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  1. I hate how the NFL/teams create events for everything. Wasn’t it Cuban that said something about the NFL and over saturation? I feel like a waterlogged baseball found at the edge of my yard growing up. As soon as you hold it you knows it’s gone. Should have taken better care of it to begin with.
  2. So this will be the replacement?
  3. People forget this used to be redskins territory. There will be tons of Washington fans at BoA. Most probably bought their tickets months ago.
  4. If he isn’t a rookie it’s more than likely flagged. However, it’s a perfect heads up tackle, just like what they teach at all those play 60 camps.
  5. Didn’t Anderson throw a pick that first series?! I remember thinking we so much deserve this.
  6. 14 mins? As someone who lived in freemorewest and worked off of Westinghouse rd, I can tell you that by the time you make it back downtown you will either be sober or just pissed off because of traffic. And I’m not even talking about game day. You might as well be on another planet if the stadium is near the border.
  7. We have a new GM that just said we’ll be a part of every deal, so this isn’t the least bit surprising. He’d make a decent backup, so why not hear out offers. I like that we’re going to be more involved throughout the league. It means we’re starting conversations and making new connections.
  8. Well I’m sure he’s a competitor, but he also has to have a little common sense. I mean, he’s trying to leave his team for God’s sake.
  9. Why would he want to compete with Mahomes, Allen, Jackson, and Mayfield in the playoffs every year? It might be smart for him to want to hop over to the NFC.
  10. Rivera had that “we’re gonna do what we do and hope it’s better than the other team” mindset. We know how that worked out.
  11. Add Detroit to the list of teams needing to draft a QB...one pick ahead of us.
  12. Considering how the nation hoarded toilet paper and everclear early on, N95s would have been impossible to find for a while. However, I will never agree with giving false information to the masses. This is where the distrust started and and we’re still dealing with people who think they won’t make a difference because of it.
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