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  1. Or put some attention in to fixing the ads that have been locking up the pages here.
  2. Lynch was hired in San Fran on January 29, 2017 about 11 months prior to the Richardson scandal was first mentiond on Dec 17, 2017. So that doesn't make a lot of sense unless Navarro wanted to trade for a GM.
  3. The lawyers are the ones advising the team how to handle it. They do so to protect the best interest team not to protect Huddlers from jumping to conclusions.
  4. It's more of a cautionary tale of using your brain before spending a week pushing a conclusion that is manufactured to push an agenda
  5. The jump to conlusions mat was out in full force.
  6. The Cowboys had him on their practice squad for 2 months at the end of last season.
  7. The fake outrage still makes absolultely no sense no matter how many times someones writes it a different way.
  8. Nobody had yet to explain how this is a bad thing. You are trying hard but not making any sense.
  9. The clown show will keep this and the Bryant thread going 24/7
  10. Did you include the correct link? That doesn't depict anything negative. The Huddle is the clown show
  11. Hanging with him? The entire story came from Bryant mentioning some likr passing words they had. It's Bryant promoting himself
  12. It could be a huge deal or nothing. But a number of you love to just repeat yourself trying to create drama.
  13. Another situation where a number of you didn't read the linked article but jumped to conclusions.
  14. We saw the reaction from their GM to the 2 firsts for Burns at the Senior Bowl......basically "no way". 2 seconds they said "getting closer". They were willing to do a second and a fifth. They didn't value him like fans hoped and nobody else offered more. It's a strange spin to make this sound like they were willing to offer more.
  15. They thought 2 seconds wasn't worth it. Not sure what the controversy is
  16. CMC had 1 game under Wilks and had 13 carries. His carries per game have stayed the same in San Francisco if not gone up
  17. He wasn't using stats. He was pulling poo out of his ass.
  18. The crime is when someone makes up stats that are otherwise easy to find and people believe them
  19. Three times huh? Opponent Pass Attempts (per game): https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/opponent-pass-attempts-per-game Carolina: 28 3 Minnesota: 35.6
  20. I don't know what some of yall are watching. Where is this Thielen hate from? Is this simply because he doesn't trash talk his teamate ? He outproduced expectations on horrible offens. Benched for whatbor who?. Dude will certainlybe in ths top 3 WRs in snaps. Yall are high.
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