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  1. Here's a picture from my encounter. I noticed the book in Baker's hand, and it appears to be the following: https://books.google.com/books/about/In_a_Pit_with_a_Lion_on_a_Snowy_Day.html?id=7g4GFBzTI6QC#v=onepage&q&f=false The byline is "How to survive and thrive when opportunity roars"
  2. Yeah that experience totally destroyed the media narrative for me
  3. Signing? Yeah. Not sure if he stuck around or not
  4. Went to TC today. Baker is a great dude. He gave a practice ball away to my disabled brother in law. Spent a good amount of time talking to him and taking pictures. I was totally blown away
  5. I can't understand why for the life of me. Plug Terrace in as #3. It's not like he's going to lose you games in that role, and he has tremendous upside.
  6. (Fake) Robbie Anderson's recent comment got me thinking. What would Sam need to do to reach the HoF. 75 touchdown year? 10,000 passing yards?
  7. I think @kungfoodude was referring to the time (times?) Odell's dad poo on Baker on the internet.
  8. We don't know each other, but I'm planning on going on the 5th. I'll have my kid and my disabled brother in law with me. He's a huge fan. Any tips on getting autographs for him?
  9. It would be literally laughable if they did this following picking up Sam's fifth year last season
  10. Would agree but minus the noise making
  11. Totally. I'm just not counting on CMC... And I feel like DJ is on the cusp of being one of those guys in space, but not quite there.
  12. I am excited at the potential. There's a ton of it. Horn bounces back to his play early last season, CJ puts it together, Jackson actually has one of his "up" years, and Rhodes plays well. If it all comes together there is a lot to like. I think it mostly comes down to coaching. The raw talent in the secondary (we have I think three 9.90+ RAS guys) is there.
  13. Yeah we need to put Chinn in a position to make plays near the LOS. I'd like to see his pass rushing moves.
  14. Right but I thought the OP was implying it was a bread and butter thing. Fair enough, but what players do we have that do well in space? We don't have a freak like Tyreek.
  15. Not sure how Baker's deep ball is going to work in a WCO.. edited to add that WCO sucks and is hella boring
  16. Baker has been brought in to start. The FO knows what a distraction he would become if he was forced to be the backup
  17. Depends. What system is he coming from, and how does that compare to ours? If it's a good fit, we honestly might be able to make some noise.
  18. Kinda hard to deny at this point. Regardless of if you like it or not.
  19. What is the cap implication for cutting Sam?
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