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  1. Alright that's it. Just sell the team Tepper.
  2. Brady and Rhule. Gase and whoever in NY. His coaches back at USC. Who do you want to blame next? He is now a fifth year quarterback and he made worse decisions with the football the more time he had in the pocket. Daniel Jones (lol) looked like a franchise QB compared to Darnold last season. Haters? Come on. This is just reality.
  3. Then why draft him? Rhule and Fitterer were quite elated when we landed him. Nothing about short arms then.
  4. Doesn't surprise me this is the best we can do after all that's happened. I'm not even getting upset I expected this. If you're glass half full about all this that's cool but there's a reason we've been clowned by the sports world for weeks now.
  5. The 49ers have a pretty good roster in place that will be playoff ready for the foreseeable future I don't see them moving Jimmy unless they are very comfortable with Lance and that seems still far off. Besides going from Teddy Bridgewater to Sam Darnold is bad enough. I would rather just suck for another year with what we've got.
  6. Then wait around for starting linemen to fly off the board. Fitterer better not get cute again.
  7. We would all love a Russ in the 2nd or 3rd but the what are the odds? We both know it's going to take a first the only question is now or later. Let's hope if we suck this year we don't win enough games to fug ourselves out of another top 3 pick.
  8. I can't blame him and the man does deserve to be happy. His personal life with his significant other is his own business. It would have been nice if certain fans had taken this approach with our last franchise quarterback though. That man couldn't even go on vacation with friends or have kids without people acting foolish.
  9. This 5 win crap only guarantees that we prolong QB purgatory. Just get it over with and have the worst record in 2022 like we should have done the last three years. Take the best quarterback available and pray he's the one.
  10. In 2019 Cam Newton started us off on the path to Joe Burrow. We blew it for a Kyle Allen win streak.
  11. The Bills didn't just suddenly become contenders they have been building something all along. Our perspective has downgraded from mediocrity to just plain embarrassing though. The Panthers past only gets further and further away. Even the Bengals look legit now. It's time to recognize change is on the horizon and we can either be sad and hate or we can realize we need to build our team similarly.
  12. Even the Bucs with Brady have been looking mortal again: see when they played the Jets. Except against us of course. I hear what you're saying but you defeat the opponents in front of you and if you do so soundly as the Bills did all you can do is tip your cap. We are hardly in position to diminish the accomplishments of others as we sit in the basement of our division and arguably the conference.
  13. Exactly. In 2015 we didn't even have a punishing defense necessarily what we had was a very opportunistic defense that would punch back when they ran into an opponent (weren't we near the top in takeaways?). Now we have a defense that folds when they run into a physical opponent. Even the frigging Giants offense had their way with us. Until we can establish that identity on offense the decline will continue. And despite what some here will suggest. No we will NOT get there by removing the better parts of our offense. That will only lengthen the drought.
  14. Their defense had kinda fallen off a cliff before the last two games. They have reestablished themselves through their offense. That is what drives this league now. But if you look around here you wouldn't know it bc there are still folks living in the mid 2000's mentality.
  15. It's tough to say he is or isn't a "difference maker" without an OL or a quarterback who can consistently threaten downfield. Those two factors make not only Moore's job more difficult but also makes life much easier for opposing defenses. You can replace the wide receiver under those conditions but the results will remain. I'm not above trading anyone on this roster as of this moment. But for a franchise that has seen massive investments in defense and a meh approach to offense more often than not over the years result in 7 winning seasons and no back to back winning seasons you're gonna have to forgive me if I'm hesitant to jump for joy at selling off offensive assets after what we've invested in defense. The league is changing and we need to finally switch gears ourselves. I want to build a good offense and finally try another way and if that means a very good defensive player is traded so be it.
  16. Bills and Bengals fans deserve this it's been a long road I hope they make a run and reset the power structure. Panthers fans better hope they get the right decision makers in front and stop trying to Stan dudes responsible for 5 win seasons or we could be the next longest running drought.
  17. I'm iffy on anyone currently making decisions or having input in this front office. Wheeling and dealing got us into this mess. We got trade happy and didn't even come away with a for sure starter at what was our biggest area of need at the time and still is. Idk why folks are still forming a line to give Scott Fitterer sloppy toppy but he has just as much to prove as Rhule.
  18. Don't kid yourself guys like Jefferson and Chase are going to get historical contracts. Nothing is guaranteed with this team. For years we were looking for a compliment to our best receiver in history and from there we lost a super bowl with the likes of Jerricho Cotchery and Ted Ginn.
  19. Getting a first for Moore sounds great in theory until you get to the part that you have to draft a stud with that pick and you also need another talented receiver to step in with limited resources. Add in the fact we have been searching for an 89 replacement for the better part of a decade. This franchise has been all in on defense for so many years yet people still don't understand what they are seeing. The 2015 team couldn't overcome a struggling offense despite all the investments in defense. And the 2021 Panthers was a shitshow despite an entire draft and back to back firsts on defense. Yet folks think addition by subtraction on one of the league's worst offenses is our way out of the woods. It's hilarious.
  20. The worst OL lineups in history say hello
  21. We went out of our way to stockpile corners and we were still the worst team in our division.
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