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  1. Haha I googled it. Yeah man we aren't going to get through. All we can do at this point is hope for the best and also that our oline is legit af all season.
  2. It is rather amusing our possible QB1 would be shorter than McCaffrey and Sanders. Hopium will only take us so far.
  3. The frame of the guy you're investing your entire franchise in for the next ten years matters. If that upsets anyone I sincerely apologize.
  4. One year deal nice. We really are setting up the rookie nicely. High expectations with this staff. No reason not to be competing for this mostly mediocre division.
  5. Rip goes overboard with his favs that's just his routine here. My opinion is it just wasn't a good look with skipping the weigh in. Missed opportunity to put all those questions about his playing weight to bed. But what's done is done. Now how I feel about him personally is completely different from how I feel about his extreme fans. As far as Bryce Young the person he's got everything we could want I have no issues with him there great personality leadership ability studying the game all the boxes checked. In that regard Stroud checks those boxes for me as well despite some people for whatever reason (bias) trying to make him seem significantly inferior to Bryce in those areas. As I was before I remain of the position that I would be okay with Stroud Young or even AR if we just said fug it and risked it all. Though it would be a tough risk to accept. Levis? Ehhhhhhh.
  6. Well still about what 3 weeks? Nothing but time unfortunately.
  7. Let's get these next pro days underway we need a break from the Stroud/Young debate.
  8. Well sounds like you're definitely firmly a believer. That's cool man. The major concern I have is Young's true playing weight. It clearly isn't 204. 190ish at best sounds likely and skipping the weigh in at his own pro day with all the questions about his frame is just weaksauce for a guy who could be the future first overall pick. And I'm just saying but when cringy folks like Ivory Panther who question how cerebral Stroud is are in your corner it's not cute. Check the people around you. Anywho enjoy the draft big guy!
  9. To be clear I like both as individuals and their intangibles. I think both could have success with this staff. It's the extreme arguments in favor of one over the other that are making any rational discourse near impossible. For all the talk of pro Stroud fans I feel they are mostly reasonable and realistic aside from a few. The same cannot be said for the Bryce fans it's basically the opposite. There are a few reasonable folks but then many many more who want to knock CJ and ignore the fairly blatant flags with Young and his playing weight while comparing him to Michael Jordan Steph Curry Bruce Lee and whoever will be next on the list. Again. I'll accept either. But I think if we go BY Stroud will have a really good or great career with whichever team selects him and they will always be connected.
  10. Not even in the same league. Nobody is questioning the sincerity of Bryce's smile.
  11. Lies lies and more lies. I cheered for Jimmy fuging Clausen. Where were you at bub? This is nothing. Myself and others can live with any QB at 1 save for Levis and even then well what can ya do?
  12. 2021 draft is still quite recent I would not even call Lawrence a great success just yet and even Lance and Wilson still have time albeit not that much. Fields has shown legit potential but he needs to take several steps in this upcoming season or he's teetering on the edge. Overall the odds aren't as bad as you'd think based on this list. But they also aren't as good as some people are making it out to be rationalizing downplaying very real concerns for the top 2 QB's in this years draft. Stroud or Young may not even end up being the best.
  13. That's what you're saying own it and stop being scared. This is YOUR thread.
  14. I've seen your pro Bryce posts man I'm not even going to engage. Enjoy the draft.
  15. What name did I call you? Of course right after this "u r triggered" post you start spamming sh*t reactions If you can't keep the same standards between posts for different QB's expect to get laughed at. For all the questions I've had about Bryce relating to his frame I've never insinuated he doesn't have a QB brain like some of you are doing with CJ. It's nonsense and you know it. But poo this post too if it makes you feel better.
  16. There's no logical connection between Stroud and Darnold. It's a nonsense take man. Good talk!
  17. Bryce Young can add 20 pounds of sheer muscle but CJ can't be near as smart of a QB as Bryce lol. Goddamn ya'll dickriding.
  18. The NBA has an owner who gets too hands on with draft picks too. His name is Michael Jordan.
  19. So your thread a few weeks ago comparing Stroud to Darnold was with ulterior motives after all.
  20. If the QB coach and the head coach have to change the mind of the GM and the owner we're quite possibly doomed regardless. Fitterer is and will always be one of the folks who signed off on the Darnold trade.
  21. Cam Newton has the most rushing attempts for his position in NFL history. The guy is still running around and throwing passes at Auburn's pro day. He isn't a paraplegic or some poo. If he had Young's frame he wouldn't have lasted half of one season.
  22. I get it man. It's good to stick to your guns and stand by your guy. But can we put the back and forth aside for a sec and address some things. Are any of the folks in favor of Stroud or *gasp* AR comparing either of them to athletes in other sports or martial arts legends? I mean what's the next logical step? Fictional characters? Which Marvel or DC character is his comp?
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