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  1. Excited to watch young, hungry players trying to make a name for themselves. A whole different era compared to Ron’s vets only squad days.
  2. I’m betting on him. Bought a 1/1 autographed rookie card of his for $65 a few months ago. Hopefully it ends up a huge profit down the road, unlike all these Beason and D Will auto cards I’m sitting on smh…
  3. “ItS pReSeaSoN” These people will be the same ones finding new excuses when the same issues occur during the regular season.
  4. Coaches are saving the panic for the actual season because they have no backup. If he implodes in the preseason, they’re f’d and they know it. We’re banking everything on a player who has been mediocre or poo from college to pro.
  5. Bringing in competition would make people think Rhule has doubts on his decisions on who to play. He’s a mental midget and would never allow that. Now he’ll always have QB1 to blame alone if he shits the bed.
  6. That’s one hell of a lifeless, devout troll.
  7. Rumor has it, Horn’s still holding on to that jersey as I type this…
  8. No behind the scene photoshoots from Jeremy either… I miss those days…
  9. “there are Trapper Keepers full of notes on 250 lb. Division III offensive tackles with 2nd round grades.“ You killed it man. Good poo.
  10. So, we have a GM that knows what he’s doing. I dig it.
  11. They must’ve really hated Teddy, because this is quite a downgrade and waste of picks. I wonder who they’d eyeing in the 1st.
  12. Teams deliberately attacking our safeties.. Over and over
  13. Funny thing I've noticed.. every team has the best WR in the league until they play the Panthers (thanks JNo)
  14. How on earth do Shula and Harper have jobs still.
  15. Another great write up... almost makes me want to like your book FB page...
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