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  1. Did you watch the game? You should go watch the highlights, even just the first 3 minutes. I mean, I get you have a feeling, but prolly should use your eyes instead.
  2. It could also be the read order of the play. Zylstra was open-ish and there may have been hesitation because of how tight the window would be, then the decision to take off. You don't usually skip your first read if that is open. Really, really hard to say what happened here though, and why the ball didn't go out. He had 3 guys open at different points. Did he look to Ian first? I can't tell if he ever looked that far. If so, he didn't give the play enough time to develop, because he was the most open target of the 3 open receivers. Moore was also open and could have been thrown open even more, but Moore was likely the last read and he never got that far.
  3. Cap can be manipulated. Draft picks cannot be very well. So to me, picks>>>>>>>cap.
  4. If they blitz every down we are either going to be destroyed or we'll pick them apart. It's impossible to know with this team. Will the defense get back on track? Will our oline and Cam fall apart vs their blitzes? It really could go either way. On paper we should win this very easily, but we should have won last week fairly easily.
  5. Moore was wide open but I'm not sure what happened. It would have been a real long bomb and idk if Cam thought it was too far or just too late. Either way, timing was completely wrong on that play which is why there was the snafu with Tremble on the sideline.
  6. There is one other guy who has a QB school in MD maybe? He sure did love Darnold after the Texans game though so idk. https://www.youtube.com/c/AllThingsQB
  7. Just one note, Sean Ryan had nothing to do with Teddy Bridgewater. Jake Peetz was QB coach last year. This is Sean Ryan's first year with the Panthers.
  8. I always thought MLB was a need. Not very high on the list, but definitely a need.
  9. Tepper said after firing Ron something like he might not get it right on the first try. Hopefully the first one takes us to the super bowl, but it might take a few tries at coaching staffs. Be patient. Also one other thing about Tepper. I hear a lot about impatience; there is almost a narrative that he isn't a patient person, which this is mostly centered around QB's. You have to remember his day job is on Wall Street. There is an adage that goes "The stock market is an instrument to transfer money from the impatient to the patient." David Tepper is good at the stock market which means he is 1. patient and 2. unemotional.
  10. Sam Darnold held us back quite a bit this year. That loss to the Giants? He threw 3 picks. That's on Sam. You don't win games when you throw 3 picks. That wasn't the only game like that either. The Patriots game was just as bad. Eagles he threw several picks, etc. If Sam Darnold wasn't our QB, we would be pretty much a lock for the playoffs at this point. The Darnold decision was on the coaching staff/FO. But so is the Cam decision. (You can speculate differently, but until there is evidence, all it is is fantasy.) Too little too late? Maybe, sure, but potentially having a good QB going into next year IS promising.
  11. He has been the best at LT for weeks now. Since post-Giants game his play at LT has taken massive steps forward. Rookie was bad first half the season? No poo sherlock. Also just cause this place calls someone a bust after 7 games and limited snaps just shows how idiotic this place can be. On top of that, I'm convinced 25% of posters here are actually fans of other teams from other fansites that are here simply to troll. It's the only explanation for some of the truly mentally handicapped takes here.
  12. Sometimes great OC's make shitty HC's. See Josh McDaniels for example. Look, I wouldn't die on this hill, it's just a thought based on him taking play calling duties from Andy Reid and going lights out for a year and a half.
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