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  1. I'm out. Will donate any Panthers gear to the homeless and move on. Better things to do that give a crap about a franchise owned by this guy.
  2. Yeah, there is only one completely crap franchise in the NFL and that's Carolina. This franchise is headed to Jets, Browns, Bucs level of a decade of misery. Ben Johnson turned us down last year and now people think he will take the job that has proven to be much, much worse than it looked last year???? That is funny. We will get someone ready to retire on a huge buyout from Tepper like we had with Reich. I do think the new head coach can start to accumulate a lot of high draft picks if we get rid of Fitterer.
  3. Actually we will use our remaining draft capital to move up in the draft to get a wr who can't get separation, an oline that can't pass block, or a te that can't catch. And any of those three desperation moves will be done to plug a hole that idiot Fitterer made.
  4. Is this what they said when the hire was made?
  5. Can you blame him with this line? This franchise might ruin a decent qb prospect. I bet Bryce would be doing well on the Texans. Whether even CJ could succeed here is up in the air.
  6. Ben Johnson turned us down last year when the position was much more appealing. He's not coming.
  7. I'll be donating my Panthers gear to the homeless and golfing or bike riding on Sundays.
  8. Wilks was about to get fired in SanFran before they went out and got Chase Young for him.
  9. How? We have a crap oline, terrible wr's who can't separate, and two mediocre rbs. Pat Mahomes would struggle on this team. This is the worst franchise in the NFL bar none.
  10. Reich was probably a bad/lazy hire, but we will never know since he was given a plate of chicken poo by Tepper and told to make a sandwich.
  11. That's not what I heard. Sounds like he assumed the good power run blocking would translate to good pass blocking. This team was set up for CJ Stroud, not Bryce.
  12. Broken down Cam Newton? That's not an answer at all. He looked terrible at the end of his career.
  13. He's not going to quit, but he needs to be fired now. And the college scouting department too.
  14. There are seven head coaching vacancies a year on average. If you are smart, you can wait for a better job.
  15. The inevitable downward spiral of it all. Reich fired after one year and no one worth a crap will be willing to work with Tepper. A third coaching staff/scheme in the last three years to help the development of the wonderful draft picks. The entire next season will also suck.
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