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  1. Elite is just an awful measuring stick. It's a very subjective word. Pro Bowler, league MVP, DPOY/OPOY....to me those are the elite players. The ones out there winning accolades for their play.
  2. This isn't really naming elite players. I see a lot of maybes and probablies - even in my own list! Chinn has shown something but I'd like another season. After that, none of the rest are elite and Horn hasn't seen the field. But yeah I get you were being cute.
  3. Really? CMC Burns - probably Elite? Not very good or great? Who else?
  4. I'd think Peppers first. He should be up for it before Keuchly and could potentially be first ballot. He's 4th all time in sacks.
  5. I'd say 5-0/4-1 would be promising. 0-5/1-4 would be very concerning. Can't really make an opinion on anything else. That said, it's early in the season and a new system. Does he look better as the season goes on? People will make judgments after game 1, but shouldn't. Shouldn't after game 5 either, even if we are 5-0 or opposite. Every game combines to make a picture. Deciding what that picture is when less than half of it is revealed, may not be a very accurate assessment. Honestly, no judgment should be made on Darnold until the season is over, but as fans we have the luxur
  6. Is this guy a 3 tech or more of a nose tackle?
  7. Everything I saw was oline FA's were slim pickings this offseason. We needed help and didnt want to be in a position of drafting for need. I think they just didnt want to be caught with their pants down if they didnt make some kind of move in free agency.
  8. Here ya go “We’re never satisfied with our roster. We’re going to always look. I know you’re talking about the quarterback position, that’s something I believe in drafting every year or acquiring at some point, just philosophically.”
  9. Eh, can't be too bitter. Tepper took his statue down for "safety" reasons. JR has reportedly said he's not going to press it. He's moved on with his life beyond the Panthers. I'd think if he was so bitter, he'd force Tepper to put it back up per their sales agreement.
  10. Do we know what the Panthers percent vaccinated is? Also, I read something a couple weeks back on the Steelers trying to reach 100%. Article basically said Mike Tomlin told his players to get vaccinated. Period. And most did it, because when Mike Tomlin tells you to do something, you do it.
  11. I like it for the most part. Except the silver. Swap out the silver for black. Done.
  12. I understand. I learned something. Though, that seems like it was a silly rule. I mean, helmets have to be broken in at the beginning of the year. It took nine years to figure out that a second helmet could be broken in after the first? I imagine it just has to be worn a certain amount before I could be used in live action.
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