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  1. My other fantasy random thoughts: Zach ertz (te10 most places) and he had crazy targets last year in a pass happy Arizona offense. Hopkins suspended for six weeks. Absolute target hogs on bad teams: Darnell Mooney, brandin cooks I almost always draft kareem hunt in ppr leagues. He is generally a steal. However, he is more iffy depending on the cleveland qb situation . Other cheap rbs I like: chase Edmonds, Melvin Gordon, cordarelle Patterson, James Cook. Trey lance is the cheap qb to target. He is gonna get rush stats. I'm happy to take a chance on him. I will always draft a 2nd qb with him though since he could bust. I like carr and cousins as cheaper options as I think both those offenses will be good. Also some leagues are really undervaluing Godwin. He will miss some time at the start of the year but if I can get him for wr3 price, he could be huge in the playoffs.
  2. I'd go fournette, javonte, and lamb personally but I can certainly see swapping lamb for Waddle for the discount route. I believe lamb is going off this year with Cooper gone. Your budget is 200? Does the league start 2 rb/2 wr/1 flex or something else?
  3. True. Unfortunately, in fantasy you want the rbs who get all the touches but those guys are always hurt. When you find one that isn't for a year, it's a cheat code.
  4. From a fantasy perspective, Taylor normally goes 1 and cmc goes 2. Taylor is seen as a safer pick with a good floor and ceiling. However, cmc is thought to have a higher ceiling because of his role in the passing game but obviously all his missed games make him more risky to give you zeros. Foreman is basically free in fantasy. If I take cmc, I'm also taking Foreman and stashing him. I'm still taking Taylor above cmc given the choice. But I think cmc has to be the 2nd pick behind him.
  5. Oh, I guess we'll get JJ's future replacement whenever we actually need it with an OFA. That pick never made sense. Also, it won't surprise me at all if this cut is temporary. He may be back on the practice squad at some point. Which is fine...i have nothing against him...just a headscratcher from the beginning.
  6. It's funny how every nfl season starts and ends with worthless games. (Hof game and pro bowl)
  7. Browns prep for darnold is mostly around blocking during an interception return. Can't get silly penalties there.
  8. Who was our starting o line today. I assume Greg little was back at left tackle.
  9. https://www.nfl.com/news/training-camp-buzz-2022-july-28?campaign=Twitter_atn The quarterback competition in Carolina is heating up. After Sam Darnold took the first-team reps yesterday, it was Baker Mayfield's turn on Thursday and he quickly found a groove with wideout D.J. Moore. Reporting from Panthers camp on Inside Training Camp Live, NFL Network's Bridget Condon described their connection as "pretty" and the two hooked up for three touchdowns during practice, which was the Panthers' first-hand look at their newly acquired QB. Getting a rapport going with Moore is ideal for Mayfield (and the Panthers). The fifth-year receiver has led the team in receiving yards in each of the past three seasons and is coming off a career-high 93 receptions in 2021.
  10. I like how they compliment the roster minus qb in the text and then rank it 26. Maybe I am a Homer but I think we are better than 26. Head coach =32, qb=28, front office=31. Oof
  11. At least baker throws some tds to go with the interceptions. Sam showed a low ceiling to go with the turnovers last year.
  12. I will go at least once. Really want an early glance at the new qbs.
  13. I will always like cam and hope he can find success again if he wants to keep playing. I'd rather it not be against us...
  14. Watched bucky brooks telling cowherd that Sam will win a training camp competition. I don't see Sam winning a competition against anyone.
  15. I really don't want to ever see Sam again. In a game, at the supermarket, anywhere.
  16. I'd like to replace robbie with will fuller. If fuller were to stay healthy and not have to take random drug tests for a while, he could be a nice upgrade. I know that isn't happening but I'd still like it.
  17. To be fair jameis is 4th on that same list in 60% as many games.
  18. And brady. Pick 200 from the 1978 nfl draft.
  19. I'm not gonna hunt down the link but I've definitely read today on mainstream sites that it is a 2024 5th that can become a 4th based on playing time.
  20. For comparison, riverboat and the commanders gave up a 3rd in 2022 and a conditional 3rd (that can become a 2nd) in 2023 to pay all of carson wentz's 28m 2022 contract. 5m and a 5th (that can become a 4th) in 2024 for a kick of the tires on Mayfield seems reasonable.
  21. I wish. Sam knows this is his last payday whereas baker is positioning himself to have a chance at another payday if he plays well this year.
  22. Low risk with some potential for high reward. Win imo.
  23. At a glance, this is the kind of move that should get someone fired. I'm gonna go back to ignoring the hornets as previously scheduled.
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