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  1. Ive helped build multiple forums including one built on IPS, like this one and I don't think I've ever come across one using Pie reacts lol. I just wasn't sure whether or not it was some obscure Panthers fan joke or something. But in context of this site I'm pretty young sure
  2. Never had an account here before interesting
  3. The huddle everytime we see a 4corners post
  4. Pretty pointless but since the huddle doesn't have any custom smilies I'm going to use this thread to post some to use around the site, feel free to post more/requests. If this gets moved to the gulag I understand
  5. I get it's used in the place of a like button, but I feel like I'm missing some critical reference or something. I'm just a little lost here. This forum should have some FAQ thread because the posting permissions were also a bit confusing. Anyway thanks
  6. Mainstream rap is far from garbage especially at it's peak. It's the mid level mainstream shyt that's always been trash. I imagine the same for country, besides Chris Stapleton I'm not too familiar though
  7. Word is Corral could be the new Tom Brady guess we'll have to wait and see
  8. Yeah so many people paint him as an asshole because of the trash talk and norman fight. What it boils down to is his competitiveness, same as Steve Smith. Two of the GOATs.
  9. Yeah the only issue with this is we only got 6 picks. Bring our average way up compared to the other teams. Still I think we did great
  10. We have at least 2. Possibly 3. What are you even talking about
  11. CBS sports been on bullshit since 09 who cares
  12. Agree we're in a better place but also
  13. Imagine hating a man so much you're rooting against you're team just so he gets fired tf is wrong with you
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