadowed the ineptitude of Bill Belichek. Once Brady left, he won a superbowl with Tampa and Patriots have been in the gutter. BB is a fraud.
  20. When you watch some of their YouTube highlights, these WR are running free and wide open. Coverage is so soft in college, they are going to meet tougher competition in the NFL that will shut them down. Guys who are good route runners and can create separation can win in the NFL. Guys who are fast and need to be schemed wide open will struggle more.
  21. I like Canales's energy. A much younger guy and demeanor compared to the past, maybe these players will respond better to him. Rhule and Reich felt like your dad.
  22. It was a dumb move to re-hire him in the first place. They really expected him to take this team to the playoffs? Now if FO is saying that re-hiring Cliff as a placeholder until a great candidate comes along then sure I can get with that. But this team needs to tank to rebuild.
  23. I'm team McConkey, I've listened and read a lot of scouting reports and there just isn't a lot of holes in his game. Maybe he doesn't get the hype as the other receivers because he's white. His physical testing numbers are actually pretty darn good. I'm tired of these projects with physical gifts, TMJ and Mingo were gifted but raw, look how that's turned out. We need players who are ready to contribute now.
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