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  1. Again, these playoffs have shown how valuable a clutch kicker is! Kickers have either won the game or tied it in the final minutes!
  2. These playoff games have been very entertaining to watch even just as NFL fans. It's just so sad to compare our Panthers team to these teams, we need more than 7 years at this rate to compete.
  3. The playoffs "own Aaron Rodgers!" lol
  4. Just wanted to put this out there. Both of these games were won on kickers! Don't underestimate a kicker when you need them in crunch time!
  5. Again, this shows how much coaching matters! A-Rod played like MVP this season but he was beat by a better coach with the SF. Jimmy G did NOT win this game. Lafleur is a fraud, his resume is elevated by A-Rod playing well in the regular season but can't when it matters. Tired of people saying that the goal is to make it to the playoffs. No the goal is the Super Bowl.
  6. Jimmy G is playing with a superior HC and coordinator, tonight's game shows his limitations. That's why they drafted Lance because his potential will be better than Jimmy's ceiling. Jimmy would be even worse with Rhule and McAdoo as HC. If Rhule really trades for him, then I deserve to be HC and GM because I can make better decisions than them!
  7. Watching this game is so disheartening. Panthers are so far from contending when compared to these playoff franchises. We're managed and coached like a high school football team playing in the NFL. The Process is not working, look what Bengals did in 2 season. #1 pick to AFC championship, fun 7 years Rhule!
  8. So do we still need an offense line to win? You can't win giving up 10 sacks a game, but with good game planning and a great QB, you can overcome it. Both things that the Panthers don't have sadly.
  9. These moves are looking eerily similar to Bill O'Brien's last days in Houston. Make bad personnel decisions to set the franchise back for multiple years only to get fired. It baffles me that billionaire owners don't recognize this, but fans do.
  10. Harbaugh wants to come back to the NFL, Rhule wants his job. Can we just trade HC out right? I don't think Harbaugh would be a bad coach. He at least has had success with the 49ers.
  11. LOL, Jeremiah is on his way to be the next Raiders GM with his astute attention to team needs! Some people are just meant to be internet GMs and not actually be responsible for making football decision, ex. Mike Mayock.
  12. At this point, everyone is just trying to see the silver lining in this hire. Hindsight is 20/20 and just because he wanted Mahomes and didn't like Darnold means nothing. A lot of coaches in the league can make the same claim. The only thing I took away from this is that he wasn't the strongest supporter of Darnold so I don't know how he is going to work with him. It only adds more fire to the thought that Darnold will not be our QB next season.
  13. THE Scottie Montgomery!?!? JK, who is this dude? Rhule sees Jonathan Taylor have a career year and thinks the RB coach actually ran for all those yards himself so he hires him. Rhule has no insight into the situation.
  14. I think the only reason Tepper is giving Rhule one more season is because of his ego. He genuinely thought Rhule was the savior to the franchise and 2 seasons in he realizes this is not going as he plans. He gloated to the whole league that he got the best coach to turn the Panthers around. I don't think the money matters as much to Tepper. It's hard for a billionaire to admit that he is wrong. It's like all of your buddies are telling you that your girlfriend is toxic but you don't want to believe it until she leaves you with nothing but child support lol
  15. Doesn't matter who the OC will be. Rhule's weekly game plan is to find the next song artist to compare his failing process to.
  16. When Murray plays at an MVP level the Cardinals are good, however this is a perfect example of over reliance on one player. Cardinals are nothing without Murray, they expect him to create magic every time.
  17. LOL, the Huddle is going through the 5 stages of grieving, some are still angry, some are bargaining, and so have come to accept it now.
  18. Watching this game shows a lot about coaching. Dallas has the better talent but underperformed with a mediocre coach in McCarthy. Kyle Shanahan is a great coach who played with an average QB and still won on the road.
  19. Wasn't Rhule's only NFL experience as an assistant O-line before he even took the college jobs? How does this dude have a job on any level of football? I wouldn't even trust him to fill the water bottles.
  20. For sure it's a long shot, however there are enough talking points to consider the move. He wants to go to Chicago, I don't think they have that great of an offense, sure city draw is better than Charlotte. New Orleans is a good draw but they have no cap space for his contract. Dallas already has Dak. I forgot who the other team he wants to go to.
  21. We are not going to the playoffs with Sam Darnold at QB, even if we do manage to draft a hall of fame LT. This years O-line free agency class is surprisingly decent, I would fix O-line through free agency. I think one underrated scenario is trading picks for Russell Wilson. There is a Fitt connection and Wilson played ball at NC State. I know Wilson hasn't said we were one of his top destinations and he can veto but can you imagine our offense weapons with Wilson at QB? Any QB would want to play with CMC, we have decent WR, just need an O-line. We have a top 5 defense too. I believe Wilson still has many good years ahead of him and would instantly make us playoff contenders.
  22. Another quote by Mara that shows a competent owner knowing what he is doing. "Dug a hole so deep that I didn't see a clear path to getting out of it unless we completely blew it up and started all over again with a new [general manager] and head coach," Mara said.
  23. So there's still a chance! This quote is directly from John Mara about his franchise. "Yes. Yes it is [the most embarrassed I've been]," Mara said. "I kept thinking during the season we hit rock bottom and then each week it got a little worse." Giants owner is smart enough to recognize this and move on from a bad season, please tell me that Tepper has some common sense and fires Rhule!
  24. That's the whole problem with Tepper's hiring process. He has always gone after and chased "hyped or rock star coaches." Rhule had a lot of hype as an up and coming college coach who was going to make it big in the NFL, he threw a lot of money and gave a big contract only for that to bust. Joe Brady was supposed to be the next offensive guru genius because of LSU, gave him big money and a first time opportunity as OC = BUST. Tepper needs to really look at the foundation and stop going after the hype! No rock star OC is going to save the Panthers, we are fundamentally built wrong from the top down!
  25. The Giants were really enamored with Rhule, maybe we can trade him and Darnold for a large New York Pizza?
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