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  1. Washed up at 27 and we have the highest paid back at 25 who has struggled to stay on the field the last two seasons with a workload that on average would lead the league in touches. There might be a lesson to be learned somewhere in there.
  2. This is the best thing going for him and us but the average shelf life for running backs who have had a ton of a carries has not been kind. See Todd Gurley who is only two years older than McCaffrey and can't even find a team. I'm not saying that's going to happen to Christian but there are cautionary tales to be seen and the Panthers have to use this moment to decide what future they want for CMC.
  3. Credit where it's due Shaq has been great and it's what we all wanted to see. Hats off to him.
  4. There is no need to get that invested in it. The Saints threw a whole social media campaign at the league over that PI call in the playoffs against the Vikings and the nfl didn't give a damn. We're just going to have to play better limit mistakes and not let the refs influence close games by sitting on a lead.
  5. I have no doubts about Robby he will get more involved in the next several weeks we have some tough offenses we'll be facing. But this being a question is why the talk of spreading the ball around more and not giving one guy a ton of touches was so prevalent the first 2 games. Now people want to act like Robby forgot how to play football
  6. There is an emotional connection in these McCaffrey discussions that hinders logic. You are not being at all unreasonable it makes sense. In fact if we pair that with a bruising type of rb in the backfield that would make our offense that more dynamic and potent. Even with CMC as talented as he is and at his usage rate we have had problems converting on short yardage downs. Last night we had to sandwich our quarterback in a pile just to get a yard for a score. We have a quality passing attack but we have to stop burying our heads in the sand over the run game. More creativity and less expectation of CMC being our whole offense is needed. Besides we saw the outcome of one playmaker shouldering the entire burden for years why are we so intent on repeating the same mistake? Gotta learn and adapt sooner or later.
  7. I made 5 posts in the gameday thread and not one of them said we were going to lose the game. You need to sleep it off dude you're unhinged.
  8. Carolina is reaching the point where they have to ponder for how many more years they want McCaffrey at a high level. Three or four? I don't see it at the current usage pace. With the high rate of touches there may only be two left before the injuries take a toll. If they insist on running him like they have he may never finish another season healthy. There have been many great players who have hit the same wall. There will be angry fans piling in to shed tears and jump all over folks for this but the game is the game elite talent doesn't last forever.
  9. Lay off the booze buddy your little temper tantrum poop fests are honestly pathetic.
  10. I'm less concerned about his rushing ability he has the speed and moves but he's going to take some lumps as a rookie acclimating to the NFL. He has got to haul in passes that hit him in the hands though.
  11. Very impressed with Sam Darnold tonight. These are the games where your franchise quarterback has to show up and he did in a big way. If he continues to build on this we have our man no doubt. But we have to get this ground game going and put him in the best situation possible the next couple of games are no cakewalk.
  12. I like that we got the score there but want to limit Darnold getting his noggin jostled around like that. He has been thoroughly impressive this evening and he's a tough sob. We need to get this run game figured out pronto.
  13. All these folks that were prancing around talking about 2-0 and trying to serve up crow already this is why some of us tried to tell you to pump the brakes.
  14. The workload we have given him was not sustainable. The depth behind him of a rookie and a practice squad signing all with a work in progress oline only complicates it further. I don't know what we were thinking was going to happen. Darnold needs a run game and we have no fallback option like we did with Mike Davis last year.
  15. 30 touch a game average didn't last 3 full weeks. Damn.
  16. The run game outside of McCaffrey is just abysmal and we have got to get better if we want a winning season. No way around it no matter how positive you might want to be about the situation.
  17. People have different definitions of funny but there will be lots of fun if we continue to win like we have been. As for the rest of your post you will have a more enjoyable existence when you let go of that weight you're still dragging around from two years ago. It's time to let go.
  18. What is your gripe specifically? This place was bumping through the Kyle Allen win streak but this is only two games in it takes time. Sam will have his time to shine just like every other winning quarterback if he builds on this and brings us a successful season.
  19. I think we needed another rb in the mold of Mike Davis to both compliment McCaffrey and gut out some of those tough yards behind a less than ideal oline. Hopefully it works itself out but from looking at things at the moment we possibly could've picked up another decent back on the cheap.
  20. I've been a Panthers fan long enough to know better than to go ahead and pencil in any game as a win especially in primetime. I'm hoping to see the offense yield better results in short yardage situations this time and reward the defense better.
  21. Fans are recognizing we have defensive talent that could get us into a postseason berth if we play our cards right. The weak link position groups will continue to get the most attention for now. Especially with the offensive weapons we have. I know you do not like criticism but it isn't going anywhere and I assure you it is the same with other teams regardless of what you might read on message board remember fan is short for fanatic.
  22. I could go through a list of former Panthers that fans used to hate on like it was their job and I'm not exaggerating. Even Cam Newton got some of that no different than what Sam has seen. Your best bet is to try and not let it bother you so much sports is very unforgiving for many athletes social media has fueled these behaviors. But I don't think anyone here hates any of our offensive linemen they just want another winning season and if that happens you'll see an attitude change.
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