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  1. Nah trade all the bullshit picks 3rd round or lower for another 2nd or get into the 1st. Anyone after 2nd round for us is usually ass and doesn’t stay long.
  2. We’re trippin way too hard on 8 sacks, 32 tackles and mediocre at best run D… we dodged a bullet not paying what the Giants did.
  3. We want the #1 overall pick next year. QBs will feast and set records against our defense.
  4. If they think Bryce is the future then this the correct play. Sadly, they’re investing time and resources into the wrong QB.
  5. As long as he can develop our #1 overall QB in 2025, I’m good.
  6. We've been conditioned to accept mediocre options as our best choice.
  7. If anyone should be paid a decent chunk of change, it should be him. He has the qualities of a leader to build around. Keep Brown around and pray Glass Horn can make it a full season and we'll be sitting alright on D.
  8. Man.... Shocker is quintupling down that Bryce is going to be someone in the league... all for him to make 3 posts on here saying, "I told you so!!!". Admirable and cringe all wrapped up into one.
  9. No one needs convinced we made the wrong choice. Everyone knows it. Even pro Bryce fans are resorting to the falsehood of “he couldn’t carry this team ahyuckkk durrrrr” to defend him, blatantly ignoring the fact that Carolina was A LOT better than the Texans last year and we added more talent going into this season, and he’s carrying that team. This isn’t a valid defense and is really grasping at straws. I keep seeing it as a last resort from BY fan boys all over social media. Bryce supporters can’t refute CJ is the better player, there’s just pure delusion and doubling down on the hope that Young resembles anything of an NFL QB1 next year. The only support BY should have now is from fans cheering only because he’s the Panthers QB, bc he’s not better than any other starter and definitely not CJ.
  10. Where are those like 3-4 fan boys at? They had a lot to say mid season, but I don’t see poo now that their trash QB never turned it around.
  11. Not even watching and already know Bryce is stinking it up.
  12. Panthers can propel themselves 15-18 feet off the ground, further than Bryce Young can throw. Panthers weigh 100-160lbs, making them weigh more than Bryce Young. Panthers height to their shoulders range from 24-28 inches, making them taller than Bryce Young.
  13. Let’s talk about this next year or the year after, when he’s still ass
  14. Pretty sure that’s why he said, bc that’s all everyone else ever tells him.
  15. And he’s worlds better than the QB starting for us who some people actually defend… Living in a clown world!
  16. Lol @ people who bet on the panthers. This team’s poo. Hopefully we draft a QB bc I’ll say it again, YOUNG AINT IT!!!!!
  17. I hope the defense just leaves the field. Pointless to try when the offense(QB) doesn’t do poo.
  18. Lots of terrible games to pick from, unfortunately.
  19. He actually had a decent game for the conditions given.. kept it mistake free for the most part. Too bad every game isn't rainy, so we can get by on his usual 160 yards and FGs.
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