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  1. So is the Sunday Giveaway back too??? Asking for a friend....
  2. It's definitely a cluster but makes for good drama. I'm married to the electric blue and black no matter what.
  3. What's the over under on the percentage of the fan base that will be pissed off with this move. I say about 25 percent. Personally I hope we can mend fences. His name will be in top of the stadium one day. That's indisputable.
  4. I had low expectations honestly. I wanted to see what version of Sam was present. He did a two face. Looked good but back to bad.
  5. Year Two I did not expect much. I was skeptical about Darnold since when it comes to the QB position most have PTSD like responses after adversity. Once you start to over compensate few can come back. Everyone can't pull a Brett Favre.
  6. Piss poor offense is the Achilles. You just can't keep going to the well with your D and expect to win in this league.
  7. Nothing to see here. Playing not to lose will get you what you deserve
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