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  1. ... Is he saying that guys didn't put their bodies on the line in order to commit to the plan?
  2. No, but I do not trust the current staff to do so equitably
  3. If I'm not mistaken, you are one of the haters in my thread
  4. I made a thread about KR during training camp, and was largely derided for having any amount of optimism. I also made a thread about how YGM would be a non-factor...
  5. His prerogative. It's whatever, but it's not like I'm alone.
  6. If Tepper doesn't care if the team is successful, then I'm done being a fan.
  7. No way to be sure, but I could imagine the thought of thousands upon thousands of commuters getting a laugh at the team's expense could push the movement over the top...
  8. Finally! I'm glad someone is taking the lead on this. I would suggest setting up a GoFundMe as well, which could be shared to the Panthers Reddit and on Facebook. In my mine, ideally, there would also be some concise points on the billboard outlining Tepper/Rhule's failure. That way, the billboard would not be so easily written off.
  9. At minimum, Tepper "needs" to provide an explanation to the fanbase if Rhule is retained, with details of improvements that have/will be made to the organization...
  10. Can someone please start a GoFund me to have a "FIRE RHULE" billboard erected in Charlotte? I've got $100 on it. Including something about Tepper getting duped as well.
  11. I'd offer what it takes to keep him. He is our best pass rusher.
  12. Yeah this is Pep getting married all over again
  13. Oh come on, you're taking this from the coach + propaganda arm of the Panthers' organization as gospel?
  14. I can't tell if this is the smuggest man or the most sincere man I've ever seen.
  15. Same. I'll still check the board, but I can't bring myself to witness the rest of this season
  16. Ran into Ken Lucas years ago (true story) at camp. I walked away with the impression he was hitting on me
  17. 6th round pick for a half year rental. No clue on what the long term plan is, but the team thinks that they can when this year and I'm here for it.
  18. From my perspective, from the opening Dallas drive at least, we were simply being manhandled. Not sure what adjustments can fix that
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