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  1. Last time I met with my financial advisor, she was drinking starbucks. This thread does remind me of a guy I worked with a few years ago. He complained to high heaven about people wasting their money on Starbucks five dollar coffee. Then he would hit his favorite watering hole and spend similar amounts on craft beer. I don't have any problem with people spending money at Starbucks or on craft beer. Most of us can afford it and still set aside for retirement. But almost all of us spend money on things we don't need. No point in singling out others who spend it on things we do
  2. Davidson Deac II


    Interesting twist at the end. Will have to see how it works out.
  3. If we need someone to give the secondary practice at getting interceptions, Grier is the man.
  4. In fairness, he got 1500 plus yards with Jameis pick six Winston as his qb.
  5. Charlotte might, but I think the state government doing it depends on who is in charge. I don't imagine Tepper is very popular with the current state legislative leaders.
  6. Yeah, the Kalil move was bad, no doubt. But ripping the secondary apart was just baffling, and left us struggling to rebuild the unit for a while.
  7. That is one player. Our secondary was ripped apart with only Coleman remaining, replaced with rookies, and gave some of the worst performances as a unit in Panthers history.
  8. I thought that was probably Gettleman's biggest screwup as a GM. Our secondary went from a fairly strong unit to one of the worst in the NFL in one offseason.
  9. Maybe its my panthers shaded glasses, but I would put Smith above Jones, in large part because Smith rarely played on pass happy teams, while Jones was on a passing prolific offense. But beyond those two, I am not sure anyone stands out.
  10. As good as Julio Jones is, I think the Falcons made out fairly well. A second round pick, and cleared up a lot of cap space (from what I read).
  11. Was wondering if this was a question from some of our offensive linemen. lol
  12. If he gets in, he should send a thank you note to the Giants defense.
  13. I think our defense could struggle some first half of the season, but improve as the games go along, much like last year. Just got to get all the young/new guys in synch.
  14. I tend to prefer historical books. Just finished reading Target Tokyo, the story of the Doolittle raid. It is one of the better books I have recently read. Goes into a lot of details that are generally overlooked. Such as the Japanese homeland reaction to the raid, the savagery with which they treated the Chinese in areas where the American flyers crashed, and the Russian treatment of the aircrew that landed in Russia.
  15. I can see them doing something like "hey will somebody make us a stupid offer for a WR who had a good year with a not so good qb". Nothing wrong with that, and it doesn't mean we are really trying to get rid of Anderson.
  16. Your comment makes me think of Earl Campbell. Probably the best running back I saw, at least for five or so years.
  17. You do realize football is a team game don't you? I dislike the Tarheels, but even if Trey Lance is the next Tom Brady, I think 7-8 times out of 10, the Tarheels beat North Dakota State. I feel dirty for saying it, but its probably true. Just more talent across the board.
  18. I bought AAL at around 10 a share and dumped it a few weeks later at 14. Got back in at 21 or so. I will probably end up getting rid of it around sep.
  19. This is a loaded question.
  20. I disagree. The Saints lived off their defense and run game last year. By the end of the season, Brees didn't have much left in the tank, especially after the injury. The question for them next year will be if Winston is going to be feast or famine like he was at Tampa, or can the Saints coaching staff turn him into an effective qb?
  21. We will not. At a minimum, 8 games. And maybe as much as two years. Personally, I was not sure Cam was going to be a long term qb until the New England game when he lead us on a game winning drive. Of course, injury shortened him, but the difference between a decent NFL qb's and a very good NFL qb is how they perform in crunch time. I can't imagine we will know that after two games.
  22. Personally, I agree with the guy who said we would be a contender with AR, but I don't think there is a chance in hell he wants to come here.
  23. My guess is that they thought they could build for the future and win now. And to be honest, had they been able to play a little better in the last 4 minutes of most games last year, they would have won more, maybe even competed for the last wildcard spot. Hopefully, the team is better this year and Darnold can perform better under pressure than TB did.
  24. Where is the drama? I see signs of mild disagreement.
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