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  1. Agreed, the one for one swap is the only acceptable option. We get rid of Darnold. Mayfield gets chance to show what he can do under a different team, and we can evaluate Corral for a year or so. But I think the Browns still think they can get significant draft picks for Mayfield. I don't think they will some team might be dumb enough to do it.
  2. If we swapped Darnold for Mayfield, they take Darnold's cap hit while we take Mayfield's, it would essentially be a wash for us contract wise. And Mayfield is better than Darnold. By how much is debatable, but he is better. So I basically don't care if they do it, as long as we don't give up much else.
  3. I am not talking about the next year or two, but 10-15 years down the road. If ratings continue to decline, ESPN and the others might not have the cash to actually pay them as much.
  4. I do wonder if the money in college football will be sustainable. Ratings are dropping and it's becoming a regional sport, South and Midwest mostly. Will ESPN and the other sports broadcaster continue to shell out ever increasing amounts of money?
  5. They are not the richest school (Harvard is by far), but they are tied with Texas for the wealthiest athletic program. Texas Tied for Richest College Football Program (heartlandcollegesports.com)
  6. They need something to make it interesting. The post season games weren't much to watch.
  7. Bridgewater is a better qb than Darnold. He is statistically better in most categories. He has fewer interceptions with more passing attempts. And it just seems to me that he doesn't have a tendency to throw the bad int's, although that could be more a perception colored by the bad ones that SD threw last year.
  8. So over half of the starting front 7 is good? That's good to know I suppose.
  9. I seriously doubt this is true. Fan apathy or anger was just as bad at season's end as it was before Cam arrived.
  10. I enjoyed it. Not earth shattering, but worth the money and time. The meeting with Professor X was interesting, but could have been better.
  11. I agree, although qb is a key component. I do think that qb play was our biggest weakness last year, with oline being a close second. If qb play improves, we should start winning some games. Maybe not enough to make the playoffs or be a contender yet, but enough to at least discuss being a contender eventually.
  12. And I hope he is right, but I get excited when we start winning games.
  13. The only thing that will get me "excited" about Matt Corral is winning football games. Chris Simms praise means nothing.
  14. The Texans could actually be good if Davis Mills continues to improve.
  15. Well, if it ends up that way, it should make all the "lets tank for some Bama qb who looks great when he is surrounded by more talent than any other college team" happy.
  16. I wouldn't. A few years ago, I saw some stat on teams that hit or miss on their draft picks, and we actually were in the top 1/3 of the NFL. I forget the exact number, but if a team had two draft picks per draft that lasted more than 3 years, they were above average. Fwiw, this is just an opinion, but I don't think we are the best, or the worst, when it comes to the Draft. Somewhere in the middle is more likely. But we have combined that with some really bad decisions related to free agency on the oline and qb. Which is why we have been so bad the last couple of years.
  17. In fairness, you could probably say something similar about 90% of the teams in the NFL. The Bears preferred Mitch Trubiski over Patrick Mahomes. Washington preferred RG III over Russel Wilson. Dallas preferred Claiborne over Gilmore, etc... Draft is a crap shoot and only a handful of teams get it right more often than they get it wrong.
  18. 100% Unless Corral turns out to be the second coming of Joe Montana, I think Rhule's days are numbered.
  19. I agree, this seems to be nit picking everything the front office says. Of course they are looking at bringing in veterans. As they should be. We had Cam in his prime and still brought in Derek Anderson. Got a pretty good backup out of the deal. If the right deal comes along, we should take it. If not, then we roll with what we have.
  20. I think he will have five years if the team shows improvement this year and next. But the last half of the season for us last year, well we looked worse than we did the first season under Rhule. If that trend continues, then he won't be here, and shouldn't be here.
  21. The linked article is from last year. I am assuming that since the value of bitcoin has dropped, the op is implying that Okung's portfolio is no longer worth what it once was.
  22. I saw $65 for upper deck for the Falcons game. Of course, that was before fees, taxes, etc... I might go to a preseason game this year, just to see how Corral looks.
  23. If we fix the qb situation, 10 is possible. If we roll Darnold out for most of the season, 4 or 5 at most.
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