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  1. Someone threw a flaming bag of turds on his front porch?
  2. Fitt needs a new jacket. Or at least another jacket.
  3. Depends. Like I said earlier, I doubt there is discovery in arbitration. IF there was discovery, Tepper can get phone records, emails, everything. If Rhule pushed for a backloaded contract. Contracts aren't one way streets. Nebraska could have sent over a contract and Rhule told his attorney to adjust the compensation to backload it, and as long as Nebraska was fine with that, they wouldn't have objected. Contracts are negotiated. It all depends on who's idea was it to backload the contract; especially if it's fully guaranteed. If they were THAT cool with paying him no matter what, then there wouldn't be offset language. Rhule could have sat and taken it all. But he didn't. And knew there was offset language. Did Rhule negotiate the contract structure a certain way to negate the offset language? We can only speculate at this point. I can almost guarantee Tepper won't pay poo if Rhule was the source of the backloaded contract. And Rhule will probably owe Tepper attorney fees for the trouble. But again all speculation without discovery. I still say Tepper has a strong case in arbitration.
  4. If he purposely backloaded the Nebraska contract to circumvent the offset clause, then it is playing games. What else would you call that?
  5. Anything that nets a possible franchise qb. You have to take a shot if there is conviction.
  6. I thought this too. I was surprised Wilks didn't come up. But then that turf question...
  7. With this context, I agree Tepper doesn't owe him poo. It'll all come down to the wording of the contract. It's arbitration and this is a strong argument. Don't know if arbitration has a discovery process, but Rhule might not have a leg to stand on with this.
  8. I'd say at this stage it somewhat is. Obviously the QB room is very important, and he said they've had some conversations about current players. But let's be honest, player evaluations isn't what he's doing right now. He needs a staff, first and foremost. I doubt Reich has evaluated very much tape at all. He's had the job for two days, the question was too soon.
  9. Wasn't he interim OC when Joe Brady was fired? And wasn't he even worse?
  10. Best news all day. Oline should be just as good if not better than last year if the starting 5 remain unchanged.
  11. I'd actually be okay with this too - with Reich calling the plays.
  12. This is the tweet people are basing their assumptions on. It doesn't say he has any commitments, or anyone lined up, or anything like that. He's talked to a bunch of people already. Nothing more, nothing less. I think this means more or less instead of "here's a list of people I'd like to talk to" Frank Reich said "here's a list of people I've already talked to".
  13. The tweet didn't say anyone was committed, it just said he'd already interviewed several candidates. Essentially getting a leg up on the coordinator search. But no indication anyone was locked in.
  14. My biggest concern is the second choice is Bradley. Do not want.
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