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  1. Tepper has to be seething right now. I imagine in the next couple of days we are going to get some "sources say" scorched earth remarks.
  2. No accountability at all huh Matt? What a pompous asshat. The folks who went to bat for him like he was their daddy need to step in here and own it. This was your guy.
  3. If someone is actually thinking playoffs with Sam Darnold they must be very new to football or just deranged.
  4. Massively overpaying two guys like Batum and Hayward within five years of one another would be more than enough to confirm a franchise needs an enema from top to bottom. The sad thing is Gordon makes Nic seem more likeable by comparison. What a dick.
  5. Not smart but nothing new. Twitter is a wasteland no good can come from that platform other than instant news. That's it's only positive and even that's debatable now as it has destroyed modern journalism.
  6. The whole team was in a funk that game IMO the only possible change that may have affected the outcome was if 89 were still on the team. The way the Broncos were playing us he would not have let us go down without a scrap. But the league without a doubt wanted Manning to get his second ring after how thoroughly embarrassed he was in Super Bowl 48. If you ask me he's overrated AF and only actually won one ring. Fug him.
  7. I hear you but no thanks to anymore journeymen for me that will just be one more poor bastard for us to eviscerate haha. Draft a rookie in the first and live with the results.
  8. Yeah I can agree with that. I'd still take him over any of this lot in our QB room for the short term though. I just want us to develop a QB of our own. I don't know that Wilks is the man for that job though. I could be wrong we'll see.
  9. You have a point but I wouldn’t lump him in with Allen yet. Don't read too much into the word keeper it wasn't a suggestion he has arrived or he will certainly take the next step it's just a matter of he looks the part and obviously they aren't just going to let him walk without seeing more. But through 5 starts he has a 68.8 comp % and Sam Darnold can't even get to 60%. When considering the results post Darnold trade they are doing better than us as sad as it may be that's the truth.
  10. Sam Darnold's former team seems to have themselves a real keeper in Mike White. Meanwhile in Carolina we're still hoping Darnold will morph into a franchise quarterback. You know what they say about the definition of insanity right?
  11. This is legitimately fuged up. Sad for Taylor and his family.
  12. Boy does that sound familiar. Thankful for the picks we got.
  13. You're dreaming snap back to reality. Geno Smith has a career high 72% completion rate this season. Sam isn't ever going to be that. Last season he was the worst statisical quarterback in years. He might have a few games here and there where you can win with him against an opponent with a weak offense. But when you go up against a team with an elite quarterback where drives are precious and you need points the opposing defense will key in on Sam's tendencies and eventually he will turn the ball over. We don't need anymore reclamation projects here. We need to develop our own guy. You folks who want to save every mediocre quarterback we stumble across are beyond hope.
  14. I will say the touchdown throw to DJ was very nice. But that's what we should be expecting on a regular basis. That's what we should be seeing with a talent like Moore instead of these fools dogging on him because Baker Mayfield's bum ass can't get him the ball. Sam is the bare bones floor level version of what we need. Now can people stop being dumb asses wanting to trade away our best wide receiver?
  15. Didn't we do this after the Bucs game too? The 35 point deficit in the first half against the Bengals says hello.
  16. The huddle being dreadfully wrong about a QB draft prospect isn't anything new. Not that many people wanted Wilson though many could see through the BYU (lol) hype. I would say more wanted us to take Fields. We hope that decision doesn't bite us.
  17. Newton fell short because the team failed to adequately build around him and relied on his abilities rather than maximize them. You only want a QB that fits into your box it won't happen and we will have another that will make you squirm. I'll be happy to see it.
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