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  1. I've heard on Pat McAfee show that guy's sometimes get injured/reinjured doing work outside the stadium. Then force themselves through the first practice to make sure they are "injured" in camp. Because there are clauses in contracts that limit pay if injured outside the stadium.
  2. Seems like press 2 man. Not sure why the safety isn't over top. But if it's because he held him because of the te over the middle. It's the right read, and zyl beat/replaced his man. The trow is way off though
  3. Yes cmc had some injuries, but I think he also got shut down early twice because the season wasn't going anywhere. Him not playing would only result in a higher draft pick. Unpopular take: but that seemed like rhule took care of the health and longevity of his players over 1-2 wins. Or cmc is just injury prone and will never have a full season, who knows. Just wondering how many players make it through a season without any missed time.
  4. Draft a qb at six, plug him in. If you see something special, even in the losses you found someone and can build with the high pick next year. If he stinks like darnold you draft a qb high again. Like arizona (kyle). Wasted pick yes, but I think you keep shooting until you find your guy. Maybe we find our herbert. Who knows it's a gamble always (see darnold for example).
  5. It might be the strength darnold is trowing it with. Teddy's balls all seem to be soft touch balls when he was here. Now he's trowing fastballs because he has wide outs that can catch those???
  6. When is the last time a special teams coordinator is fired mid season. Sure is looking that way here. The kicker issues, punts to short/to long.the Bocking on field goals and now punts. The fake field goal touch back. The short kickoffs. It's not looking good
  7. Don't like or hate the turf. But it might be the cause of horn's injury. Not a doctor but the hamstring injury is a explosive movement injury don't think the turf does anything in this regards. Might even be because he did come off the field? When the mussle goes cold and you stress is explosively you have more risk of a tear.
  8. Really depends on the grade of the tear. I've had a sizeable tear once and took 2 months to rehab. Pulled that same hammy 3 more times during the years following. Can be a nasty injury. Nfl players are a different breed though. This will hurt us. My guess 4-6 weeks The horn injury will impact even more I think. Most great nfl teams have 3 good wr options. We had 2 good defenders, and a sheme to overcome #29's coverage. Horn also played the slot a bit and when he did he took away that option with his close-up playstyle. cowboys will score.
  9. I did heard a podcast of around the nfl. Where they go and explain some of the metrics. But it's not only based on stats. It's for a lb, for example beating your block/being in the correct gap. Including the strength of the offensive line that you were playing. Same goes for offense line. You win all your 1v1 but the dline had a bad rating you will not get a high grade. Not saying it's perfect, but they take more into account then just the stats. I love chinn as a player, but if you look at the all 22 in pass coverage he isn't the greatest, and he is out of position quite a bit. His speed makes him recover quickly. Will only get better though. Young player that will get good, if they play his strengths. Just my 2 cents
  10. Great rush. But easy lane because the tackle stepped wide to account for redick. So indeed scheme pressure.
  11. Good for him, stand up guy...sounds grown up. After seeing another presser the man needs to grow a beard. To go with the grown up talk. Dudes all neck.
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