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  1. So many Jordan cry face memes on twitter right now. lol
  2. I wish I had a time machine to go back and tell my 08 self it gets better against the cards it gets better. lol
  3. Denvers defense is not one I would like to see in the Superbowl
  4. Pretty cool. Every now and then i'll run into someone that doesn't know the Panthers are a two state team. Hope this solidarity teaches a few people. lol
  5. Ive watched Allen on plays and he comes off the ball incredibility slow. That fast first step really isn't there anymore.
  6. We're playing our worst on defense at the worst time to do so Not what you wanna do going into the playoffs
  7. I put this more on the defense not protecting the lead than offense letting up..we were up by 28.
  8. CAP has to be more patient when comes to inside runs.
  9. That line can't play like this in the playoffs we'll be one and done.
  10. Funchess has to fight for the ball. Still doesnt use his size
  11. That bewildered look on Coughlins face is always a great sight to see.
  12. The line isn't getting there fast enough..giving Eli all day
  13. JPP would have had Cam is he had two arms..thats crazy playing with that club
  14. So many bandwagon fans just now "whos that jake guy" lol
  15. Everytime Olsen makes a catch I just think back to how bad the bears came out on that trade. lol
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