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  1. Damn, on first look I thought I saw YGM giving Wilson a straight up hammer fist after the play.
  2. The score doesn't bother me in the slightest. I do see individual performance issues that need to be addressed, however. Keep in mind it's largely a game of matchups. Some teams just match up better against others (perhaps only in key areas), while still not being the superior team overall. As you may recall, during the mid-2010s, we seemed to have New England's number--as we beat them several times over the course of that period. Were we a better team during that time than New England? Absolutely not.
  3. This is at least the second time I've heard NFL exces actually weighing in on YGM. So I guess he's not a JAG to the pro personnel people.
  4. The top three weaknesses in his draft profile don't seem to jive with his RAS explosion grade. Maybe it's a technique thing that can be cleared up...
  5. Help me understand: Is dead cap money that we're still actually paying the player? Or is it money we just can't use? Surprised to see Luke on this list... *edit: Wow, Luke only retired in Jan 2020. Feels like years ago.
  6. That's great and everything, but once the starters at LB begin going down it may be a different story
  7. LB, maybe even low-key S. Depth at LB may force Chinn to play that position again.
  8. When does the waiver wire start? Today?
  9. Yeah, and no recent injury that I'm aware of...
  10. He's a starting safety, so I hope he's still with the team. It would be beyond stupid to cut him.
  11. Sunk cost fallacy, because Fletcher is yipping it up
  12. CJ Saunders to the PS hopefully
  13. OK, so what role on special teams specifically makes this worthwhile? Anyone know? Gunner like Greg Hardy?
  14. I would trade for him. 2nd or 3rd, and work out his contract with the intent of shelving him for two years until this resolved and/or blows over. Just being honest.
  15. Did I just scroll through this whole thread and not see Matt Kalil?
  16. Let's keep saying "Scott Finesser" until it makes its way to the media.
  17. If we implemented a majority WCO system I would be deeply disappointed, honestly. It's the most boring thing to watch.
  18. If y'all need another reason to poo on Slye, there's this too:
  19. I would certainly not be willing to castrate myself over football...
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