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  1. The Bills are the logical fit for him. They are ready to compete for a SB, and he significantly upgrades their WR group.
  2. Ian Thomas had 21 receptions at TE for us last year. Gates might have caught 30.
  3. I don't think I would judge any pass catcher on last years performance given that we had the worst qb/coaching combo in the league for part of the year, and even after Rhule was gone, we only had two games in which we threw the ball more than 25 times. Prime Antonio Gates wouldn't have caught many balls for us last year.
  4. I don't think he could get a starting gig in the NFL right now. His arm is shot. If he wanted to start, arena or xfl would probably be his only shot. That being said, I doubt Cam would actually take the job. I think the story could be legit in that Brown contacted Newton.
  5. Baker is not a great qb, but he had far and away the worst segment of his career with us. With Cleveland and Los Angeles, he looked adequate. With us, he looked horrible. Worst rating, worst completion percentage, worst td to interception ratio. Matt Rhule was where qb's went to destroy what was left of their career. With the right coaching staff, he will be a solid backup qb.
  6. I decided to look it up. Never heard someone use so many words to say absolutely nothing.
  7. He produced with probably the worst qb/coaching combo in our history. We had to make the trade but replacing him long term won't be that easy.
  8. Bryce can be the clear number one and Corral can get a shot at the same time.
  9. Dalton won't need that many Reps. Bryce will be working with the first team, while Corral will get some work with the second team. As far as the preseason games, Bryce will get some work, but so will the other guys, just like any other preseason.
  10. I do think he will get a shot. A small one, but a shot none the less. Unless he gets traded of course.
  11. I have been to SF several times. The weather is not great. Its ok, but saying it is great is absurd. I lived in Hawaii. The weather there is great. As far as living an outdoor life, definitely not in San Francisco. Maybe in the surrounding areas, but how is that any different from Charlotte, with mountains, rivers, and lakes nearby? If you lookup outdoor activities San Franciso, you get Yosemite, or the Napa Valley. None of those are San Francisco, no more than White Water rafting on the broad river or the Great Smokey mountains national park is in Charlotte. As far as why he moved there, its because he had and has a better chance to win, nothing else. He is a competitor and wants to win. He makes enough money that he could live on the West Coast in the off season and stay in Charlotte during football season that that is what he wanted to do. And fly back and forth in first class.
  12. The offensive line is (on paper) the best unit on the team. Hopefully, they can show it this year.
  13. Personally, I am not so sure that is true. It might be true, but it might not. All things being equal, we SHOULD have been better with CMC. If we had a coach like Shanahan, we would have been better with CMC. The problem is that bad offensive coaches will rely too much on a player of CMC's caliber when they can't do much else. I think Wilks was a solid head coach, but if CMC had stayed here, I think that he would have made the same mistakes Rhule and Rivera did. Meaning that the entire offense would have revolved around CMC. CMC being gone actually force them to diversify, and the offense looked decent at times because of it.
  14. Agreed. That being said, Reich will likely be under a lot of pressure to start Bryce, but I hope he ignores it and does what he thinks is best.
  15. He is a competent college qb. We won't know how good of an NFL qb he is until he starts playing.
  16. Has any team that was reasonably assumed to have tanked ever won a Superbowl? The Dolphins probably tanked, and it hasn't done much good. The Eagles coach may have tanked (and did get fired). I suppose you could say they made the SB, although they made it with a second-round pick at qb.
  17. Our assistant general manager.
  18. Does make me wonder though, if NCSU's oline was this good a couple of years ago, why was their run game one of the worst in the ACC?
  19. If Payton was still coaching the Aint's and with Carr at QB, they would likely win the division. With their current staff, the odds are against them. We might win it, if Young is as good as advertised. But that is a big if. Atlanta might win it if Ridder becomes a solid qb. He looked decent in very limited pt last year. Tampa has a long road ahead of them, but they do have a SB trophy to enjoy.
  20. Well, now that Matt Rhule is no longer in the league, it might be hard to find someone to take him.
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