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  1. After watching the Panthers walk away after their franchise QB was targeted multiple times during the Super Bowl and the following season, I am absolutely okay with all of the fighting. Playoff energy during a preseason game? Aight boys, time to see who's ready to man up. Sounds like there was bad blood between KRob & Wilkerson yesterday and today. Hopefully KRob didn't taunt himself out of a job, as he's done well as a back-up safety for the team as well as on special teams.
  2. I think that we're in a much better position than we were last season, simply because Cade Mays looked much more capable in his limited snaps during preseason than Sam Tecklenburg has looked at any point, any time, any where. Bozeman being out for the next 2 - 3 weeks blows chunks because Rhule has really been selling the "competition" for QB + C. There's enough between Baker and Sam during these joint practices to know that Baker is the better QB and that getting him more time to get in rhythm with his WRs is absolutely vital. Pat Elflein being on the field sucks ass, but I suppose there's at least the luxury of knowing that Michael Jordan won't be a starter. Watching Erving/Jordan/Elflein play during the preseason and look awful against back-ups gave me horrible flashbacks to last season. Ekwonu/Christensen/Bozeman/Corbett/Moton will hopefully still be the OL.
  3. This means that Jordan is no longer a starter!!!!
  4. Fwiw Person reporting that Hoskins going inside for heat related issues, not the scuffle
  5. Phil Hoskins tossed after sticking up for Frankie Luvu
  6. KR apparently jumped into the second wave of the fight Trainers are reporting what got in Kenny Robinson
  7. Darnold on with the 1s now Ekwonu-Christensen still in use on the left side
  8. bozeman tried to walk it off but took the cart in to get looked at
  9. I'm familiar with beat reporters. They have target markets.
  10. Ppl were about to start doing shots of Draino over Patriot beat reporters covering the Patriots specifically
  11. Because being a chronic pessimist is about the most bitch-made thing a fan can do outside of pull for Tom Brady. Steel them nads; it's more fun to have been a part of the ride from the beginning instead of being a worthless frontrunner towards the end
  12. Icege

    Evo 2022

    A little late, but for any of the fighting game fans on the Huddle (unless it's just @Mageand me?): what was your favourite "Evo Moment?" this year? PINYA vs. JeonDDing was nuts
  13. https://thespun.com/nfl/nfc-west/san-francisco-49ers/49ers-players-prefer-jimmy-garoppolo-fans-react
  14. Was gonna wait until my lunch break to watch, but I guess it's time to get paid and mark out
  15. Good opportunity to get Corral playing time, especially since I doubt Belichick isn't going to be blitzing in preseason like Rivera was (especially after getting annoyed at Daboll for doing so).
  16. Tae Hayes Brady Christensen Cade Mays And if we were doing top 5: Brandon Smith and Amare Barno
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