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  1. Cam looks or acts nothing like a thug!
  2. No they are regular NCO marines. Could be reserves though.
  3. I think there is to much time left in TC not to mention watching him in preseason when it counts to make any decisions on if he will be on the 53 man roster. I will say I hope he plays well at game time given his speed. In the words of Gman you cannot teach speed. Given his speed he could make a difference if he can master his trade.
  4. Could he be stashed on the PS or will someone likely pick him up?
  5. I panicked having Oher at LT some time ago so this does not surprise me. This is one area I disagree with G-man
  6. Agreed everything Ricky accomplished as a WR was through hard work and being a smart player.If any of this can rub off on some of these faster guys would be great.
  7. ​Same thing was said about Ricky Proel as a receiver.It is just as much about getting seperation, route running,etc that make a good receiver.
  8. He just does have the upside as some but I like a Ricky Proel type of player
  9. http://www.rantcars.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/sweet-jump.gif
  10. I think what you are trying to say is you want to see him viewed as an elite QB. Not to many of them around.
  11. I would rather live in San Diego too after this winter
  12. I think the current philosophy is building the team through the draft and get our finances in order. This is a marathon not a sprint which sucks if you are impatient like me.
  13. It appears the only way we are going to get better this year is through the draft and player development. I get it but would have liked to see us get better on the OL, WR, and safety.
  14. It sounds like wishful thinking to me. I believe he also liked Bells chances but he know more than me.Just saying....
  15. I cannot see what he brings to the table
  16. My opinion is Gettlemen is getting paid to put together championship teams not saving JR a few bucks despite his actions in the past. He needs to get this contract done to see what money he will have to spend in other places. I think the question is does Gettlemen view him as opposed to Cam's agent. In the NFL the franchise QB seems to have the upper hand,
  17. No one know what actually happened but when the caller uses the word" beating" it raises doubt. If GH was beating her she would have had more than a few scratches and bruises. If the caller says GH grabbed her or pushed her down it may be more believable to me and consistent with what the police described. Both the girl and GH state she was hitting him with her shoes so him grabbing her to restrain her is plausible.It appears some type of struggle took place but not a beat down. Alcohol plus emotions = quarrels that get out of hand. Just the fact that Greg put himself in this position may cost him a long term contract with the Panthers.
  18. The neighbors call to 911 is not consistent with with the injuries. If Hardy was beating on you, you would have more than scratches and bruises. If she looked so bad why would the police not have arrested him on the spot? Why would she not been sent to the hospital? Hardy did the right thing by calling 911. This girl was probably drunk and or coked up. She was pissed and embellished the story even further . The lesson for Greg is to stay away from crazy bitches
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