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  1. So check this out NFL live stream | reddit NFL streams - NFLBite You can watch the panthers anywhere
  2. Came to the thread to make fun of Mr Anderson dude had a stroke and Im feeling like an asshole
  3. nah Only so much hate to go around and with the Bucs and Falcons in our division they eat up all of the hate I can muster
  4. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=cfb+forums During the season this has traditionally been a Panthers specific forum
  5. Other than the accepting the job comment (which is right for the record) Releasing (err not committing to) Cam
  6. With Christine McVie's passing Ive been doing the Fleetwood Mac tunes
  7. In all my years on this and other Panthers forums Ive got to hand it to you. This level of backpedaling and bullshitting is tops. "hurr durr the pats had a HOF QB when they drafted Brady err... PAC 10 HOF and Pats HOF of course! What else could I have been alluding to? 'cause those are deff what I intimated when I said they had a hall of fame QB" fuging LOL Tell me you've played too much Madden without telling me your NFL world view is based on Madden
  8. Its going to get the same kind of response that John Carter got. Gibson, like Burroughs was years ahead of his time and the Sprawl series defined a genre. But Like John Carter (Princess of Mars) what was new fresh and groundbreaking when it was published is going to be received as cliche and derivative at this point. Throw in just a general over exposure of Teller and Im less than excited about the possibilities.
  9. The Pats struggles since TB12 moved on are really eroding Hoodies legacy
  10. Drew Bledsoe HOFer HAHAhhaahahahahHHAhahahhahahaHAHhahahahahaaha!
  11. So you cant. You act like dumping games is the only way forward but when pressed you cant articulate how exactly that approach will pay off. I didnt really expect you to put your money where your mouth is. given two approaches each with unpredictable outcomes Ill take the one that has moments of enjoyment over a future of losing game after game.
  12. Tell me about the world you live in where we trade current misery for a sure fired SB title by losing the next 5. Tell me about the cant miss draft pick that will turn the Panthers into a dynasty for the next 10 years. While youre at it explain how the Hoodie sustained success for so long with low first round picks. Im too old to root for losses. Unless of course youre willing to go on record and tell me who in the 2023 draft class is a cant miss HOFer
  13. No player swap would have done anything to change the fact that Ron didnt specifically game plan for the game and that the Denver D knew exactly what we were going to do before we did it.
  14. The tankers have some serious incel energy
  15. Not one of those that thinks we need 22 choir boys but that tweet... Pretty much over a big red line
  16. God Emporor Quarterback of the United States Its a reddit thing
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