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  1. Baldinger was pretty effusive in his praise.
  2. I want to be the worst super bowl champions ever at some point in my life.
  3. Just to follow up. They sent me a code too.
  4. I just sent them an email. That is the single best perk they've had in recent years. Hope they send me a code too.
  5. When? I missed it too. It's normally right before kick off and it wasn't then.
  6. Completely agree. I've sat virtually everywhere at one time or another but those seats seem terrible. No way you can see the opposite end of the field at all from that low. I love midfield uppers in the lowest rows. You can see the plays developing in ways you won't see on tv.
  7. I'm ok with going for it or kicking there. I hated the punt call from the 33.
  8. Watching from the stands, it was hard to tell who played on the online. Did Christensen or brown have any reps. Did the starting basically play all the reps (I assume so)
  9. The fact that directv still doesn't offer Sunday Ticket standalone is baffling to me. They must not want my money. I just get red zone channel instead. I normally get gamepass for free as part of my panthers season tickets. (They tend to wait until the last second to email this so I'm assuming they will do it again. If not, I probably won't buy that)
  10. I thought last night's game was about as exciting as nfl gets. It was truly a great opener. What I hate is the refs just not calling lavonte David for taking his helmet and slamming it. He was in the middle of the field by himself so I can't believe no one saw that. It just feels like the refs chose to help Tampa there. Otherwise, I even felt the officiating was good last night.
  11. Only for teams that the nfl doesn't love. They called Keanu Neal for taking off his helmet 2 years ago when he was injured.
  12. Tonight I pull for the cowboys. Then I shower.
  13. I went to the season opener that year against the st. Louis rams (it was their first game after moving to st. Louis). We got beat so bad, all 3 of our qbs played. Reich started, jack trudeau came in and threw 3 interceptions and then rookie hopeful Kerry Collins finished the game. I believe we went back to Reich the next few weeks until Collins took over. I was 15 at the time so I couldn't get to other games at Clemson. I wish I'd been at that jets win.
  14. I still remember listening to this game on the radio because all our games at clemson were blacked out in the region since we couldn't sell out death valley back then. I remember seeing the infamous Bubby Brister shovel pass INT to Sam Mills for a TD in highlights afterwards and nothing else about our first win.
  15. Mm'kay he's a little shy, but his genius cannot hide Cause when the Sax Man starts to win he gonna take you on a ride Take it Sax Man
  16. Rhule was signed for 6 or 7 years but obviously coach pay is not a salary cap issue so tepper could fire him anytime and would owe 40-50 million (aka the money in teppers couch cushions). Having said that, I can't see that happening. Tepper knew what kind of rebuild he was starting when he hired rhule. I can't see him firing him after 2 seasons in really any scenario. Changing coaches every couple years is probably gonna make things worse instead of better.
  17. I think if the texans were giving any indication that they would play him, he would be on the exempt list. The fact that he is not playing anyway is letting the nfl not act for now.
  18. Stupid question but I don't know the answer: When you put in a waiver claim, are you taking on a players old contract and any remaining years they had under contract or how does the contract work. Edit. I see Mr. Scot posted the answer right before I asked.
  19. When do waiver claims start getting announced? Thursday?
  20. I saw Clinton ha ha dix was cut by San Francisco. I assume we would have signed him when he tried out for us if we wanted him though.
  21. I remember at least noticing some good play by everyone except Nixon. Did he play well in the preseason and I didn't notice or remember? I know there was a lot of hype around him.
  22. I'm giving it to darnold so I don't risk hurting his confidence.
  23. I really wish our 6th round pick had gotten minshew. He has a good record on bad Jacksonville teams and a cheap contract. I would have given up more than a 6th tbh to have a legit backup.
  24. I remember thinking weinke was gonna be a steal. Same for Clausen. I never really felt that way about grier. Now I just accept that it's hard to predict on mid round qbs. For every Russell Wilson or Tom brady, there are countless pickles.
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