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  1. Worth noting that Reich had a different starting QB in each of his seasons in Indy (Luck, Brissett, Rivers, Wentz, Ryan). 2 playoff appearances and a winning record with Wentz seems pretty good all things considered. It would be interesting to see what he could do with Stroud/Levis/Corral/ whoever he likes out of our options this offseason. At least give him more than a year with any of them and see what he can do.
  2. He’s a sleazy guy, but it’s not like we’re interviewing Rae Carruth. There’s also a good chance we’d get our picks back plus some when he jumps to Dallas in a couple years.
  3. It seems like he’s setting himself up to take the credit when the next coach comes in, finds a legit QB and the team starts winning.
  4. The article makes it sound like he was dropped into some random D3 school. Kentucky has been a top-25 team at times for several years while playing in the SEC, so I’m not buying the total lack of talent argument. They’ve always struck me as the kind of team that could be elevated by good QB play, it’s just been way too infrequent this year.
  5. Watching Stroud really reminds me of Freshman Jameis at FSU. Same pinpoint accuracy on intermediate/deep throws, both could put the game away quickly once they got rolling. Tons of big plays downfield without turnovers.
  6. John Fox HC Ron Rivera DC Shula OC Polian GM Hurricanes fire Rod and bring back Paul Maurice
  7. Perhaps I’m out of the loop, but why would booty cheeks be considered worse than booty? Is every other part of the booty considered desirable while the cheeks are just useless filler? I know in fish, cheeks are often a delicacy and tend to fetch a much higher price than their non-cheek counterparts. Surely we have some experts here.
  8. Probably the second most excited I’ve ever been about anything Panthers related. #1 was getting pie from Greg Hardy obviously
  9. Didn’t know the filibuster was a thing in the draft. Who knew
  10. Just wanted to thank everyone for the threads, it was the most Panthers-related fun I’ve had in years. It really is about the journey and not the destination after all.
  11. The Baker/Browns situation can only end with him barricaded in the stadium with a film crew, refusing to let anyone in until his trade demands are met. Best commercial yet!
  12. That’s why I have him going to Cleveland. Never been there myself but everything I heard about it makes it seem like the Vegas of the Midwest.
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