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  1. Most Cowboy fans couldn't find Dallas on a Map.
  2. That was the slowest developing blitz I have seen in a while. No way that works against Brady.
  3. You are right, although I will say that Rhule and Fitterer look like they are better at playing craps than our previous regimes.
  4. Maybe, but Brady is one of the best at getting the ball out fast. He makes offensive lines look better.
  5. Not really. UNC's defense is not good. Might be the worst in the ACC outside of UVA. Their offense is good, but it has to be exceptional for them to win.
  6. I don't think Detroit is a team we have to worry about.
  7. Its usually not as big a deal to me as I primarily watch the panthers, and then the 4pm game if its interesting to me. Today's games are pretty bad though. I am surprised they had Pitt/Cincy instead of New England/New Orleans on the CBS affiliate.
  8. And not a one of the interesting games is being shown on the local channel. Bungles vs the old folks home bound Big Ben, and the Washington football team being spanked.
  9. The Aints are probably going to win today. NE couldn't stop their running attack, and couldn't run the ball themselves. With Jameis on one side, and a rookie on the other, whomever ran it the best was likely to win.
  10. Fwiw, I think Mac Jones looks better than any of the other rookie qb's so far. Not that the bar is very high. He is struggling today, but the Saints d is very tough for a rookie qb given how good they are at run d.
  11. I always felt the tank for Trevor comments were just silly, but I do think it is way to early to write the class off. It really does take a couple of years to see what most qb's have.
  12. Then on the next series, pick six by Lawrence.
  13. Jaguars learned how to keep Lawrence from throwing a pick. Run the ball. 8 Play drive, 75 yards, not a single pass, to go up by two scores.
  14. Don't really care about state that much, but it was an entertaining game. As far as Carolina losing, that doesn't bother me in the least.
  15. The vast majority of fans don't think that way, at least not this early in the season.
  16. I agree, the odds of all three losing are slim. But they are all three on the road. New England will be favored against the Saints. Atl/NYG is which team sucks the least. Tampa will likely have to bring its A game against the Rams. So its possible.
  17. Starting with our win Thursday, this has been a great weekend of football. If TB/Atl/Aints lose tomorrow, it goes from great to awesome.
  18. NCSU kicker breathing a sigh of relief now.
  19. Hope you are right. And I hope we continue to create that buzz.
  20. Surprising ratings from our game. https://sports.yahoo.com/texans-vs-panthers-most-watched-232115866.html The Darnold factor? Interesting and surprising. Maybe some of the off season attention related to Watson caused more people to watch? NFL starting to recover from the ratings drop?
  21. Amusing, but he receives less coverage because he plays on a team that isn't in NY, isn't the Cowboys/Steelers and hasn't had a winning season since 2017
  22. Maybe he was always this good, just had to find the right defense/coaching staff/surrounding players to bring it out in him.
  23. Its not just the amount of points though. We had several long time consuming drives last night. We only had the ball four times in the entire second half (assuming nfl box score is correct). Two td's, one field goal, and ran out the clock on the last one. That is extremely efficient.
  24. I don't really care about PFF, its rather pointless. The oline struggled at times last night, but seemed to do a lot better in the 4th qtr. Late in the game, Sam had time and the running backs had some holes to run thru. We were able to run the ball even when they knew we would be running the ball. One interesting thing from last night. We didn't punt one single time in the entire second half. We either scored or ran out the clock.
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