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  1. Pickett looking solid tonight. Ryan, not so much.
  2. Right now, we are 6th in the draft order. Three teams ahead of us, (Chicago, Denver, and Pittsburgh) won't be taking a quarterback. The Texans probably will. Detroit is up in the air. They currently have one of the top passing offenses in the league, so they may decide that they are good enough. Also, even if we fall further back in the draft, three of the teams behind us are unlikely to take a qb. Of course, some team (Falcons, Colts) could trade up I suppose.
  3. Someone cared enough about this issue to write an article on it? I barely care enough to write this comment.
  4. If we had won the Cleveland and Giants game, Rhule would still be here.
  5. In order for this to happen, we actually have to win a road game or two.
  6. Rogers looked significantly better on those last few plays. Interesting to see how this one develops. The Eagles have the best record in the League, but they have struggled the last few weeks.
  7. It does seem he favors loyalty over ability. I have known a lot of people like that.
  8. I have seen some of them. Validation is in the eye of the beholder for the most part. Most of the criticism is that he received special treatment from the coach. That is more on Carrol than on Wilson.
  9. The on the field criticism is legit, most of the off the field criticism seems silly and seems centered around the fact that he doesn't go out drinking with the boys or things like that. There is this. Russell Wilson mocked by Richard Sherman, others after Seahawks trade - Deseret News Tyler Lockett. D. K. Metcalf
  10. Don't know much about Rattler, but Clemson's secondary is the weak link in their defense this year. Not sure how much we can take from this weekend's performance.
  11. Its interesting, but in truth I don't really care if Rhule is good or bad as a college coach. As long as he is not our coach.
  12. Well, the punters have a good seat for this one. Not much for them to do though.
  13. He ran in a straight line. Not a bad run by him, but really more of a combination of great blocking/poor defense.
  14. Generally speaking, I don't agree with it, especially in OT where timeout's are limited. But their kicker already missed an easy one, so I don't really blame NCSU for trying it in this specific case.
  15. Sam Darnold's interception vs the Patriots last year might have been the worst interception I have ever seen from a Panthers qb. I expect more of the same.
  16. In fairness, being able to perform well in the clutch is a rare ability. And I don't think it's something that can be developed. While experience helps, the main requirement is to stay in control under pressure, and that is an ability that you either have or you don't.
  17. Last year, half the teams on Thanksgiving Day scored more than 30 points. Today, no one has yet, although MN/NE may. I don't have any stats to back it up, but it seems that scoring is down some this year.
  18. You said he didn't get to 500, you didn't specify this season. Picking one season is literally cherry picking. As far as him peaking, like any other coach, he might just need the right qb. Just like Belichick, or Reid or Pete Carroll, etc...
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