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  1. Every move the huddle pushes for makes this franchise worse. It's uncanny
  2. Their offense is arguably better than their defense. What's masking that trade is hitting jackpot on Purdy.
  3. Did you not watch the game? Where was this 3+ scores? They lost by 10.....there's no garbage time there Exaggerating is fun I guess but we all watched and if we didn't it's rather easy to see what happened. There are advanced split stats that anyone can look at. It all counts
  4. another who missed his point he wasn't suggesting this is a good thing. He was pointing out that an experienced QB can still do a little something when there's pressure. Which is going to happen in the NFL
  5. the OGs need experience you may have missed his point
  6. Removing any home field advantages doesn't help and impacts the game. I believe these are aspects some fanbases understand better than others.
  7. Worked for Patriots, Chiefs, Seahawks, Broncos (twice), Colts, Giants....and that's just Super Bowl winners in recent history.
  8. Im much more comfortable cycling there than in the states honestly
  9. Zach Wilson is dead last but yeah Young needs work. QB school was pointing out open receivers he needs to be throwing to.
  10. Veterans grade better than young players. I'm shocked
  11. And dude portraying using and promoting the services available to them as some sort of red flag is total drama fabricating BS. Nothing is too low for this community when it comes to creating narratives
  12. You didn't read the articles. They talked about Alabama providing mental health support for Athletes and the interviews were with Sabam and Young because they were coach and most prominent player on the team. Anything beyond that is insinuation on your part
  13. They Vance Joseph 3-4 is pretty different from Evero's
  14. Unless we can trade bad players for good players I wouldn't trade. Band aids won't help. Need to develop players.
  15. Started my first Vietnam cycle tour from there. Took ferry from the city. Rode to Chinese border.
  16. All we need is an offensive head coach and a point guard for a QB.
  17. Could be worse. You could be a Panther fan trying to be a Fields fan on a Bears message board
  18. Trying to watch football games is impossible in Colorado. They will.watch golf or fuging rodeos over live NFL games
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