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  1. Of course they were at the game. It was in Charlotte. Why wouldn't they go?
  2. Kerry Collins tops my list and will forever. He walked away from the team and the fans. " I can't do this anymore."
  3. IMO what happened was Rhule watched the film and saw that the play calling did not improve or change as we shuffled from Teddy to Sam to PJ to Cam. I believe Rhule expected changes especially with Cam. Brady was not giving any of them a chance for success because he was sticking to his playbook no matter who was under center or what Rhule said. That's the kiss of death for any coordinator. It'll be the 6th in his career. He can handle it.
  4. If you do Twitter, the Panthers posted a ticket give away!! Go to Twitter to retweet.
  5. I'm thinking that the December 12th Falcons game will be 90/10 Panther fans for sure. It'll be more important this week that the Panther fans that are there are LOUD.
  6. I really liked Del Rio when he was with us. And still do. I wish he hadn't left although a head coaching job would be hard to turn down. He's trying to stay neutral with what he's saying but it's obvious he doesn't know Cam at all. Guess he didn't see the film with Cam's remark to Clay Matthews about watching film. He just gave Cam the biggest incentive even if Cam says, nah. You can take that to the bank.
  7. I'm glad to hear that your brother is doing better and I hope he truly gets better every day. Yeah, I was tearing up through that part of your post. I'm an optimist by nature, always have been and always will be. I also 100% support the players of teams I support, hoping for the best from every one of them. As fans, we have no choice but to ride with those we have. So, yes, I was pulling for Sam even though I remained upset that Cam was let go. It was almost like last year with Teddy never happened. It didn't work. Now Cam is back and I am one very happy fan. He has a lot to teach the team, especially Rhule who I doubt ever had any college player like him. I'm looking forward to it all no matter how it works out.
  8. I don't think they have Miller start. The o-line that works well needs to stay together and they know that. But we need depth and Miller is that. It's always good when someone comes off IR.
  9. Carter also knows Turner and Rivera well. So does Haynes and Jackson. Coach Snow is listening to all of them.
  10. Can you do a write-in vote for Pro Bowl? Asking for a friend. Or rather, thousands of Carolina friends.
  11. It sucks. Happens in regular life too. Health is so important.
  12. You see Tom Brady do it all the time. There's a certain technique to throwing the ball to either get the catch or PI and a smart WR is the other end of the equation. IMO if DJ hadn't been mugged he would've made the catch but, because he was being mugged before the ball got there, it would've been PI even if Cam had thrown a better ball.
  13. I read yahoo! all the time, news and sports. Less bias to either side and it avoids paywalls.
  14. I hope Rhule has learned that it takes more than just the coach to motivate. Cam, Cam, Cam! Pie me, me, me!!
  15. Best of all we broke the 3rd quarter curse. Touchdown Two point conversion Sacks Cam is a unicorn!!!!!!!!
  16. I woke up thinking this was going to be a boring as usual Thursday. Ravens v Dolphins, eh. Then saw the text about Cam!! Best Thursday ever. We need a little Throwback Thursday. 2015 v Cowboys Cam dances.mp4
  17. Same guy. He also worked for the Panthers for a couple of years between working with Cam. Moved from the Northwest (Seattle?) to Charlotte. Nflpanthers07 on youtube. He posted this a month ago.
  18. With the CMC and Darnold injury designation changes today, Steve and Brian Belichick plus Matt Patricia are going to be very busy boys tonight.
  19. That's the rub. None of our other RBs block better than CMC.
  20. At the very least Sam will backup PJ. They haven't activated either of our PS QBs so it's Sam and PJ on Sunday. Who starts will be a game time decision. McCaffrey better have the best hamstring in the NFL for all the time off with what some considered a minor injury. Need stronger calf massage tools too.
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