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  1. Yeah and how stupid is ‘rise up’ good lord seems like a 12 step program motto
  2. Yep. I Feel like when Penei went to Detroit, they threw in the towel not to worry, I’m sure there is some broken down LT like Fisher or Okung they can rent for too much money for a year
  3. You do a good job here In 59 picks, the Panthers have ONE CB ONE Pick
  4. To be fair? Scott F had never been THE GM either
  5. A lot of what you say is true, also LG as well However, a lot of what the Panthers have been doing with QB reeks of desperation. Lot of people don’t like that opinion but so far, they have been on the wrong side of QB decisions they could just ask easily kept their mouths shut about Bridgewater, and moved on from him draft night. I noticed leading up to the draft at the presser, Rhule kept his mouth shut more. Would have served him well to have done the same post season. getting a franchise QB is a lot like poker. The 49ers played it beautifully, the Panthers
  6. Yep. At this point someone young and coachable, no injury history is a helluva lot better than what we have now
  7. This article agrees with you https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2021/04/30/panthers-passing-justin-fields-fits-pattern-bad-moves-quarterback/?fbclid=IwAR3miR_aMxl1mj1q-_-qzqTbJJv_P__wK3cPke420nN-bqCVweLDchlmUJI
  8. Grab him because without a left tackle, Darnold will be dead by game 3
  9. Richie Grant, nice player but if they don’t want Sam ‘I’m seeing ghosts out there’ Darnold again, they best be getting that LT at 39
  10. Don’t do that there are a lot of critics on here who have no opinion of their own but like to ‘poke the people the eye ‘ who do...then you have the contrarians. Ignore it all. It’s just noise
  11. Yes, and he brought Teddy here for a reason too We know this
  12. For fug sake the future of this team is in Sam fuging Darnold
  13. Yes, I’m hopeful the new GM makes a difference the panthers under Tepper haven’t exactly handled the QB position well. That’s my opinion Others may disagree.
  14. First I’m not a coward. I am anything but. Second the comment wasn’t directed at you. I’ve liked plenty of your posts. Third, there are a lot of bullies on this board. They don’t matter to me. Fourth, it really is simple if the posts are bad and bland, why waste your time Why are you in this one. Finally, instead of wasting energy attacking someone personally or if you find the content bad and bland, ignore the poster. Not sure how that is being a coward. It’s called being an adult.
  15. Spare yourself. I didn’t mention those in discussion about this article I get to listen to your pablum too, if I choose, and you can choose to not read what I post it’s called ‘ignore’
  16. I don’t care about other teams attempts to win Some coaches are smart enough to know what to do when they are in the QB lottery and some are not playing WFT, you start Grier and your bench to ‘take a look at your starters’ and you ‘really really want to win, but you don’t start with that. Pro teams have been doing that for decades there are regular draft picks but in the modern era, QBs matter. Fowler addresses the rest of it. Brady’s red zone offensive play calls weren’t sterling either.
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