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  1. I hope we trade whatever it takes to get the 1st pick and draft our franchise QB. It's a perfect storm in so many ways that in my mind it makes sense. We have a good enough team to win the division next year if said 1st overall pick plays even half way decent. The future picks won't mean much if we're making the playoffs. How often is the top overall team not drafting a QB because they have their QB in place? The availability of the top overall pick when there is a potential franchise QB in the draft class is only once that I can think of with Goff and Wentz. We have the perfect coaching staff in place to groom our future QB. Trade what it takes. The top 3 picks next year(QBs) may not even be available for trade if they are QB needy teams for the people saying trade up next year.
  2. With how weak the division looks to be next year and the Panthers possibly having an easy path to the playoffs do you think that will affect the front offices decision to trade up this year for a QB? The 19th pick is the lowest pick for a playoff team. Will Fitterer take this into account and value our future 1st round picks less thinking we will win the division easily next year. If we do not trade up for QB this year the price may cost a lot more to trade up if we win the division next year.
  3. wesley17


    I really like how our O-line has turned out. They will only get better as the year progresses and hopefully with a new coach and QB next year we can have a turn around with a Offensive minded coach.
  4. I wouldn't mind trading for Mason Plumlee if the price was right. He had a career year last year and could probably be had for a future 1st. He doesn't fit with Detroits rebuild timeline.
  5. If I'm not mistaken wouldn't the Texans have to eat all the guaranteed money? Watson's guaranteed money is a little less than $111 million with almost $74 million of that guaranteed at signing. He got a $27 million signing bonus. So if we're getting Watson at a deeply discounted rate I think it's 100% worth 3 1st round picks.
  6. thanks for the feedback i'll add the kingkiller series to my wish list. i've read good reviews on it
  7. i ordered the walking dead compendium also. i think its the first 46 comics in a paperback book. not bad for $35
  8. before asoiaf i've been reading alot of zombie novels. i like the whole post apocalyptic scenario and i read the first three dexter books. i still need to read fear and loathing also.
  9. just ordered the hunger games trilogy. has anybody read this or know if its any good. or any suggestion of books that are as good as game of thrones?
  10. just ordered a game of thrones 4 book bundle for $23. hope it's as good as yaw say it is. also got day by day armageddon (1 and 2), the infection and patient zero. i've been hooked on zombie novels since WWZ. I also want to pick up EX-Heroes seems like a cool book.
  11. looking to buy a new book today. so should i go with the forever war or a game of throwns? or both?
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