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  1. Worst case is we aren't a good offense or team. Nothing different than we've seen in 14 or 16.
  2. It's possible but it would have nothing to do with who is playing volleyball in Maryland.
  3. I think somebody said it already but we just don't pass enough to give all these receivers plus Olsen numbers that fans want to see. You can't judge them on yards/receptions simply.
  4. He can catch, isn't injured, doesn't fail drug tests, and knows what the fug he is doing.
  5. Gaffney was exposed because of the timing of his injury. Being a legit injury that happened earlyr enough that we wanted to get another player in fast enough to take advantage of camp time. If it's just a matter of stashing someone they will wait until after the date they can be poached since the motivation here is to have that player maximize camp time since we they are not really injured.
  6. Sprinters are typically quite built. Putting on muscle shouldn't slow him down.
  7. Yes. It took Norman 2.5 years. I'll give these guys at least a preseason.
  8. Let's make definitive roster judgements after the first rookie mini camp. That is the sound and reasonable thing to do.
  9. I don't know how he could fool the process at the combine. Seems that's his official height. http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2016/02/nfl_combine_2016_defensive_linemen_measurements.html
  10. That's what he was measured at the combine.
  11. I understand your logic but why would a DE pick contribute more than a cb? An end wouldn't start over Johnson or Ealy either. The only position I could see starting would be on the secondary or if we had landed a top OT. Other than these areas a draft pick isn't starting for this team IMO.
  12. I for one am excited about the influx of secondary talent. If they pan out it should be fun to watch for a while.
  13. What about Soliai? He was our most expensive hire. I hope we arent so attached to the possibility of comp picks that we are adverse to filling holes. I don't think it's as simple as one cancelling another.
  14. Especially considering how much we run vs throw. It would even make more sense to take Henry vs another receiver not including TE.
  15. Nobody we take at our spot is starting over KB, Funches, and Ginn. The chance of taking a receiver after taking on in 1st and 2nd the past two years is going to be very low.
  16. The more I think about it and the more I read and hear the less sense it makes to select Derrick Henry. Though I won't go so far as to say it can't happen. You can get a lineman you hope to keep for years....why RB?
  17. They said they would have drafted Russell Wilson in a little later round if he had been around so I'm not so sure the BPA doesn't hold a good amount of truth.
  18. If you want an immediate impact then picking a CB to groom doesn't fill that requirement.
  19. It's bad when you keep calling them a troll but continue to engage them.
  20. Or simply stop playing his game. He or she has plastered this thread full of posts about absolutely nothing and people keep falling for it.I don't understand the motivation of a troll but this one is succeeding.
  21. Why y'all keep feeding this troll I don't know.
  22. Like I said in the other thread. In the playoff your defense is 10 of 12 in both yards and points allowed. The Panthers have done better in both. On offense we are first in both yards and points in the playoffs. In the playoffs our run d is right behind yours and you have played 2 teams that were devastated by injuries in their run game and couldn't threaten squat in that department. You are now facing the top running team in the playoffs. Even if you take the #3 full season run defensive ranking we are just 1 spot and less than 5 yards per game allowed behind you. Couple that with the fact your run game is pretty pedestrian to below average well.... Nothing is looking too good for you....but the game will settle it regardless.
  23. I've also noticed this of AFC North fans I know. Of all divisions. It's really odd to me but it's not all that uncommon. People want their division justified.
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