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  1. Until you realize that he is playing for Ron Rivera, the man that hates rookies regardless of production.
  2. Interesting that you said Wilson seemed to carry his team at times when I got the distinct opposite impression when watching the games + looking through the gamebooks. At the very least against lesser competition early in the season they were running the ball and barely asking him to do much with it. I've got to go back and re-watch his later stuff, but those first 4 games were all the TCU run game. Dude's arm talent LEAPS off of the screen tho.
  3. Mel Kiper is the original fake news. I think the only way that he could be any more incompetent is by having an account here on the Huddle.
  4. Because he happened to pop up when searching "QB every play 2020" in YouTube
  5. Prime time candidate for cuts. 4th round pick from a previous GM + coaching staff, and a part of me is worried that Rhule won't think he's hungry due to opting out for COVID. If I had one concern about Rhule & co atm, it's the talking out both sides of their mouths when it comes to player health & safety. He applauded DJax for pushing through turf toe all season and cut Eli Apple for supposedly milking a hamstring issue. While we have no idea what it looked like behind closed doors, that was something that stuck out to me.
  6. Trevor Lawrence Justin Fields Zach Wilson Trey Lance Mac Jones Ian Book
  7. Invalid. Iirc, that post claimed that out of over 200+ throws that Fields only went off of his first read only 7 times all season. Just watching the first game we can see that is false but there are plenty of other concerns such as at 1:55 on the scramble, he had a wide open WR in the end zone with their hand up but tried to take it in himself, bad feet in the pocket when there's pressure, and he stares down the first read. Same user made compilations for other prospects as well for those interested: Trevor Lawrence Zach Wilson Trey Lance
  8. Idk if he can be a long term starter, but he's more flexible and a better player overall than Little
  9. Saw more out of him in his two seasons subbing for Okung (last year in CAR and prior for the Chargers) than I've ever seen out from Little.
  10. Year 1 Sounds like what should have been Year 0 was "Marty retooling" which ultimately led to his undoing (and gave Rhule an excuse) No scapegoats now but Rhule himself. Whomever is starting Week 1 is on him. My expectations are more geared towards year 2. They had an entire offseason to draft defensive pieces (+ a season to develop them) along with TWO shots at QB between now and then. Gonna support whomever gets trotted out as always, but am also oddly okay with this being a "Fitterer blows everything up" season
  11. Can I get a tldr pls kthx All I've got so far are burner accounts, Teddy unfollows Panthers on IG, and emthrx or whatever Small words too bbies im pretty hammered
  12. Would love to have him back on a cheaper deal. I like the group of Brown, Roy, Kerr, Burns, YGM, Obada, Haynes, and Miller. Short would be a great rotational guy that still has good burst off the line and some of the most violent hands in the league.
  13. Had really hoped to see Weatherly show more than what he did, but with Obada performing the way folks hoped Weatherly would (often from a DT spot rather than DE no less) and Weatherly going to IR with Rhule's preference for players to tough out injuries was a bullhorn that he'd be gone.
  14. KK was not a post-6/1 cut but Tre was. Also, safety market looking pretty stacked
  15. Had a feeling this might have been an incoming move given the salary cap situation. I wonder if this means they like Kenny Robinson or are going to pursue Richie Grant in the draft. Wouldn't be surprised if Burris was also moved on from. I dunked on Tre regularly during his first run with the team, and while he was frustratingly feast or famine (something I hate at the FS position personally), I'll be damned if he didn't display surprising leadership qualities while also being a welcome, positive presence in the locker room.
  16. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Houston has been desperate for a RB, or was under the previous regime. McCaffrey's contract would be offset by Watson's when they both take jumps and with a franchise QB you are going to have to find a way to offset the cost somehow.
  17. Have you been day drinking on a Tuesday?
  18. Remember when you said "Have an understanding of a rule?" Seems like you didn't understand it as well as you thought that you did.
  19. Found a write up detailing the $40M distributed per team. Looks like all of it was destined for retirements, tuition assistance, and the other benefit programs. Some sites have included that chunk with the overall cap which has been stupid confusing, but apparently those were strictly for benefits and not for roster building. I'm willing to bet that your right on that being where the opt out payments came from though. I wonder if it was treated like when a team doesn't spend the minimum and any unspent went strictly to the benefits packages for the team should they not have many opt outs.
  20. Since you seem to believe that you understand everything, why don't you put together the contract numbers together that would have worked? Considering that you weren't aware that there was a minimum floor for the salary cap, I'm ready for a good laugh. PROTIP: You'd have freed up just $80M over the 4yr period (3yrs is for 2021 - 2023 seasons) if spending the minimum... so... good luck on finding that other $20M
  21. You also wouldn't happen to be aware of how the $40M in player benefits per team from 2020 was handled, would you? Did that count as cash (that could be rolled over)?
  22. Oooh, surprising. Makes Paradis a prime post-6/1 candidate. I wonder if they're going to try and use the other one on Teddy.
  23. Oh, you mean the money that Hurney spent trying to keep his job? We still would have had to spend most of that per the CBA agreement referenced above. I know folks here like to think we can start scrubs all year and roll over $150M to go crazy with free agents, but that's not realistic.
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