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  1. Jimmy G is a big p*&&y according to teammates: P&$$y
  2. Nothing. We are in a bad situation because we keep trading draft picks for stop-gap "solutions" that will just be a problem later.
  3. Our offensive line was terrible last year. It is vastly improved and we get CMC back.
  4. Nevermind: "I just think in this offense with [offensive coordinator] Joe Brady, with [head coach] Matt Rhule, the weapons that we have around him, that he can take that next step with us," Panthers general manager Scott Fitterer said Monday. "Just kinda looking overall where we were at with the draft, the position we're in, I was really exited to add somebody of Sam's caliber to our team."
  5. We got conned by the worst football organization in the nfl. Who was responsible for this decision?
  6. Was hoping this would be about Corral and not Mayfield.
  7. Why? Give those reps to Corral if we don't play Darnold.
  8. I remember him in college. He was a freak track athlete in highschool and turned into a great edge in college.
  9. Is Baker really that bad or did he just not get along w/ OBJ who is a basket case? Sam Darnold is going to do much better this year and Baker would only help us win a game or two more and limit reps for Corral so spending ANY draft capital on him makes 0 sense.
  10. Somehow we made the Jets look like geniuses and the Browns made the Texans look like geniuses. We have a really dumb owner. Just not the dumbest.
  11. Neither Joe Burrow nor Lamar Jackson are under 25 so neither belongs on that list.
  12. You bring in Baker when you have a complete team except for qb and his good not great ability can get you in the playoffs. We aren't that. What would Baker realistically do for us? Two more wins and a worse draft pick and Corral less developed? Why?
  13. Yes. I am an Ole Miss fan too so this really worked out for me.
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