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  1. Hey, it worked for Darnold. Why not try it a second time?
  2. Dumbest thing i have ever read on this board. Would never happen.
  3. Why? And i like the suggestion that it should be Corral vs. Darnold for the #2.
  4. Which was dumb. Eli's skill had deteriorated but not to the level of Geno Smith. It will be funny to watch Seattle this year. They are either 1. going to trade for a qb, 2. very stupid, or 3. trying to tank for a good qb pick in this year's draft.
  5. Really dishonest clickbait headline by Charlotte Observer. Corral needs to recognize that media are pure scum and be more careful when talking to them in the future. Sounds like some bitch reporter doesn't like the SEC.
  6. Rhule hire - fail Joe Brady hire - fail Bridgewater trade - fail Darnold trade - fail Cam Erving free agent signing - fail Practice facility construction - fail What are his accomplishments?
  7. Tepper gave Rhule 62mil over 7 years who then gave up 3 draft picks for Darnold and quickly picked up his fifth year option. At some point we need to stop giving away draft picks and just wait out the dead wood like Darnold and Rhule. Hopefully, they will both be gone after the season and the rebuilding process can start in earnest w/ dumb ass Tepper in charge of the new process. Hopefully, he stays out of it.
  8. He was great in college and made a mediocre team a lot better. Several scouts had him as their no. 1 qb in this draft.
  9. He's not Snyder level yet but very few in this thread willing to defend him. He has been wrong on every decision, and is trying to stiff a bunch businesses over the practice facility fiasco. Hope they stick it to him and he is forced to sell. Seems like a Snyder in training right now and sexual harassment claims would not surprise me.
  10. You are crazy if you think following Briles was a cakewalk. There was a reason Rhule got the job in the first place. No one else wanted it.
  11. Art Briles almost completely destroyed that program and Rhule had to build it back from the ashes. Dave Aranda got to follow Rhule. Major difference.
  12. Not only that, but he wasn't even the only OC. They had two where he was the passing game coordinator. He got to call the passing plays for Joe Burrow, Ja'Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, and Terrace Marshall. Hell, they had Leonard Fournette running the ball and catching passes out of the backfield. That is a murderers row of college talent that simply out classed their opponents and hid his deficiencies and we thought he should go from that to NFL OC.
  13. At Temple he beat the following better teams than his: Penn State, UCF, USF, Cincy, Memphis. At Baylor he beat the following better teams than his: Texas, TCU, OSU, West Vir., Iowa State. Both Temple and Baylor sucked when he took over and were lacking in talent. He was a very good college coach. That doesn't always (and almost never when you think of it) translate to the NFL. Didn't for Saban or Myer either.
  14. He went 11-5 with a team that caused Coughlin to get fired. Again, that team's talent had run its course w/ sorry jerry reese and ended up stinking the next year. I don't see his time in NY as that negative.
  15. I hope everyone considers McAdoo a huge step up from Joe Brady. I also like him as a counter to Rhule's decision making, although that didn't work w/ Mayfield apparently. I would swap him for Rhule right now. He didn't have the best situation in NY as Jerry Reese had really let the talent run down there.
  16. What is the long term plan? There is none other than win a couple of more games maybe this year and then be back to square one next year. Here is my plan: 1. Get rid of Rhule; 2. Play Corral enough this year to decide whether he is a legit prospect so we can draft another qb if he is not; and 3. Get rid of Darnold. And do not lose any more draft picks during the addition by subtraction phase of our growth. I want a superbowl contender not a wild card maybe.
  17. It was a weird year where there was nothing close to a consensus on qb rankings. People were all over the place. However, some pretty good qb evaluators had Corral as the top prospect. He doesn't really have any weaknesses. The mental "issues" were b.s. all along and his injuries came from playing as a rb because his wr's were all injured and he was willing to do whatever he needed to win. He was a leader and a winner in the SEC with a lot less talent than guys like Bryce Young and Stetson Bennett. If you are a Carolina fan and can't find reason to be optimistic over Corral you are kind of a miserable person in general. No guarantee that he becomes a quality starter, but i like his chances. The fact that he will bust his ass to succeed is all i need to support him.
  18. That's the problem. I can't see the long term plan here.
  19. Mediocrity now, mediocrity tomorrow, mediocrity forever!
  20. He was a projected first rounder and he had to deal with a terrible OC. My fear is that he is just too injury prone.
  21. that's not exactly true. The wr's and rb's were not on par w/ some of the big programs but there was some talent there.
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