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  1. I am still optimistic about Bryce. Not so much about this team and staff in general.
  2. Yep same. I doubt I watch another game this year. When Panthers football brings me joy, I'll pay more attention. No time right now for misery.
  3. I'm sooo glad I never even turned this game on. Panthers are toxic rn
  4. Why is our offense entirely screens and runs up the gut?
  5. Maybe because they watch the tape, see the hate, and feel the need to speak up to people less knowledgable in the subject matter. Or maybe they think calling a player a bust after two games is unwarranted so people are swinging too far the other way to counterbalance. There is definitely a disconnect between fans, the media, and experts regarding Bryce Young.
  6. I know soft defense and all, but you saw it on that last touchdown play monday night. Like, he played loose because it didn't matter and pulled out a touchdown in the chaos that was that play. We need more of that.
  7. This is what the fan base wants him to do though. "He's holding the ball too long", which means - just throw it at somebody no matter how many defenders are in the area! This fan base isn't going to bitch if he throws a few ints per game he would just get the ball out quicker and be decisive. Do I need to /s?
  8. Dude, is it kinda itchy, because that's a hemorrhoid you're describing.
  9. I think they were both the same play. The false start f'd it up, so they ran it again later. Pretty sure it was a trick play. Pulled Bryce for the QB sneak, everybody in the stadium knows it's a sneak, but then it's not a sneak. Play doesn't work if you leave Bryce in. Andy Dalton was the sales pitch.
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