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  1. You cite unnamed "outside sources" and then accuse others of peddling conspiracy theories simply for suggesting maybe we wait until the man himself speaks. Which he will. Try taking your own advice bud.
  2. No one currently associated with the Panthers is going to suggest that the decision to draft Young was anything other than a totally unified decision. We've only heard from David Tepper and Scott Fitterer on that. Nothing from Reich. Nothing from McCown. Nothing from Brown. It's all speculation until they begin speaking. Which will happen years from now probably. Until then let's not act as if it's a settled matter. Because it isn't.
  3. Having an owner who isn't a total egomaniac and driven by an insatiable need to prove he knows best is at bare minimum a decent starting point for any franchise in any sport. Unfortunately that has not been the Carolina Panthers
  4. At the end of the day we have to concede one major point no matter how much we agree Reich and the outgoing staff were clearly not the answer. Having a starting QB who was clearly phsyically limited as a passer and not being allowed to bench him would have doomed many coaches current and former. That is why Canales has such an uphill battle ahead of him. It's that time of year where memories get hazy and hopium is abundant but the truth still has to be acknowledged.
  5. He had a contract worth $411k and he threw that and maybe more away for barely 22 grand in winnings. Not the sharpest tool.
  6. How is Tepper's competency a completely separate matter when he's the one who has assembled these coaching staffs that have saddled us with the worst winning percentage in all of professional sports the last few years? We can acknowledge that Reich was awful and also acknowledge that it is David Tepper who keeps putting us in these situations. It's basically this with Tepper but still some people want to carry water for whatever reason.
  7. Ehhhh. Tepper was more than happy to bask in the fluff from Panthers media when he hired Rhule and there was weeks of talk about our "rockstar" staff last year. I don't recall anyone in the fanbase or the media thinking we had just hired the worst staff in the entire league. Tepper remains the common thread however. All we can do is hope despite his constant ineptitude as an owner that maybe he's finally just backed into dumb luck with Morgan and Canales.
  8. Wasn't this vaguely discussed awhile back regarding Tepper having weekly meetings with Reich? Could argue Reich needed someone reviewing his playcalling. Could also argue the same one reviewing it hired him in the first place and has done nothing but make the wrong hires because he is absurdly in over his head in any significant involvement in the day to day operations of the team. The Tepper's need to stay out overall or it will be more of the same.
  9. Remember when Matt Rhule and Scott Fitterer thought they had snagged his replacement for the next decade in the late rounds of the draft while leaving better talent at other positions on the board? Good times.
  10. Burner account? I must say perusing your venomous takes on the passing prowess of Teddy Bridgewater over the years it's rather amusing seeing you falling over yourself to talk about Bryce Young haters. As if one needs to be a hater to point out Bryce Young was sadly considerably inferior as a passer even to ol' Teddy Two Gloves. Maybe we exist in a world where these things can be acknowledged while also hoping somehow someway it works out without us continuing to be a laughingstock across the league.
  11. Wouldn't put it past the league to finally throw us a bone and let us have a first overall pick for the first time since the 90's but only in one of the weakest drafts in years.
  12. I agree I wanted a full complete house cleaning minus Evero. Morgan could surprise us. I genuinely hope he does since he has the added perspective of being a former player that Scott Fitterer obviously lacked. But it's IMO a longshot that he is going to draft night and day better than Scott considering the scouts advising him are the same. If that improvement at drafting does not happen then Canales or whomever is doomed. At the end of the day due to reputation of the job and the bosses (Tepper's) we did not get any takers from the top candidates for the GM job or the head coaching vacancy. Most of us knew this even if we didn't want to admit it. We will just have to see if David Tepper finally got lucked into a few decent hires. Dumb luck is really all we can hope for at this point.
  13. He's the smallest starting QB in the league. That just isn't a matter of debate. We can hope he goes on to have a career that transforms any narrative about smaller QB's for many years to come. I hope so. But as for you. It's clear you seek a community that is mostly free from dissenting opinions or opinions that drift from your POV that the team is generally without need of any critique. Well I'm here to tell ya bud that's simply not the case. No sports franchise manages to end up with the worst win percentage in all of professional sports the last few years without a culture of very poor management overall. If you want to continue to be a hall monitor of Panthers related conversation you should create your own community. Otherwise kindly just take a seat. Have yourself a lovely day sir.
  14. You've been up all night bud. I took a few days off from this place while you were up at 1 am defending Bryce Young's honor. Step off and take a break for your own health. You need it.
  15. I only recently read up on our new GM. Somehow I guess in the midst of all this I mostly missed the hire. Seems like a knowledgeable guy and certainly a change of pace from aging Mitch Kupchak in the youth area. I'm hoping he's up to the task of finding a real head coach that can finally change the trajectory of the culture of this team. Tall order though. Ending this playoff drought should be the first order of business. No more soft ass nonsense. If you're here and you can go you play.
  16. Gotta keep that concert money coming in.
  17. Put me in the camp that is not impressed with keeping a Rhule era hire to head the strength and conditioning dept. Sounds as good of an idea as retaining the entire scouting dept of the fired GM who was our worst in franchise history by a wide margin. But hey what do we know. Right?
  18. I'd be happy with that for the first 2 picks. We need to be realistic about expectations for another rookie WR even if we do take one at 33 or 39 regardless. Center is a big need as far as I'm concerned though. This route would also tell me Morgan is at least just trying to draft really good football players instead of overthinking trying to acquire more picks with less value. We'll see how it shakes out.
  19. If someone is offering us a first next year then yeah you heavily consider and likely take that. But that does seem like a bit of a too good to be true scenario. I'm just not keen to buy into trading down in general after seeing the aftermath of Fitterer's wheeling and dealing. Just about everyone loved that poo at the time. Now his former best friend is our GM. I'm more than okay with just taking whatever top talent is available at our respective picks if that's what we do.
  20. Can't be passive in general publicly or behind closed doors or on the field. Whether it's Bryce or whoever we don't need another milquetoast. Kyle Allen Teddy Bridgewater Sam Darnold. If it's more of that for the next several years just move the damn team already. Our two best QB's in the span of 25 years while doing things differently and their own way because they were certainly different were both regarded as being vocal and inspired their teammates as such.
  21. It still boils down to sustaining drives and every team we face will have 16 games of tape of Bryce Young throwing the ball. When the run doesn't work which eventually it will get shut down Bryce will have to be able to attack every part of the field with his arm or it's going to be a rerun of 2023.
  22. Did you watch their last playoff game? They have lots of offensive talent. Tua struggled to get them the ball. He's apparently reworked his throwing motion as a last ditch attempt to appease the Dolphins. But they are going to make a move for another QB in the not so distant future no doubt.
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