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  1. Yeah trolling and anonymity have had a detrimental effect on the way we all interact and we all share responsibility for that. But his vendetta against John Ellis of all people who is easier going than most is just strange. Ohwell.
  2. I thought he just got his rocks off with his troll bit here but judging by that Twitter account he is legitimately psychotic.
  3. Honestly he's doing himself a favor the Observer is trash. It looks like they've tried to scrub that Hello Kitty cartoon and accompanying article but the internet never forgets. Kevin Siers if you're reading this. Fug you. https://www.nfl.com/news/carolina-cartoon-mocks-cam-newton-s-superman-pose-0ap1000000066380
  4. With this and the "Charloot" crap he isn't exactly all that subtle. Shameful.
  5. Likely gamesmanship on the part of Miles and his agent. The IG of a photo of him and LaMelo with a salute emoji is more curious.
  6. No news just smoke and mirrors on social media.
  7. You waste too much time being the same troll over and over try reading from time to time. I've been wanting us to draft a quarterback all along. We tried to shortcut our way to winning at every turn since we initially released Cam Newton back in 2020. We should have made drafting the next franchise QB our immediate goal. So yes I was obviously in favor of drafting and developing OUR quarterback.
  8. It's been a common part of past discussions about the failures of the franchise but this is obviously Jordan being cheap and honestly nobody should ever argue otherwise anymore. The guy is a cheapskate.
  9. Atkinson. D'Antoni. Clifford. Results wise it's all the same bag really. Especially with a guy like Hayward pulling us down. This article sums it up pretty well regardless of how you might feel about the coaching hire. https://deadspin.com/hornets-buy-back-favorite-hoodie-from-goodwill-1849109277
  10. You have to let the 24 hour reaction period fully play out so everyone can get it out of their system. Think of it as Billy Bob's character from Bad Santa. By Monday hopefully it will have subsided and everyone accepts.
  11. Some fans have Stockholm Syndrome from all these years of suffering and it shows. That's the only explanation to still be carrying water for such awful quarterbacks.
  12. They just had to go and validate SizzleBuzz's trolling about the ineptitude of the franchise.
  13. d6aec19c-2749-41ca-a7da-0605a5e4bea2(1).mov
  14. We know Clifford's record. If it made any difference he would not have been fired in the first place. Both Tepper and Jordan are bottom tier owners in their respective leagues until it has been proven otherwise. Moves like this do not help change that reputation. I sincerely hope this works out. And come on man after all the trolling that has taken place in the Panthers section which both you and I have taken part in you're going to be bothered now by posts like that? I'm not going anywhere and I don't want LaMelo to either. But decisions like this embolden fools with the worst takes about this team like SizzleBuzz.
  15. Using this logic we could have just given James Borrego a "stern talk" if we were only going to settle for the status quo.
  16. The issue with Clifford wasn't his ability as a coach it was his stubborn ways with the rotations and loyalty to vets. When was the last time a sports franchise made a move like this and it worked out successfully? I'll hope for the best and will still watch but there is legitimate concern with this move. To simply dismiss concern as whining is rich considering the same poster has made an entire huddle persona out of lambasting management of the local football team for sketchy decisions.
  17. Oh you like seeing young talented players get minutes? Steve Clifford says hello
  18. If you guys can talk yourselves into making sense of the trade I'm eager to hear how you feel about bringing back Steve Clifford after moving on from Borrego.
  19. Fine with Mark Williams I'm happy to see what he and LaMelo can do together. But discarding lottery picks like you're at a flea market because you don't want too many young players is something great franchises can do. This is not the case with the Hornets.
  20. Even if Duren bombs there were other players we passed up on too. The NBA gave us a lottery pick and we just proceeded to be clowns with it. I used to be mad about us never getting higher picks but when we do poo like this we don't even deserve it. Mitch looks like a clown for the trade and subsequent reasoning plain and simple.
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