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  1. Erickson gets points for not being stupid and jumping on that
  2. Carolina Panthers T-Shirt, Joggers, Ugg Slippers Section:al Sofa Seat: In fronta the TV
  3. Y’all are killing me lmao
  4. Welcome back Maize Sr
  5. OP carved out a special spot in being able to do what @TheSpecialJuandoes and it be cool cause it’s @TheSpecialJuan lol
  6. Possibly, what I’m most excited about is the chemistry of the defense. They feel close. You could see and feel the chemistry in 2015, doesn’t mean it’ll be the same result but in year 2 of the new regime it is encouraging to see that culture already present to build on with young players.
  7. poo gonna get spooky if we actually trade for Watson.
  8. Almost makes you wonder if the mental therapy somehow made it worse for him once he started missing kicks in preseason. Possibly more in his head than before the therapy.. who knows but wish him luck. Seems like a good guy overall.
  9. Once he settles down, he will be good. Automatically like his style much better than Teddy. Whether it works out or not, I’d rather watch Sam in our offense.
  10. We spent a draft pick on a great college long snapper, I’d be surprised if we didn’t take a Kicker next year
  11. Just told this to a friend a mine. Literally word by word. Luckily he doesn’t have to be the main guy and can improve in the background
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