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  1. Why do people want our helmet to look like something a D3 team in Buckdick Falls, SD would wear on their rivalry night? ZRMG BLACK MATTE SILVER ERRRRMGR.
  2. Redskins team name isn't going anywhere. This trademark deal is just a silly ploy by the Government.
  3. No "vs." about it. Colin owned Harblah.
  4. I can say I'm a lifelong fan since the team's inception, but until then I was a Redskins fan.
  5. Good thing we're on to bigger and better things. Oh wait...
  6. PS4: iamcline Steam: iamcline
  7. People just get off thinking about that kind of drama. That's all.
  8. I believe it did. During his time here, he had a reputation as the good ole boy (well, in a sense). He towed the company line, and kept it business. ...and then this odd display. We get it, break-ups aren't easy but he could have stayed professional. It's obviously nothing like the Smith scenario but still. Why not just keep your mouth shut and move on? Seems bitter. I still like Deangello, though. This wont change that. Had he pulled a Smitty I would feel different.
  9. Just PS4. Welp, I have Destiny now. Called PSN support on Saturday to cancel my NHL 15 pre-order due to the extremely underwhelming features on release. They cancelled the pre-order, but yet I still have NHL 15 (lucky me?) so I went ahead and put that money on Destiny.
  10. Well, that's the target demographic for consoles lol.
  11. Looks good (graphically), but the hype train is taking this game to territory only seen by GTA. It'll be an afterthought once COD comes out.
  12. @iamciine (yes two I's, some inactive douche has the correct one)
  13. Snow, ice, sleet, ice, snow, rain, ice...in North Greensboro.
  14. As many trucks as Greensboro sent to Wilmington to help with their power, hopefully ours continues to stay on. Fingers crossed.
  15. I'm not talking about our receivers, and even then...they are still scrubs. Outside of Steve Smith and the occasional Brandon Lafell soft spot, there is nothing there. I mean for god's sake, Armanti Edwards is still a player on this team.
  16. Another disgusting loss. At least we don't have to deal with 7 months of optimism for the next one.
  17. Goofy image I sent in to Guitar World for their 'Defenders of the Faith'. Dorkin'
  18. Yep still here man. Nice to see you find your way to the huddle lol.

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