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  1. Plenty are. I'm not. We have a ways to go building this roster. I dint feel locking in on a position is best for that
  2. Seems the tank afficionados would want to trot him out for a few years to rack up draft picks if he doesn't improve.
  3. It gets acknowledged and discussed in most topics and you post this in every one of them.
  4. I'm not at all interested to know ahead who the selection will be. And I assume any info trail gets shut down once it's found out it's being spilled online for someone else's gain. Not suggesting it's wrong to be interested in it but not me.
  5. Ellis constantly tells us he's not a fan but that's clearly not true. The language says otherwise
  6. A podcaster a real podcaster? Then it's written on stone.
  7. Even after this past season Sanders is a 4.8 ypc career. It's not unlikely a random draft able guy never does that for a season.
  8. Also doesn't help when you have to use 4 left guards and 3 right guards with a limited rookie qb. There was a lot more tangible problems before you can get to Tepper involvement
  9. Huddle: the play calling sucks, fire this coach Also Huddle: How dare the owner use resources to come to same conclusion.....with some unrelated nonsense about owner vs fans calling plays
  10. Good receivers are good receivers. I think too much is being made out of some special recipe for Young.
  11. Consensus Mock sounds like a euphemism for AI generated. How would a consensus mock be done? They're literally all meaningless to begin with. I wouldn't give it a second thought.
  12. Jaycee And he's done it playing in the nfl. Not exactly easy on the body.
  13. A look at last years #33 trade doesnt look very enticing. The idea of getting a first seems far fetched when looking at the Cardinals/Titans trade
  14. They will effectively be on the clock like 24 hours.
  15. I'm not a huge fan of trading but impossible to judge the situation before it exists.
  16. Agreed and saw someone who addressed it so changed to my initial thoughts.
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