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  1. Welp... Add Wendy's to the places I no longer do business with. Im under no illusion that I alone will have any impact but hopefully enough folks feel the same way and will stick to their guns.
  2. One of the guys I have played with for years when saying he didnt feel it was a game the group would enjoy said the following
  3. https://www.theverge.com/2024/2/14/24072792/apple-vision-pro-early-adopters-returns Apple fans are starting to return their Vision Pros
  4. Mine joined me in watching in '03. She got quite the introduction to the sport.
  5. Im hoping they show Tay-tay between every play, that Usher has her on stage, that she is on the winners podium with Travis, and that she makes some political statement from the podium. For a game where I dont really care about either team what Im rooting for is a complete meltdown by the anti-swifties.
  6. No you are not. The incremental difference is well past the point of diminishing returns.
  7. Im guessing by page three this will be in the TB
  8. I dont sub to r/fugcars but one of these hit the front page of all
  9. By the time I have any say the animals were raised, butchered, transported, and prepared for consumption. It would be unethical to let that creature die for nothing so I do my part.
  10. My immediate supervisor cant fire me. We have an organizational org chart where I report to their boss. We have a functional chart where I report to my supervisor. Especially at the Sr Director/VP level and up there tend to be a lot of dotted lines in the org chart. Fretting over an org chart is some pretty "I need to be mad at something so I choose this" energy
  11. They report to the person who can terminate them. Its basic corporate structure.
  12. For the non bloomburg subscribers https://archive.ph/fF4ib
  13. Coaches Players Training staff ya know, the people who were directly part of what they put on the field
  14. VCRs filled a niche none of us knew we needed filled at the time. Brand new technology that enabled households to time shift their favorite programing so that it fit better into their lives. Google Glass and 3D TVs are a better comparison as they were iterations on existing tech that didnt really bring new and impactful change. This headset will end up on the same trash heap.
  15. They way people like to throw remotes and poo when their sports team doesnt perform exactly as they would like would seem to be a bad match with a 4 thousand dollar wearable device.
  16. George Marshall had to be forced by the Fed Govt to integrate the Redskins.
  17. If your only metric is wins then yeah But there have been far worse people who owned NFL teams
  18. I predict that these will go the way of Google Glass. They will be a minor blip with those folks that like to try to exist on the bleeding edge of tech but ultimately you'll see minimal market penetration and eventually backlash against their public use with restrictions on where and when you can use them - Not in the coffee shop, not on the airplane, not in the grocery store, etc just like we saw with GG. They dont have a killer app to drive sales. By all reports it is headache inducing after an hour or so for most users and neck straining for virtually everyone. Its a tech solution in search of a problem that doesnt exist.
  19. Too soon to tell. To many variables are still up in the air. Its not headed in the right direction but its a rookie season. Tossing the player out at this point would just compound the problem and and lock it in as a fail.
  20. Imagine making up a story about two people minding their own business in a public place and upsetting yourself so much in that process that you need to come on here looking for some validation for your invented outrage.
  21. Judging people in a WalMart parking lot… glass houses and all of that
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