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  1. Nah we’re drafting a QB and letting him “learn” behind Sam, that way when we’re 2-6 mid season, Rhule can bench Sam and blame him and when we end up 4-13 he can end the season blaming the rook. Two for one excuses!!! Just what Rhule loves!
  2. I have 0 faith Tepper would bring in anyone better. Clearly he wasn’t part of the winning culture choices made in Pitts.
  3. Rhule is just going to bring in ANOTHER qb he can’t use and blame them.
  4. Rhule got his guys/chances at QB with teddy and darnold… he doesn’t need to set us back any further.
  5. Yessss yessss keep making that autographed rookie card climb in value yesssss
  6. Well the writing is on the wall. This move was made now, bc if things don’t change and the season doesn’t end strong, Rhule is toast at the end of the season.
  7. We should be worried about tanking. Whatever gets use closer to drafting first needs to happen. Feel good wins can suck a dick.
  8. Whoever is playing QB at USC will be our guy. Rhule likes playing shiny pieces of trash for QB.
  9. Tepper may not even like his new toy anymore. He might just ride Rhule the whole way into trash land.
  10. Our WR routes are the worst. No one has gotten separation in years. It’s pathetic.
  11. I feel like the coach has lost this team. Seems like little to no effort from the younger players.
  12. Same. Can’t bring in a scrub who brings in his fellow college scrubs. DJ Moore needs to learn how to catch again or he can hit the road as well.
  13. I still think holding calls are too wishy washy and can really be detrimental to teams. 10 yards for a slight pull on a jersey is bullshit and most of the time it’s the defender selling the call. If they hold your jersey for 3 seconds sure, but barely tugging on it and then a ref being allowed to practically dictate a game over something like that is stupid and needs changed. but yea.. poorly coached team and this stat reflects it.
  14. I had no problems with the play calling. The offense did enough to win. The defense has to make stops on 4th downs and 3rd and longs, simple as that.
  15. We’re built to stop pass heavy teams, which this league is turning into to. Our defense did enough outside of stopping a couple of crucial plays on 4th and 3rd and long. D Jax got exposed, outside of that we did alright all around.
  16. If that was the equivalent to someone working an average job, Snow would be fired tomorrow.
  17. Rhule is as bad as the fans in the stadium. High school level poo.
  18. I don’t even care if we just cut him. I don’t want to see his face again.
  19. I noticed that too. Went to re-follow him and found… ghosts. No pun.
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