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  1. Pass block win rate - #9 Run block win rate - #3 Defense is ranked #5 in run stop win rate. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34536376/2022-nfl-pass-rushing-run-stopping-blocking-leaderboard-win-rate-rankings-top-players-teams Discuss, or flame away.
  2. The article is about week 3, a game we won. I get your point, but I think the grading is supposed to be more "in a vacuum" than you are making it.
  3. See Panthers 2021 as a counter example.
  4. Did you look at who posted it? This dude will post a "Baker for MVP!" thread and then turn around and post "Baker Mayfield SUCKS DONKEY DING-A-LING!" on the same damn day.
  5. I saw that like 2 mins after reading this thread.
  6. I dont' think anyone is really suggesting. I think it's more predicting that's what we do.
  7. Waste of time thinking about this question or discussing it imo. Do we have a choice? So what difference does it make?
  8. It's actually 3, but for real tho, how many do you want him to post? You are pretty good at moving goal posts. I mean you asked for evidence, the guy provided. I guarantee he could provide many more, but damn. It's funny though, you ask for "what hate" and dude links to one of your own posts. Ever heard the phrase self-own?
  9. This thread should not have any posts, let alone six pages.
  10. Undoubtedly. For me, it's literally over. I'll be back post season to talk about new head coaches. I ain't hanging around the panthers this season though. This season is done and the next 15 games are a waste of time that i don't have, unfortunately.
  11. You made a giant post that says water is wet. I mean, thanks for your contribution as well?
  12. Only thing that makes me skeptical is Moore stayed here. Djax stayed here. I'm liking Phil Snow less and less, but I don't think there is even enough circumstantial proof that there is any truth in this at this point. It definitely makes a lot of sense, but I can't believe some random twitter person without something that actually backs it up. I'm not that dumb. This could be all fanfic. No way to know and I'm not easily duped.
  13. Barkley isn't really the same as Chubb though. I think he may be a back where quickness on defense might be an advantage. Idk looking for something positive to say. Any hope I had for this year is diminishing. Football is much less interesting when the outcome is determined by week 2.
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