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  1. Main difference I’ve seen is Stroud’s best college attribute (Deep intermediate accuracy/placement) has translated flawlessly to the NFL, while Bryce’s (Playmaking ability and decision making) hasn’t really shown up. The state of our OL/WRs and a bad system fit don’t help either.
  2. - Cut by Panthers - At home on the couch - Couch breaks - Signs with Panthers to afford new couch
  3. You might be able to say that Frank checked out at some point during the season, but it was way more obvious that Seifert didn’t care at all during his last season. The 1999 season alone is enough to put him ahead of Rhule & Frank though, easily the most fun non-playoff team the Panthers have ever fielded.
  4. Hubbard/Blackshear rotation at RB, move Sanders to the slot.
  5. It’s always darkest right before the dawn, or maybe you just couldn’t tell that the sun fled the solar system overnight.
  6. We went through that stage like 8 weeks ago. He’s way behind the curve.
  7. I think the sharks being referred to would be the type that want to choose their own GM or at least have some control in building a roster. Definitely similar to what Harbaugh was seeking from the Vikings last offseason. I can also see why some coaches might prefer the Panthers job to something like the Chargers. Going 9-8 there would immediately put you on the hot seat and there’s pretty much no chance of getting close to the playoffs with that record in a tough AFC. Going 9-8 here would probably earn you a parade and a lifetime contract from Tepper. That’s how low the bar is at this point.
  8. Probably Duce. If the team isn’t gonna be entertaining at all, at least the coach could be.
  9. I’m pretty confident that a defense of 11 Nicoles would still get a sack or two against Bryce.
  10. I’d rather keep my ham sandwich tyvm. It has some value and won’t let me down.
  11. It was from the series of vids they released about the offseason. The 3rd one. There were other weird moments, like when Dave was convinced they were the only ones who knew about Chandler Zavala as if NC State was a division 3 school in Wyoming.
  12. I’m guessing it’s so Reich doesn’t fall asleep on the sideline, but even that would barely make the top 10 most embarrassing moments of the season so far.
  13. Excited to see how Nicole’s input can get the line back on track
  14. Stupidly courageous & courageously stupid. It’s the Panther way
  15. Scott clearly sees him as a lock HOF level player, which is one of many reasons why a change is needed at GM by season’s end and not any later. Otherwise we’re probably just adding more damage to an already broken roster.
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