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  1. I like Deion. I didn't think they would lose that badly but everyone eventually gets handed an old fashioned ass whooping. Learn from it and use it as motivation.
  2. It's the Hornets even if we make a trade we'll probably end up with the short end of the stick. Mitch is past his expiration date we don't need him making anymore desperation moves anyway. On a side note I guess our boy Kai Jones isn't doing too well and he isn't very bright based on some of the random behavior he's been posting on social media. Typical Hornets foolishness.
  3. Young still has plenty of time and he's only 22. But right now present day beyond the obvious issues with our receivers and our coaching staff some of the questions on Young are showing direct correlation to the pre-draft questions regarding his ability to make certain throws. There's just no way someone with an unbiased mind can look at his numbers and not think back to his proday and refusal to throw at the combine. There were red flags like it or not. We overlooked them because we bought into the narrative that Stroud basically has the football IQ of Sam Darnold and Bryce Young had "elite" processing and decision making. Maybe both of those things are still true and will come to fruition in time who knows. Of course one of us could also hit the mega millions lotto tomorrow too but I'm not gonna hold my breath.
  4. I do agree some people are going overboard. But there's a difference between being critical and just being completely bitter. And at the end of the day no level of boot licking is going to change our front office and ownership from one of the worst to one of the best.
  5. There was plainly obviously a level of steering the team toward Bryce Young. The Tepper's brought us Matt Rhule zero winning seasons Scott Fitterer Teddy Bridgewater Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield. But Dave and his wife are suddenly pro scouts? This always had a high percentage of ending poorly. You let the football minds run the show. You don't turn the process into a sideshow to get your wife a photo op.
  6. It's the conclusion many people came to when watching his gametape. Well people that weren't immediately yelling "but OSU QB" or "but he has the greatest receivers in the history of college football". The kid has terrific arm talent. He hung in there against Georgia. These were the things we wanted to see. The results are not in for either QB by a longshot. But the very important physical intangibles you either have or you don't.
  7. First of all didn't say jag. He is a "good" starting QB. Miles better than Trey Lance isn't saying much. Better than Jimmy? In the sense he takes what the defense is giving him sure. I just finished reading a fluff article about him on one of the 49ers fan blogs. The big thing they kept repeating was how "elite" he is on intermediate throws (20 yards). He is a more decisive and accurate Teddy Bridgewater in a Shanahan offense. He is winning because of the way it is constructed around him and the weapons he has to work with. One of the most loaded defenses in the league helps. But is his talent what you would consider special (elite) that can get them over the jump to win a Super Bowl? I don't see it. But they will undoubtedly be in the playoffs.
  8. Uh oh we got one. How's that Purdy jersey fitting?
  9. Shanahan really has some of ya'll thinking Brock Purdy is something special. We saw how that hand it off or dump it off to McCaffrey/Deebo bullshit went down in the NFC championship.
  10. What Dave Gettleman did to the Panthers roster after a Super Bowl appearance is criminal. But. He actually had success and got us there. He still shits all over Fitterer.
  11. Somehow Fitterer still has some believers here as strange as it sounds. Guess some folks enjoy not having a winning season.
  12. It's still a long season but so far Stroud's traits are transitioning to the NFL just fine. Those 3rd down numbers remind me of Newton though. He was damn good on third down for a long time as well.
  13. Same. I'll be keeping tabs on the score though. No matter how awful they may be I'll at minimum keep up with the season of the Panthers and the Hornets.
  14. How can anyone expect to have a knock your socks off interview for the most important hire of your franchise through zoom? I think it's because we were impatient that was just an excuse. All we had to do was wait until the Super Bowl was over. Just foolishness.
  15. The only silver lining to this fiasco is I know Tepper is fuming. I think it's hilarious. If Reich and Co keep embarrassing Dave I wouldn't put anything past him if things get bad enough. I mean we're starting Andy Dalton. It's either going to go well or it's going to be a steaming pile of poo.
  16. With what he's managed to do with Jimmy G and now Purdy anything is possible I suppose. Must be nice eh.
  17. I agree Sam has the physical tools. Idk if even Shanahan can save him though. Eventually he will do what Sam does and force a baffling throw. I still can picture that dart into triple coverage against the Giants.
  18. Idk man I think you're doing the same thing with me you were doing with Varking in a recent thread and you were mistaken there too. You're chasing shadows. Hey I hope you're having a great Friday though!
  19. What are you even rambling about? You are big mad. I didn't want Darnold. He wasn't even on anyone in this fanbases radar until Rhule and Fitterer started sniffing around. All of us tried to convince ourselves he could be salvaged what other choice was there after Scott picked up his 5th year option?
  20. Carl is just mad Stroud isn't looking like a massive bust. He'll be okay.
  21. Tepper makes JR look like an all time great owner and that's probably an understatement. Dave and his wife clearly at minimum lightly pushed the "decision makers" toward Young. When your boss and his wife are head over heels are you going to argue? I'll be interested to hear info about all that process eventually come out in the next several years because you know it's going to be a doozy. I like Bryce Young on a personal level but the pick was always a gamble and I'm trying to think of a worse first overall pick QB trade the last several years going so badly within the first few weeks of the season and this is looking like Johnny Manziel Browns territory. Sorry but that's the situation.
  22. Bryce Young avatar guys are feeding on each other now. You know it's not going well.
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