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  1. Hey Luke, your dog is crapping on my lawn again
  2. I still feel like "us" would have a Lombardi if he had been on the team in '15
  3. For the first time ever, I can comfortably go into the season knowing the team won't go 7-9
  4. Teddy the floater? Sounds like a new nickname
  5. Our daughter died when she was 11 months old and her heart went to a boy about her same age in Kentucky. 18 years later we get cards at every one of his birthdays. I will tell you from very close personal experience that in many cases transplants go well and last a long time.
  6. I'll only buy into that as one of Darnolds TDs will probably be a screen to McCaffrey. He make 12 Jets miss tackles and takes it 60 yards to the house. That just seems like something McCaffrey would do. Also seems like something the Jets would do.
  7. I was really hoping we would. Live in the Dallas area and went to that game in '15. Man that seems so long ago.
  8. #4 would still be better than most of the wide outs they brought in for Cam
  9. I searched for pissed off Falcons fan and it broke Google. Apparently, it was too many results
  10. You wrote all that on your phone??? What were you in line at the DMV?
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