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  1. Didnt want to be the one responsible for getting this tossed to the TB so thanks for saying that in a more level headed way than I would [email protected]
  2. I firmly believe it is some form of perceived display of dominance. Rolling coal, thunderously loud motorcycles, huge pick-up trucks that serve no practical purpose in your life, passive aggressive political stickers, truck nuts, unignorable loud music. All tiny penis moves
  3. Great(ist?) football player. Even greater human being. His run ins with the law dont undo the mountains of good he did in this world
  4. If it was fair catches inside the 5 it would make sense, but letting them fair catch at the 18 and giving them 7 yards is stupid. Inside the 5 is like conceding its going to bounce into the endzone and is "protecting the possession"
  5. If you're the sort to be moved by memorials to fallen soldiers I hear the The American Memorial Chapel at St Paul's is a pretty powerful and humbling visit. Dedicated to the 20k American soldiers that died on British soil during WWII. Its one thing to see our own memorials to our fallen, its quite a different thing when another nation recognizes them.
  6. Not quite as old as LGs long gun but its the oldest one I own. S&W .32 Long CTG - based on the serial number from the early to mid 1920s. Still fires like a champ but those .32 rounds are dirty as hell and your knuckles get pretty nasty after a couple of reloads. Was my wife's grandfathers gun and he carried it regularly. He was a Baptist Minister 'down east"
  7. Tampa - Its personal and not an actual rivalry. I just hate 'em and it always make my day just a touch brighter when they lose. Saints - These wins mean the most to me these days. Falcons - They could be in another division for how little I ever think of them.
  8. Yes the ghost gun situation is a different beast for a different conversation. Im on board with fixed 5 round magazines. Im also in agreement that most if not all weapons would need to have a grandfathering process where current owners would have to do some paperwork but in only the most egregious cases of criminal or mental history would they need to surrender them/offer them for "buy back" programs. Then with the type of strict enforcement that comes with NFA covered weapons and devices you work through weeding out those that didn't follow the law and get those weapons off the streets/out of gun safes. The upside to classifying the weapons as a Title II weapon classification is that with the proper paperwork and background checks (performed by ATF) you could still purchase the weapons and yes even inherit the weapon. Improperly documented weapons or individuals that cant/don't want to pass the vetting process during the disbursement of an estate would result in seizure of the weapon which is exactly going to happen (the latter - my kid has no desire to own it) with a weapon when I pass.
  9. Im not disagreeing but I will say the devil is in the details. For assault rifles the lower receiver is considered by law the "gun". Its the part that is regulated and must have a serial number. Its the part that if you buy an 80% and finish it yourself or 3D print that makes your weapon a "ghost gun". One of its primary functions is of course the port for the detachable magazine along side of being the trigger housing and the central part most other parts attach to. If you mandate that all future lowers have a fixed magazine it veers off into the whole banning assault rifles which is what I was trying to get LG to understand earlier, as you are fundamentally changing the "gun" part of the weapon.
  10. I think Id have to put Jenkins above Short. It may be time messing with my old brain but I remember games that he regularly seemed to be on the other side of the ball before the QB knew he had it. Dude was a monster.
  11. Then try this math. The gate is a predetermined split between the home team and the visitors. The concessions and swag... That's straight into the owners pocket and its millions of dollars.
  12. The sooner you realize the goal for any owner is not a Lombardi the better off you'll be. Its Asses In Seats (AIS). Yeah a Lombardi is nice and all and it can in the short term boost those AIS numbers but its a short term thing unless you can figure out how to build the next Patriots Dynasty. Loosing on purpose. That's antithetical to those AIS numbers and a damned fine way to scuttle AIS numbers for seasons to come.
  13. Cullenator

    Diablo IV

    Ill play it when it comes out but Ill never pre-order a game again in my life.
  14. Since we are playing the rewrite history game... We beat the Bucs. We get all emotional and cry together over our plucky never give in attitude and go on a tear to lift the Lombardy in Az while the chiefs fans pout.
  15. If I had to guess... In war movies around the time when the M1-Garand was the infantry rifle of choice (WWII & Korea) the term clip got stuck in the vernacular. It used the En-block clip pictured above. Inertia, lazy writers, and a public that became accustomed to that word being appropriate for anything that held cartridges allowed it to persist even though it is technically wrong.
  16. I get that they can and do hype story lines but week one everyone is going to be watching the games irrespective of whatever hype they throw together. Now getting eyes on the chuckleheads they want us to watch for 3 or 4 hours prior to kickoff... Thats a different story
  17. Does anyone really think the NFL needs story lines to pull eyeballs week 1? Week 8-17 they need to gin up reasons for some folks to watch but week one every team and their fans are full of optimism and hope that they will either continue their dominance or that this is their year to be that surprise team.
  18. Not doing this with you anymore. You say you are for some gun regulation, in this case banning detachable magazines. I point out the logical conclusion of that ban. You move the goal posts. I don't have the energy or desire to play this game especially with someone who is being intentionally obtuse. The last word is yours
  19. Not confused. Exasperated We spent a whole page talking about Assault Rifles and just at the point we were about to come to some measure of agreement you realized you were talking about making them illegal. All of a sudden you are talking about a very specific weapon made by a very specific manufacturer and our common usage of AR (which had at no time been in question) becomes Assault Rifle to me and AR-15 to you. I was unambiguous in my usage, only abbreviating to AR after multiple uses of Assault Rifle. That's the kind of poo that earns people labels like gun nut
  20. Im simply working from the two most common definitions of the required qualities and in both cases that detachable magazine is pivotal. If pulling that feature gets us a step forward and closer together on reform Ill take it. Any carbine without a detachable magazine is simply not by definition an AR as we currently define them. If that becomes the law of the land and then people want to take on folding stocks, pistol grips. forward grips, Picatinny rails, et. al. Ill fight those fights that make sense when I have to.
  21. At which point is ceases to meat the definition of an AR. Retrofit any AR and bingo-bango no more AR We are actually agreeing even if you cant bring yourself to say it.
  22. Yep and we have banned ARs by all common definitions.
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