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  1. You know hes actually a pretty decent qb and when he decides to run its lights out. The games they lost he didnt run (not sure if the coach told him not to or what) Not to mention their number two receiver is like 5th on the depth chart or something. Has anyone here heard of dortch until recently? His two receivers are as small as he is. For them to win he has to literally do everything. If we cant beat this broken cardinals team with a coach that might be as bad rhule than this team is cooked.
  2. see burrow? The bengals look like dogshit and burrow threw like 15 picks this season already. And he has a top 10 running back and multiple top 20 receivers.
  3. I think if Allen had a shitty coach he would be a mediocre qb
  4. Look at Miami. Every time Tua underthrows Hill it drives me nuts. The kid isn't that great but the coach (maybe mostly the defense) figured out how to use him. I think a coach who is able to change his scheme to who the qb is will do wonders for mediocre qbs. I just think a lot of coaches arent willing to do that and would rather just find a qb who fits his scheme.
  5. Okay but they aren’t playing half way ok. So what’s your point
  6. Every team in the nfl does this. Jesus Christ do you guys feed off negativity? You’re gonna have a heart attack one day.
  7. Winston has all day to throw and he’s still missing people
  8. He’d get killed playing for this team. He needs a good coach.
  9. This. Back in the olden days when games were cheap you can have more loyal fans. But here in Chicago it’s $300 for a seat that isn’t in the nosebleeds to watch a team that can barely move a ball. It’s almost a grand to go to a game with one other person.
  10. It’s so weird when people reply to their alt accounts.
  11. Ya I think rhule is a failure but some of the people here are super bad faith when taking about him. Dude could cure cancer and people on here would make it a negative. He never said anything about raising a banner
  12. I’m gonna give it about 5 games before I decide what this team is going to do. Arizona always starts off hot and fails and Tampa started off bad one year and did amazing. All these people acting like chicken little already I think get some weird satisfaction from complaining.
  13. I think it was 100% nerves. He's on a new team, he is the most talked about player in the NFL (literally trending on twitter everyday), He has his baker bros but he also has his irrational haters. Probably let the pressure get to him. I think he'll calm down.
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