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  1. Mayfield was spotted in a Washington brewery recently, just outside Seattle....
  2. You can't pick up a player's 5th year option in their 3rd year. Dude's trolling.
  3. Hmm, I think what's going on here is the Panthers are about the only team with the cap space and the media is putting two and two together. If *we* aren't interested, there aren't many other options to take those contracts. If we aren't interested, there is no story. I do think Fitt is fueling this though, anonymously. If someone asks him if we are interested in such and such player, his answer will ALWAYS be something to the effect of "never say never" which, to the media, means enthusiastically YES, if it fits the narrative they are wanting to discuss.
  4. The writer isn't wrong. The coach is a question mark, though I think we upgraded the coaching staff overall. And Sam Darnold is Sam Darnold. With an elite coach we could do better. With at least an average QB we could do better. We do not have either, thus hard to say we win any games. Sadly, in Corral we trust.
  5. They aren't good. His TD/Int is better than when he is under pressure though. Just off memory, that's something like 7-6 vs 2-7 last year. "Reasonably effective" isn't what I would call it, but I understand someone employed by the panthers can't say "the starting QB is trash on a good day and a dumpster fire on a bad one."
  6. That's not a great solution if CMC goes down though. You don't want to be moving your #1 WR to RB for very many snaps. Typically they've used Moore on Jet sweeps/end arounds kind of plays.
  7. But that's speculation. Maybe it's correct and maybe it's not. Hopefully people understand that and people aren't buying into rando's opinions as fact. A lot of speculation here is taken as fact and ran with because it's what people want to think. It bothers me a lot because poo like that gets people killed when talking about more serious topics than football. It's so rampant on this forum it's almost disgusting, and it's concerning how many of these same people might just be believing anything they read on the internet. Sorry about the tangent, but it's something that's been on mind.
  8. Rhule has final say, but does he have authority to terminate Fitterer? I'd bet no. Thus Fitterer has the ability to tell Rhule no IF Tepper is in his corner. I think "Rhule has final say" is both true and not true at the same time. It comes down to Tepper and I think Fitterer has Teppers backing at this point.
  9. Matt Rhule was hired Jan. 8, 2020. Come back in January. It really bugs me people keep bitching about where we are after 3 years when 3 years isn't here yet. Maybe folks are clairvoyant, but right now it's been 2 years (or 2 seasons), not 3.
  10. I see 7 wins max. Definitely likely less than that if Corral is ho-hum. Or unless MacAdoo is some kind of secret genius.
  11. I don't think it was that exactly. I think they didn't want other teams having film on the 4 plays that Sam could actually execute successfully. It did take the league 3 games after all for them to realize we kept running the same plays over and over again.
  12. Not only that, but the offense in general. Imagine if our offense went from bottom of the league to top half. I doubt that happens...disclaimer. Teams will be beating down his door. If Corral is successful, we got Ben for 2 years max. That's all pipe dream stuff though. Same as it was with Brady, tbh.
  13. Shoulda made a poll. Horn is all I'm interested in. Dude looks like he could be perennial pro bowler. I want to see it. Lots of promise from a number of other guys, but no where near the potential of Horn.
  14. They lie. I think they lie to the media a lot to be honest. Imagine they say Sam is the starter. Sam is the starter. all through the offseason, through preseason then Matt Corral starts. Would you be surprised?
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