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  1. I disagree. I think strength has a lot to do with durability and being able to withstand injuries depending on the person.
  2. I had a feeling his durability would be an issue as a RB in NFL. He could barely muster 10 reps on 225lbs at the combine. While guys like saquon Barkley smashed the 225 bench for 29 reps! He should've been converted to a WR
  3. Does that include dj Moore? Interesting how people's opinion changes depending on the circumstances of the topic/ thread
  4. Definitely another cornerback! I mean the way our front office has been wheeling and dealing, trading cmc for another DB is the only logical choice, right?
  5. Daaaam yall ain't never got 2 things that match ...either yall got Kool-aid no sugar Ham no burger Peanut butter no jelly Christian McCaffrey no injuries sorry I couldn't resist
  6. Mike Tomlin quoting thanos: "Fine....I'll do it myself. "
  7. One stat that stands out to me in this game Dj Moore: 10 targets 4 catches Just saying
  8. I agree with everything except letting Gilmore go and allowing rhule to comeback. I think an experienced past successful HC (like Mike Tomlin) would be a better choice and letting him hand pick his coaching staff
  9. I didn't know the panthers were living in the edo period japan. I guess that would make Tepper the top diamyo shogun ruler of the franchise lol
  10. That's understandable but when you're at a press conference calling certain individuals out and talking about accountability then you should probably do a better job of setting an example. Just saying. "Preach what you teach "
  11. it's nice to know we got Carolina fans out there who got it all figured out.
  12. Learn reading comprehension, I'm a moron...hmmmmm ok whatever you say buddy, good one
  13. Best young WR lol? Even the Daryll johnston the accouncer said that 2nd pic was kinda his fault by not jamming the DB and breaking at the right time. Are you even paying attention?
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