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  1. Lol so Brady's "retirement" wasn't a retirement he was just leaving TB and when Flores filed his lawsuit he had to give a fake "IM BACK" statement
  2. I was told on here that no good QB's ever sit the first year
  3. Original topic thats never been discussed before
  4. It's pretty great value if they think one of those guys can be the franchise QB
  5. It would be fun to watch at least. Melo is gonna average 27/15
  6. They offered him the job weirdo
  7. I don't really get the Borrego comparison besides both being "culture building" guys. Borrego is a Popovich guy through and through and Atkinson a D'antoni guy and his former players all seem to love him especially the young ones. Durant and Kyrie are weirdos and when they inevitably didnt win immediately he was always going to be the scapegoat imo.
  8. I'm comfortable with either of the healthy guys we have at this point
  9. Colts just cut Borghi we should give him a look
  10. If Phoenix is dumb enough to let him go we need to be the 1st in line
  11. Anderson can't even decide how his name is spelled of course he's changing numbers
  12. God help us if Howell ends up being half as good as these UNC fans think he is
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